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Asked: 2 years ago

At the lon lon ranch Malon's song?

What song do I play at Lon Lon ranch to get the horse?

Additional details - 2 years ago

Thanks, I have tried and tried but I cant win the race any help? Do I really need the horse?

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From: Earth_Echidna 2 years ago

If you are trying to get Epona, you talk to Ingo and, when you're allowed to practice, play Epona's song. You have to practice once, then pay another 10 rupees to get back in. Talk to Ingo to start the race to get Epona.

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No, you don't need the horse for beating the game. It's just used for sidequests and easier travelling.

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It might take you some time to beat him, but you can do it. :) I remember when I had to keep running back to the pot room in the market to keep collecting red rupees until I reached enough to race him again. Now I can beat him easily on my first try. A good strategy is to go all out until you pass him, and then, while strategically using epona to block Ingo, press A to make her go faster -each time one regenerates- so that you can keep a steady flow of speed while not depleting your boost gauge. If done correctly, the race's only challenge becomes keeping Ingo's horse from breaking away from your block and making an opening to pass you. You may not need the horse, but managing to attain Epona makes traveling less tedious, as hyrulesmasher1 said.

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When racing Ingo, stay as close to the inside fence as possible without running into it and getting stopped. Use carrots every now and then. Make sure not to get stuck behind Ingo and don't use all of your carrots at once. Carrots regenerate slower if you use 'em all up.

After the race, use Epona and a carrot or two to jump over either the fence Ingo just locked or one of the two fences that are on the side of the ranch with the big stone tower.

After you jump the fence, you now have Epona and can call her with Epona's Song whenever you are in Hyrule Field, Lake Hylia, or Gerudo Valley ( not Gerudo Desert ).

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Epona's Song is what you needed to summoning Epona no matter how far you are. To get that, talk with Malon while you are young lad (7 years before). Then you can go and do those process that other user mentioned above - Paid to pick a horse, sing Epona and mounted on her back, talk to Ingo. Racing him twice to claiming Epona. Once you do, escape by jump over either wall or door.

Second race against Ingo is very difficult, it required you to be perfectly by racing closer to the horse fence and not overusing the carrot until last turn. Always keep 1 carrot in the check until that point.

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I would prefer the horse, but it's just to get around faster. Try fiddling around to figure it out. That's what my sister says when I'm stuck. She's finished it before. BTW, do NOT underestimate girls!

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