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Forgive me god! I have sinned!09/06/03Aganar
A tragically unrecognized console truly ahead of its time.10/29/01Aristotle
A beautiful dream cast adrift in an uncaring world12/02/01falsehead
The best, advanced 128-bit console with perfect graphics, music and games to play! Congratulations to SEGA!05/06/00CChan
If it had only lasted another year I could have easily given it a 1008/29/01chrono trigger fan
Sega's final swansong manages to be both underappreciated and overrated06/12/12CKeen666
One thousand years in the making, one thousand days to destruction.11/28/05grasu
With the dream gone, a new era starts.04/15/02Gruel
Nine years old (at the time of writing this) and still an awesome system.09/11/08Ice Water
Sega's Big Comeback01/28/08Jlebowski316
I'm afraid it's not thinking anymore, doctor...02/02/03Kane
Let's see if it works this time....01/13/02KasketDarkfyre
Been said before, I'll say it again: Unfairly criticized, and still worth owning.09/25/02Lartrak
The prettiest lump of electrical things and metal I ever did buy.03/12/04Lisanne
Bzzt! Sega, your fifteen minutes are up. Please come again. PLEASE!07/18/01matt91486
One of the great consoles. A must own for anyone that likes good games :P07/30/01Pyro Vesten
Sega's final console also proves to be one of their finest.10/13/14Ryan Harrison
A slew of new and innovative technologies bring a great system, but one which is also misunderstood12/01/05SneakTheSnake
The best there was and ever be! The Dreamcast is immortal!09/21/15TheRetroPlayer
This Console is Going to the Grave With Me... I'm Serious.11/22/10Truck_1_0_1_
"Legends never die, they are forever engraved in memories"07/19/03XGlite015

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