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How do I get the cucoo?

There's a cucoo behind the tall fence in Kakariko Village, and I know how to get to it, but only as adult Link. I tried to get to it through the medicine shop as young Link, but there was a guy in the doorway that leads to the back of the shop. How do I get past him?

superfreak17_8 provided additional details:

Yeah, that's what I thought, but every time I try it, I just end up smacking my head on the fence, so I tried jumping on the box, too, but I got the same result.

superfreak17_8 provided additional details:

Oooooh...wait...haha I was trying the wrong fence lol thanks :D

Accepted Answer

arannugnt answered:

You have to climb in front of the windmill and use another cuccoo to fly over to it as far am i'm aware :)
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