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Stuck in MQ forest temple because I can't move the big blocks?

I skipped the goron's bracelet so I think that might be the issue but I can't go back in time to get that or the silver bracelet because Sheik is obviously blocking the pedestal in the temple of time.


Adamant_Shadow answered:

The Forest Temple doesn't require any arm power-ups. It's just a more tricky puzzle this time around. You're not alone though, that part caused me problems for a good deal of time first time around. Do some exploring and mess around with them for a bit. You'll get it eventually.

Don't give up, now. :)
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GSP7 answered:

Maybe the Song of Time will move the big floating blocks outdoors.
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CaRmAgE answered:

The Goron's bracelet is actually required to push those blocks (for some reason). If you are stuck in the room I think you're in (right before the first twisted hallway), you can skip that puzzle. Unfortunately, the normal method of skipping that puzzle (using a bombchu) was fixed in the 3DS version by replacing the crystal switch with a pressure switch. You will have to use ground jumps to skip the block maze. If you're having trouble, this video probably shows it better than I can explain it:
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