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A remake of a video classic blows away the original.Brando10/10
Beautiful hand-drawn anime FMV's and a deep, interesting storyline will make this one of your favorite RPG'sCliq8/10
One of the Best Rpg's out there.Cyphris9/10
While it's a remake, it still kicks butt!Dark Paladin9/10
An awesome RPG that deserves an award.DragonMaster10/10
Great Classic Game !!Faboluz8/10
A refresher course in how good RPGs used to be.fduboo7/10
A classic is rebornGAlvarado9/10
Lunar Silver Star Story One of the Greatest RPG's Ever?Great Gamer9/10
A well rounded title that stays true to its old school heritage.grunge9/10
No Final Fantasy, but a great fanasy nonethelessHoly Vampire9/10
Awesome to say the leastKasketDarkfyre9/10
Easily The Best RPG Ever Made.KShadows10/10
beauty isn't only cut-scene deepLone8/10
Wow one of Working Designs masterpieces.MutantXYZ10/10
Bravo! Game Arts and Working Designs! A true Masterpiece!NeoSeifer9/10
Your Shooting Star has arrivedPContaminator9/10
This is why I love the Playstation - awesome RPGs!RavenWing9/10
Experience the world of Lunar.RBoyd10/10
A Japanese Anime into an RPGRev Ray Cool9/10 sorta disappointedRinoa997/10
Final Fantasy what? Square who?SJplusAH10/10
Whoa is all I can say...SMoon9/10
Great story, mediocre gameStygian Ablyss6/10
Completely Standardswarm5537/10
A quick review for a game with a long history.Tenshi No Shi9/10
A remake of a classic, that is once again a classicValkryie_X9/10
Can't say which is better, first or second!!Walker Boh Ohmsford10/10
One of the best games no one played gets a makeoverYoma9/10

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