Question from mamo1991

Asked: 3 years ago

What shall i do next after the water temple?

I just cleared the temple and i don't know what to do.
I already have the eye of thruth and the fire arrow i also have all non teleporting songs and the forest, fire water and time temple songs. And i also try the women thief place but they alwayas catch me. What to do now?

Accepted Answer

From: Immature_Sage 3 years ago

By this time in the game, you have two options, return to Kakariko Village and get a new song that will grant entrance to the Shadow Temple, or go to the Gerudo Fortress, befriend them and gain access to the Phantom Dessert and the Dessert Colossus.

In order to befriend the Gerudo women, you must rescue all the carpenters and defeat their fines warriors in the process.

In order not to get caught, shoot the guards with arrows at a distance in order to stun them. The Gerudo warriors (they have 2 swords) have an attack they charge up before jumping you, that attack will knock you out and you will be sent to jail again. The FAQs in this site will provide the navigation you need. My advice on the subject is go everywhere.

The order of the Temples indicates to go to the Shadow Temple, then to the Spirit Temple. The Spirit Temple is WAY more demanding that the Shadow Temple, which is why I suggest you clear the Shadow Temple first (hope you do not scare easy!).

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You get the shadow teleporting song somewhere around kakariko village, then you can play that to get to the shadow temple

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When you enter Kakariko Village as Adult Link after completing the Water Temple, you get a cut-scene which eventually leads to Shiek teaching you the Nocturne of Shadow.

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