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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I get certain notes on the Ocarina?

There is a guide written for the N64 by FunkyLizard called Ocarina Tunes that tells you what buttons to press to get certain notes on the Ocarina. I'm not sure what I can do to get the equivalent of pressing the Z or R buttons on the 3DS. I was able to change the rest so that they work for the 3DS.
B= Z-D-A
C= D-A
D= A
E= U-A
F= Cd
G= U-Cd
A= Cr
B= Cl
C= D-Cu
D= Cu
E= U-Cu
F= U-R-Cu

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B= Down Circle-Down D-Pad-L
C= Down Circle-L
D= L
E= Up Circle-L
F= R
G= Up-Circle-R
A= Y
B= X
C= Down-Circle-A
D= A
E= Up Circle-A
F= Up Circle-D-Pad Up-A

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