Question from ZGuy0fSci

If the BIg Fish ('20lb'er) gets off, will it come back ever?

without having to exit and pay ANOTHER 20 rupees??

thing loves to mess up when I catch the thing, it just has to it let off.
Esp if do have to keep spending Rupees.

If it does come back about after how long?

ZGuy0fSci provided additional details:

If anyone can attest to how 'BiG Fish' does after does it's annoying escaping, would be great to know.

PS was doing MQ where trouble was; did fine on normal. Not sure if different and if so if would effect the where-go-to-after-escape thing.

...(damn stupid useless but for a Heart gold scale thing)... What? just thinking out loud, lolz ;p

Accepted Answer

serene47 answered:

No, once I tried to catch it but it got away and went to the bottom of the center of the pond. I literally waited 15 minutes and he didn't come back. So when the fish grabs your line, you have to successfully reel him in.
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Earth_Echidna answered:

I'm not entirely sure if it does come back, but I believe it just moves to another area, such as the centre, of the pond. Of course, I'm not definite...
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