Question from SawmanZ

Asked: 2 years ago

I can't get to shadow temple?

After completing the water temple I went under the well as a child, then obtained the eye of truth and completed the spirit temple without going to kakariko village as an adult and seeing the town in flames, well monster, shiek teaching nocturne, getting hover boots, etc. Once i finished the spirit temple i was an adult and went to kakariko and the whole place is normal, there isnt a cutscene and the well is still intact. Navi still is telling me to go find someone who knows something about the sages and i don't know where to go!? Anybody know what to do, because i've read that you can do either of the temples in any order?

Additional details - 2 years ago

I haven't learned the Nocturne of Shadow yet, because Shiek isn't in Kakariko Village when I go there.

Accepted Answer

From: SuperBlueSonic 2 years ago

Just play the Nocturne of Shadow and you will come to a little cliff above the graveyard, you will see some stairs you can go down and then there will be all these unlit torches, you have to light them with some fire either use the fire spell if you have it or use the fire arrow and the door will open to the Shadow Temple.
Hopes this help you.

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