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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find the sinking lure?

Does anyone know how to obtain the sinking lure in the Adult Link fishing pond game?

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From: oceanblackdog 3 years ago

- After catching a 10 pounder (past) or 15 pounds (future), you'll be able to find the Sinking Lure. It can be found in a few locations but you'll have to find it again every time you leave. It's invisible, so just walk around the following areas until you find it:
- on the arched log.
- next to the three rocks at the end of the feeder stream.
- in the grass on the outside wall.

If you are an adult you must have already caught a 15 pound fish to find it. Also you must talk to the guy behind the counter to make it legal.


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just find a FAQ for the classic game. (I don't know myself)

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I also found the sinking lure at the base of the small waterfall as well.

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