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Asked: 3 years ago

Why do you feed ______ a fish?

How am I supposed to know to feed Jabu Jabu a fish without looking at a FAQ? I am sure I must have missed a clue somewhere, but where?

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From: Het_Nkik 3 years ago

One of the Zora's in the water in Zora's Fountain asks you if you've seen Lord Jabu-Jabu. If you say yes, he says, "According to the 'Legend of Zora,' the act of offering a fish to Lord Jabu-Jabu will make you happy." So that's the direct clue.

Otherwise, some other Zora tells you Ruto is in charge of feeding Jabu-Jabu, and the letter you find from her says she's in his belly, so you can piece it together indirectly that way.

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Go into Zora's Domain, and go to where there is shallow water at the bottom. There should be fish swimming around. You can catch these fish with your bottle, then release them inf ront of Jabu Jabu. You can't scoop up water like you can in Wind Waker so you should be able to catch the fish with ease.

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He already knows you do it you idiots. he wants the clue that the game gives you.
How would you normaly figure it out?
Use sence and logic. Big fish eat little fish and it ate a zora(a fish person) so you know it's hungry. They want you to use your head to figure it out.

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