Answered Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
At the lon lon ranch Malon's song? 6
Biggoron sword problem? 11
Cuccu help? 1
Defeating Poes on Epona? 2
Deku tree b1? 2
Does anyone else find this weird? 5
Fishing Problem? 10
Getting Epona? 1
Gold Skulltula Coin Disappeared ?! 2
Gold Skulltula Help? 3
Golden Skulltula amounts? 1
How can I get the biggest bomb bag and the fishing-awards? 4
How can I get the Gold Skultulla in the Bottom of the Well? 2
How do I Enter the giant fish in Zoras Domain? 1
How do I find princess zora after she gets the spiritual stone? 3
How do i find the big poes? 1
How do i get dampe's kapesake? 1
How do I get farther in the forest temple? 1
How do I get over the fence? 1
How do I get the Clawshot if I didn't plant a Magic Bean? 5
How do I get the cucoo? 1
How do I get the gold spider token at zoras domain area? 1
How do I get the hook shot? 5
How do I get the last treasure chest in the Fire Temple? 1
How do I get through the Shadow Temple? 1
How do I get to ride Epona to Gerudo's Fortress? 1
How do i solve (down the well)? 2
How do I solve (frog feeding frenzy)? 6
How do i solve ganon's fire room and how do i destroy/move those rock towers in ganon's castle? 1
How do I solve The Cucco Lady()? 2
How do I solve the forest temple? 1
How do I solve the room outside of Ghoma? 1
How do you get the fourth chest in the MQ Spirit Temple? 2
How do you make the platform in the left room of the fire temple? 1
How to find this guy? 1
How to navigate map for gold skulltullas? 3
How, when its impossible, do u keep up with Dampe AND get thru the whole place that you race him in in less than a min? 3
I can't climb the boxes to get into Hyrule's castle. What am I doing wrong? 5
I can't get the fairy to appear at Hyrule castle...what am I doing wrong? 6
I cant move that box? 1
I'm kinda stuck behind a gate in the Water Temple. How do I escape? 1
Last two keys for gerudo training ground? 3
Making sinking lure legal? 2
MQ: how to get the Leens of truth? (Can't get to yellow swich) 2
Shadow temple ? 1
Still stuck on the ice arrows??? 3
Stuck on Fire Temple Master Quest. Help pls?? 1
Stuck on getting the ice arrows? 2
The last of the four carpenters ? 1
Unaccessable treasure chest in Fire Temple (Master Quest)? 1
What shall i do next after the water temple? 3
What to do in windmill? 2
When racing Dampe can you get the piece of heart and the hookshot the first time? 2
Where are the three keys in Ganon's Castle in Master Quest? 2
Where do i catch a 15 Pounder in the Fishing Pond? 1
Where is her dog? 2
Where is the shard reffering to? 1
Where's the Happy Mask Shop owner? 4
Who does Navi mean? 5
Why do you feed ______ a fish? 3
Why Navi turns green near the entrance of the Fishing Pond? 2
Why won't she give me Cujiro? (Biggoron sword) 3

Item Location Help Answers
Am I able to obtain more than four bottles? 3
Any more uses of spending rupees? 2
Bombchus? 4
Can't find the room in water temple with gold skulltula. help? 2
Chest containing Heart Piece is missing (Master Quest)? 1
Didnt get the piece of heart for 50 skultulla reward? 2
Dins Fire? 2
Do the Hover Boots make you run faster? 1
Extra Empty bottle help? 3
Farore's wind? 1
Full inventory? 1
Getting an item? 2
Gold Skulltula Reward (Heart piece?) 1
Golden Skulltula glitch? 4
Heart Piece in the windmill? 1
Heart piece question? 5
Help on last heart piece!? 1
How can I get the Gold Skulltulas in Jabu Jabu's belly? 1
How do i find the eye of truth? 1
How do i fix this? 1
How do I get certain notes on the Ocarina? 1
How do I get the mask of truth? 2
How do I keep the deku stick burning? 6
How do I lock on with the boomerang? 2
How do I pick up the item that the Shard of Agony is pointing to? 1
How do u fill your bottle with milk? 5
How do we find the secrets where the shard of agony pings? 2
How do you set items to shortcuts I and II? 1
How many upgrades are there for the Deku nuts and Deku Sticks carry capacity? 4
Hylian shield glitch? 3
I can't get the red tunic? 1
I cant get the Goron Tunic? 2
Is the Giant's knife worth anything? 10
Is the Mirror Shield any larger than the Hylian Shield? 1
Is there an easier way of (warning spoilers)? 3
Is there anything stronger than the silver gaunlets? 1
Killed the Iron Knuckles without letting them smash the pillars in Spirit Temple///am I screwed? 2
