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Asked: 3 years ago

Out of 10 what do you rate the graphics?


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They were good, especially for a handheld, but GREZZO could've done more stuff with it.

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They definitely improved from the N64 version (the Great Fairies are much less... pointy) Besides some added polygons, the textures have improved, and to quote my brother "Wow, the vines actually look like vines now..."Compared to any console game however, not too good: lack of foliage besides the occasional bushes and trees. As Zero_Maniac said, it could have been better.

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I agree with Zero_Maniac. One thing I would have preferred was the Hylian Shield on Link looking exactly the same as the one in his equipment menu. The one he wears has blurred and dull details, and shabby compared to the equipment menu's, although still well-improved over the N64 version. The equipment menu's Hylian Shield doesn't have blurred designs, and has depth with the designs, as well as the edge all around it having a sort of polished appearance.

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I would say 9.9/10. There are lots of cool graphics

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Definitely a 9.5 out of 10. I love the new enhanced graphics.

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