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Do i have a bugged skulltula in lost woods?

I am playing Ocarina of Time 3D. I checked every single guide about it. There are only 3 skulltulas in lost woods. In the world map there are a skulltula icon in every area showing if all tokens were collected. In my game the lost woods icon didn't appear. I got the adult-link-only skulltula (by planting bean in past), and dropped bugs in the soft soil besides the bussines scrubs and got that skulltula too. But when i drop bugs in the soft soil near the skull kid nothing happens, i tried with and without planting the bean, day and night... I do not remember if i got that third one, but the skulltula icon doesn't appear, so i think i didn't get it and my game is bugged and it not trigger that skulltula... am i wrong? have any ideas? Thank you!

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Zeldafan77 answered:

Did you get the one in the Sacred Forest Meadow? At nighttime, where the enemy's with spears (Moblins I think) charge at you at the end of the lost woods as an adult, climb up the ladder at the end or use the Scarecrow's song to get to the top of the maze there. There is a Skulltula on the one wall.
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