Killed the Iron Knuckles without letting them smash the pillars in Spirit Temple///am I screwed? 3
Missing gold skulltulas (MQ)? 2
Skull Kid? 1
Starting Biggoron's Sword Trading Sequence? 2
Two extra slots??? 2
Were can I find the miror shield? 1
What Items get deleted? 2
Where are the Silver gauntlets? 2
Where Are They? 1
Where can I find (bigger wallet)? 2
Where can I find (hart peases)? 5
Where can I find (the last golden skulltula in the forest temple)? 3
Where can I find all the item upgrades? 2
Where can I find all the songs? 1
Where can I find Blue Potion? 1
Where can I find dins fire? 1
Where can I find extra light and fire arrows? 2
Where can i find more bottlles? 2
Where can I find the adult magizene? 3
Where can I find the bottle with the letter in Lake Hylia? 2
Where can I find the bow and arow? 2
Where can I find the fishing rod, if you can get it without stealing it by using a glitch? 2
Where can I find the grave keepers treasure? 7
Where can I find the keys in the Gerudo Training Ground on Master Quest? 1
Where can I find the last gold skulltula? 3
Where can I find the LAST skulltula on Master Quest??? 1
Where can I find the lens of truth in the MQ? 3
Where can I find the red tunic? 1
Where can I find the sinking lure? 3
Where can I find The Song Of Time? 2
Where can you find the bomb bag? 4
Where do i get more room for Ruppees in Ocarina of Time 3ds? 1
Where do I get the Poacher's Saw? 2
Where do I sell ALL the happy masks? 4
Where is the boomerang? 3
Where is the king in kakariko village? 2
Why couldn't I find all of the Gold Skulltulas? 1
Why should I buy a small knife when I could get a Bigoron sword for free? 1

Level Help Answers
Bonus dungeon? 2
Can I return to Zelda's Courtyard later in the game? 3
Fire temple? 3
Getting throught the Shadow Temple (Master Quest)? 1
Green Navi in Spirit Temple small chest room? 1
How do I break the spirit thing in ganondorfs castle? 1
How do I do red ice blue fire??? 1
How do I get into the forest temple? I think I'm stuck.. 4
How do I get past a room in The Shadow Temple? 1
How do I get past forest temple on master quest? 2
How do I get past the door? 2
How do I get past the water temple? 3
How do I get the hovering gray ruppee in MQ? 1
How do I get to the first part of Dongogos cavern on floor two? 3
How do I get to the spirit temple as a child? 1
How do i go in hyrule castle? 2
How do u get princess zora out of Jabu jabu's belly? 2
How do you clear the dungeon in Jabu jabu's belly? 3
How do you get to the dungeon? I'm having a hard time finding it. 4
How do you learn Requiem of Spirit? 2
I can't get to shadow temple? 1
I finish the ocarina of time how do i find the master quest? 1
I'm stuck in Jabu Jabu's belly, what do I do? 1
Im trapped in the water temple? 3
Is my water temple stuffed? 2
Missing Key in Gerudo Training Center? 5
Sparkles in the bottom of the well? 5
Stuck in MQ forest temple because I can't move the big blocks? 3
The Forest Stage? 1
Water Temple: how do I get back to the room with cracked wall after the water is raised? 2
What do I do now? 3
What is at the end of the tresure shop? 2
What's with the block at the top of the fire temple in the master quest? 1
Where are the carpenters in gerudo fortress? 3
Where do i take the princess ruto when im carrying her in king jabo jabo? 1
Which grave should I pull for the grave keepers treasure? 4

Other Help Answers
3 DS Friends? 3
3DS OoT bundle? 2
A gossip stone said, If you approach a butterfly slowly with a Deku Stick something good will happen, It failed, why? 2
About saving the game and loading the game? 2
Am I stuck in the water temple? 3
Any difference between the gamecube/N64 version and the 3DS version? 1
Boss mode? 2
Can I battle dark link again? 7
Can I get into Gerudo's Fortress as a kid? 1
Can i still continue the story? With out epona song? 1
Can you still do the Bomb Hover Glitch? 4
Can you still do the unlimited Gold Skulltula glitch outside of Hyrule Castle?) 1
Can you turn off the gyroscopic feature? 2
Club Nintendo? 1
Cows in hidden holes in ground? 1
Do i have a bugged skulltula in lost woods? 1
Do the glitches still work in this game? 1
Do these situlations count as a death? 3
Does the dane glitch to get heart pieces work if i have 19 hearts? 2
