Question from coreyworld16

What to do in windmill?

When i go on rotating wood thing and hookshot to the door way and enter there is that song of time block!
i play the song and moves but to a another useless area!
whats going on???

Accepted Answer

Earth_Echidna answered:

If you already have the Hookshot, then the windmill is essentially useless aside from getting the Song of Storms. The place where the Song of Time block is is where you came out of the area with the Hookshot. On the other side of the rotating thing, though, is a Piece of Heart.
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gamecreator1 answered:

Go to the windmill when you are older then talk to the guy in there he will say that a kid with an ocarina sang a song there seven years ago then show him your ocarina he will then teach you the storm song. Then go to the temple of time and turn back into a kid go to he windmill and go up to the same man and sing him the song you just learned.
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