Question from GreenManSWE

Asked: 3 years ago

What is the best strategy for (finding better coin bag)?

Ello, srry i need some help. where can i find and how to achive the bigger coinbag, need for the flame skirt

Accepted Answer

From: Harvmoonmaniac 3 years ago

If you're asking about getting a bigger wallet to buy the Goron Tunic, it can only be bought/worn as an adult.
In the future there is a chance to get one totally free, just bomb the lone rolling Goron in Goron City.
He's smaller than the rolling Goron from the past and will reverse direction to avoid you.
After stopping him, talk to the Goron and afterwards he'll give you the tunic as well as open the doors to the Goron shop and Darunia's room.

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