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A game that is very very tired of being FF's PUNCHEE BAG!!!A-smile10/10
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?Mariner7/10
Masterpiece isn't at a high enough word to be able to describe this phenomenal and spectacular game!!!AllYourBaseBelong2Us10/10
I'm surprised Square's best game doesn't carry the name of its most treasured licensebanned for reviewing10/10
The tightest competition with FF3 and both outline the definition of an RPG should be HANDS DOWN without graphical bias or media hypeBehreandto10/10
The all “time” classic (got it?......... bah).Braben10/10
A flawless masterpiece.Cyber-Sushi10/10
But the World Refused to Change...DandyQuackShot10/10
Easily an instant classic that still sends ripples across gamers, even as of today.DJellybean10/10
Blending amazing storytelling with superb graphics and sound, Chrono Trigger shines in every aspect.Drakken68810/10
You, with the punk hairdo! You're...going to make Chrono Cross as good as this one, right?EPoetker10/10
Squaresoft have proved that Final Fantasy can be nothing to what lies beneathFein10/10
THE Classic RPG Experiencefronttrigger10/10
It's About TimeGenjuro Kibagami10/10
I'd like to call this the best game ever, in fact I am going to call it that.ghangiskhan110/10
The Time Travelling Quest to Save The Past, Present and Future...GScotty10/10
So wait, Flea's a guy?? Are you sure?!?!IronMan07239/10
Worst game ever? AHAHA No. Best game ever? MaybeJanus5k10/10
Hands down, the best RPG I've ever played.Jerrynsteph4eva10/10
Very good? Yes. Best thing since sliced bread? No.JThomson8/10
Who needs Final Fantasy when you have this amazing time-traveling RPG?Lord_Yojimbo2910/10
Great Aspects To It, But Not Amazingmarcbachan8/10
Square graces the world with this flawless RPGMenji10/10
Yes, it's quite overrated, but still a good game.menschmaschine58/10
A beautiful masterpiece...Nothing more.Myzery_Clown10/10
Blitz through time and space, leaving behind tons of paradoxes in your wake!NT2209/10
One Of The Best RPG Games SNES Has To OfferOfisil9/10
My First Time Playing, So it's Not the Nostalgia TalkingPherdnutChiken10/10
I know you may be tired of hearing this, but this is the best game ever.PizzaDude37110/10
The second best RPG I have ever playedPsycho Penguin10/10
Chrono Trigger: The Unforgettable Legend of Time Lostquartzedge10/10
A timeless adventureRavenousGuy9/10
The one and only game I will grant a perfect score.Relle10/10
Time flows like a river, but that doesn't mean you can't lead it.SaintAjora8/10
The greatest game I ever played...Samoajordan10/10
If you have a Super Nintendo and you don't get this game, there's something wrong with you.ShadowACS10/10
No matter what era you may be in, you cannot go wrong with Chrono TriggerShivan Reincarnated9/10
Pssst! Hey you! Over here... Read my review. The one above mine sucks and the one below mine is too long. Hurry, before someone sees us...shneepshnop10/10
This RPG is a very great one. For more information, read along.Super Slash10/10
You will be a better person for having played this game.SupremeJoe10/10
As time passes by, still my favorite game everterrisus10/10
A Timeless Classic!The Island Of Zeal10/10
Move aside a sec, Final Fantasy. Your creators really outdid themselves with this gem.TKDBoy188910/10
A game you'll never forget!TRichter10/10
This game is the mascot of the SNES RPG era for good reason.UltimaterializerX9/10
a Chronological MasterpieceVirus91910/10
This really is the BEST game ever, honestly!Yakuza10/10
Dream Project- Made by two best developers from Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy teams, the revolutionary RPG, Chrono Trigger finally arrives!!!YSF10/10
Truly one of the greatest games ever made. Seriously.zachcrackers10/10
If you have a Wii, do yourself a favor and download this puppy.ZeldaFreak2910/10
I bought this game, and I don't even own a SNES. That's how amazing Chrono Trigger is.Zylo the wolf10/10

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