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Another Bond Mission to Complete!Chrisschulz257/10
Good, but not GoldenEyeCid538/10
Name is Bond, James BondDaGame0079/10
A Great James Bond Game Overshadowed by RareDandyQuackShot8/10
KABOOM!Dave 008 Bond9/10
It's no Perfect Dark, but a great buy nonetheless.EReiter9/10
Badly animated PS quality shoot 'em up for N64Gekko6/10
Does this cure the Bond craving? No but it comes closeGeneral Eric7/10
A good follow-up to the Bond classicGio8/10
EA pulled off a good Bond game without Rare.HAHE9/10
Not Perfect Dark...Not Goldeneye either...HenchCubed6/10
A good game with major flaws.iammaxhailme9/10
Worthy Bond game, but I can see why Rare games are really rare!Iceman8/10
Note to Rare: DON'T STOP MAKING BOND GAMES!J Dawg0073/10
Not as good as GoldenEye, but worth itJeremyMcClean7/10
A little bit of this, a little bit of that.Lethal Weapon8/10
If you liked Goldeneye your gonna love this!Master Rudy10/10
Not the best Bond game for the system.MONSTERMAN19607/10
Good, but just not the same...Nexxt7/10
Loved Goldeneye? You'll love this too.PArca9/10
Another James Bond ClassicRockyStarPro10/10
Better than Goldeneye? Not Quite, But still is one of the best First Person Shooters around.Rogueight9/10
This Game is Perfect and The World is Not Enough to Make Me Say OtherwiseRogue_Agent10/10
Everything you loved about Goldeneye, molded into confusion!SProbe4/10
FPS and James Bond fans will love EA's awesome 007 game!StalfosKnight10/10
Much better than the Playstation version!trev9139/10
This Game Is Not Enough!!twopinacoladas7/10

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