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I love this game, excellent gameplay, and great for parties.Aristotle9/10
It might not have Super in the name, but it sure is far better.BimmyandJimmy8/10
A great game.. but not as good as the originalBlackjack4x9/10
I'ma gonna Weeeeen!Blue Blob8/10
If you buy this record your life will be better.Daniel9/10
An improvement over the first one.DarkMark429/10
The best all around mario kart game so farDiabolicalGamer9/10
I may hate racing games, but this classic surprised me!Earthshaker10/10
What Happened To Koopa??????GeckoGreen10/10
A fun game, but the AI is lackinggeneral5318/10
A game that never, never gets old with a friend!!Gizmo10/10
Karting with a Mario twist.GreenFlag9/10
Great Racing If You Have A Few Friends!Jdude849/10
Heh...get over you stupid mushroom!!!KasketDarkfyre9/10
Fun but primitive...KeithKosh7/10
Let me clear this up so that everyone understands. THIS GAME IS BETTER THAN THE SNES VERSION!LordAtomic10/10
Seriously the best game I've ever played.McLovinR00Lz9/10
I got a koopa shell and I am not afraid to use it...MI4 REAL9/10
A great racing game with a high multiplayer value!mighty mosquito8/10
What a bumer...Ofisil4/10
Even with a few problems, it still manages to be as fun as the original versionPentiumMMX8/10
Mario Kart is back and better than everPentiumMMX9/10
How does this Mario Kart stack up to the others?Player Guy Forever8/10
The best racing game you could buy on Nintendo 64Psycho Penguin9/10
A nice little Mario Kart Wii teaserquadruplesword10/10
It got pretty boring after a while...Retroreviewer Productions7/10
Really Fun Racing GameRHunter9/10
Mario Kart Returns, This Time On The WiiRockyStarPro10/10
Mario Kart 64 is a very fun game!Roguesquad610/10
Probably the best in the Mario Kart seriesSharmHedgehog8/10
Mommy, Mommy!! I want a go-kart just like theirs!ShockeeperEZZ7/10
It has a great personality, but it honestly isn't perfect.SNES_64_DC_Xbox7/10
Blue Shells FTW!Sour9/10
Mario kart is always fun, but is this game a big enough revolution from its predecessor?ss__samy8/10
Welcome to Mario Kart... again!SuperPhillip7/10
One of the best racing games everThe Game8/10
Not so good anymore but still fun with friendsTheFanBoyDestroyer6/10
Great game but the emulation could have been better.Ulknar8/10
Nintendo does it againwolverinefan8/10
Porting the Classics: Mario Kart 64 stylexcamel247/10
It keeps the spirit alive!!!XtremeGundamX9/10
Mario's supposed to be at every kinda catagory to every console..........Yakuza8/10
Kart series enters into the 64-bit!!!YSF8/10
Driving InsanityzenGOSM8/10

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