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Is it possible to make a skulltula pop out of a patch of soft soil once you've planted a magical bean in it?

I'm skulltula hunting, and I happen to have a bean planted in a patch of soft soil in Gerudo Valley. One of the skulltulas I need is in that patch. Is it possible for me to force it out with the bean sprout in the hole?

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Adamant_Shadow answered:

ABSOLUTELY. You can never lose out on the opportunity to collect them all. kratos9797 is mistaken. Just release some bugs on it and you'll see for yourself. Just keep in mind that the soil next to the Magic Bean salesman bears no Skulltula.
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kratos9797 answered:

Nope, it has to be done before planting the bean.
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smitty765 answered:

YESSSSSS you can...ive seen it done before
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