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Asked: 3 years ago

Can I battle dark link again?

I wanna fight him again

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You can only fight him once per file. Well, you'll have to fight him more than one time in a file if you lose against him the first time, but you can only win against him once in a file.

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Sadley no or i would be pwning him every day.........

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You could save right before beating him, of course, but that would take up one of your files...

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You could, but it would have to be on a different file. Sadly, you can only defeat him once.

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No, once you've beaten Dark Link he cannot be fought again, which does suck. You'd have to use a different file and save right before the fight.

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If you didn't save your game after defeating him then you can turn your system off and restart and just replay where you left off

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