Download Play? 2
Full heart containers at temples? 1
Ganondorf? 4
Glitch in-game? 2
Guard Trouble? 4
Has anyone been able to perform the golden scale glitch successfully? 2
Has the Deuk Nut glitch been fixed? 4
Hidden chest in Spirit Temple? 3
Horse when and Where? 3
How do i get king zora to move and save the princess from jabu jabu? 1
How do I get more arrows? 2
How do I get more than 99 rupees? 1
How do I get over 99 rupees? 3
How do i get pierre to come when i play the scarecrow song? 7
How do I get to hold more than 30 arrows? 7
How do i sell bottle contents to the lady? 4
How do I sell? 1
How do you aim the boomerang? 4
How do you move the statue in Darunia's room? 1
How do you solve the 4 flashing dots after getting Hookshot? 2
How do you unequip shields ? 3
How does the Stone of Agony translate into this game? 2
How many pounds must my fish weight to get a gold scale? 2
How or when do u get epona? 2
I beat the game, but it doesn't save my progress...? 2
I can't get into the room of the left of the 1st floor in the water temple? 1
I play trumpet and I'm looking for how to play the zelda theme. Do you have it in sheet music for B-Flat trumpet? 2
If I got a new OOT3D, will my old files be saved on it? 1
In the lost forest what song do you need to sing? 5
Is completing Gerudo Training Complex worth it? 1
Is it possible to choose language? 2
Is it possible to dupe claim check into a bottle? 2
Is it possible to finish the game without the Goron and Zora tunics? 1
Is it possible to get Fire arrow before completing the water temple? 2
Is it possible to make a skulltula pop out of a patch of soft soil once you've planted a magical bean in it? 3
Is it worth buying? 12
is the french version just the canadian version & will it play on NA 3ds's? 1
Is there any reward for getting all hearts, Skulltulas, etc.? 2
Is there any way to restart Dodongo's Cavern? 1
Is there multiplayer in this game? 2
Is this game worth getting the 3DS? 22
Is un/summoning Navi relevant to the gameplay? 1
Legend Of Zelda A Link Between Worlds Or Ocarina Of Time? 1
Lost Save Data? 1
majorias mask 3D??? 2
Master Quest gold skulltula list? 2
Master quest reward? 4
My fish keeps getting away? 1
Need help with getting the Code to get coins for this on Club Nintendo? 2
On the Dungeon Map(s) for OoT3D, what is the picture on it? 1
Out of 10 what do you rate the graphics? 5
Pictures/Posters? 3
Port? Remastered? 1
Required use of Bomchus outside the Spirit Temple and Ganon's Castle? 2
Secret? 2
Seven Years? 2
So just for 3ds? 7
Special Passage???? 1
Stone fish? 1
Storyline? 3
The last of the four bottles? 1
The random shiny spots Navi points to? 7
There's a ledge, possibly left over from URA. Has anyone else seen it? 1
This game or transformers dark of the moon stealth force edition ? 3
Using the Ocarina for Midna's Theme? 1
What are all the ocarina songs withe the notes? 2
What are REDEADS? 1
What do you do at the Forest Stage? 1
What do you do if you didn't buy the magic bean? 3
What does the orange triangle mean on the map? 1
What does the Zelda Ocarina of Time limited edition Gift card do? 1
what happens if I didn't get Epona's Song ? 3
What happens once you complete the game? 1
What is the difference between Normal Quest and Master Quest? 2
What is the significance of the 20lb fish in the Fishing Pond? 2
What is the symbol found on the Mirror Shield? 1
What version do you hear in the Fire Temple? 2
What's up with the Land Roll? 4
When does Zelda OOT 3DS come out? 2
Where do I get my red/fire tunic back? 5
Where do i go now?(POSSIBLE SPOILERS) 2
Where is the fishing pond? 1
Where is the last golden skulltula? 1
Where is the person to give the Bunny Hood? 3
why can't i get into Death Mountain? 1
Why Don't People Think Anymore? 1
Why is the spirit medallion in my pack if I havent completed it yet? 1
Why isn't link rolling when i hit the ground? 8
Why my Gerudo Token Membership Card isn't working? 1
Why the heck can't I get Din's Fire of Farore's wind, glitch? 7
Why there are complaints against the Water Temple? 4
Why won't Saria talk to me? 3
Why won't the sliver glove work? 3
Why?? 1
Will OOT 3ds contain master quest inside it? 3
Will they do an update for Majoras Mask like they did for this? 2

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