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Heart piece question?

So I heard a rumor that you can get a heart piece by being caught by gerudo thieves as a kid but is it true if it is how will I do it!!!!???

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cirphlyx answered:

It is possible by "Megaflip boosting" over the gate and getting caught by guards. When you do this, there will be a heart piece on the upper level of the jail and and Odd Mushroom in the normal heart piece chest... but that's a glitch so go watch YouTube.
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oceanblackdog answered:

Umm you shouldn't be able to access that area as a kid. It is possible by glitching in the N64 version, but I don't think that it's possible in the 3DS version. So it's a false rumor.
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Adamant_Shadow answered:

Being one who has collected every Piece of Heart numerous times, I promise you that is just another lie made into a rumor. No such PoH exists.
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smitty765 answered:

no....i have wacthed a 100% walkthrough on youtube and you CANNOT get into gerudo valley as a kid.....let alone get a heart piece by caught by a gerudo thief
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MrMariosta1 answered:

There is a glitch that you can perform on the N64 version that allows you to get into that area as a child. In fact, there are 3 extra heart pieces in the game that can be obtained through the use of glitches. Through normal play (ie. getting caught by gerudo thieves as a child) it is not possible.
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