Question from JadeTorchwood

Asked: 2 years ago

How to beat this last Poe in Forest Temple?

I finally managed to get to the Forest Temple. I already managed to get the Fairy Bow, Iron Boots, & the two songs that I can use to teleport to Lake Hylia & the Forest Temple. I was wondering how to beat the last Poe in the Forest Temple. The one I'm talking about is the purple one. I already defeated the first three who were really annoying & hard to kill.

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Also, I have a hard time trying to hit her. When I try to use the bow, she vanishes & splits into four parts again.

Accepted Answer

From: Zero_Maniac 2 years ago

Well, you do have to go after the one who does a quick spin after they split, but also keep in mind you should shuffle in the direction they're all spinning to be able to hit it with an arrow. Like if they're spinning to your left, L-target the real one and shuffle to your left. Then use an arrow.

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When she splits into four circles around you, the one that does a quick spin is real. Lock on and shoot an arrow. Keep repeating until she dies.

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You have to be very fast. If you need practice, you should go to the minigame with the bow in Kakario Villiage.

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