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The best game of all time just got a little betterJCash131310/10
An overpriced re-release that does little to fix the original's problemsjoselagu5/10
Fifteen years later...A nostalgia-free analysisAnalyticalGamer3/10
I was completely satisfied, but a lot of people are going to be disappointed.Armageddon_Man8/10
Well I Enjoy it, but doesn't mean others will.AssassinCaveman6/10
It's been 13 years, can the Ocarina of TIME~ Withstand the test, of TIME~ *Insert laugh track*AXBHikaru9/10
If you were disappointed, it's your own fault. Link gave you exactly what he promised- The best game ever, again.AXingfreak10/10
Link, race towards time! Save the world once again... IN 3D!BahamutZero929/10
After all these years, Ocarina of Time still represents an astonishing adventure no one should missBGuerrie9/10
A lazy remake of a great game.chris1001 the sequel7/10
Effort Values stretch to Zelda games as wellChronoCactaur8/10
One of the greatest games of all time just got even betterCoreGamer10110/10
Perfection in the Palm of your hand...Darkowl71610/10
A Huge Updategameaddict519/10
A must have 3DS gameGaming_deviant8/10
An Adventure of TimeIsaiah9/10
OoT made even better, with very few flawsLakoah9/10
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: An impressive remake to the Original game but with added features!Link311410/10
Why this is STILL the greatest game of all time.pro_gamer1910/10
Well what did you expect? A brand new game?psychopenguin779/10
Don't let angry people with terrible grammar sway you from appreciating a great remake.sh1dLOng9/10
Awesome game as you remember it with some helpful updates. :)supercerenity10/10
"Forever A Legend"Swordsaver9/10
A vision better illustratedwachaninja10/10
A Perfect Handheld GameXenoHendrix9/10

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