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Out of this DimensionAndrzej B9/10
Great Gameplay, Weird Music, And Animals That Can Pilot Spacecraft. It Doesn't Get Much Better Than That!Baradur9/10
The Beginning of the Fox, Star Fox.Bass2609/10
A new look on an older game.Bkstunt_317/10
This game left an impression on me forever!blueflame10/10
All ships check in!!Bluffnix9/10
An incredible Super FX adventure from Nintendochrono trigger fan9/10
If Foxes were this good at flying, they should be in the Air Force!Death Eating Man9/10
Polygonal madness!!!dgiglio848/10
This game catches the gaming spirit and style of the past yearsdragondance10/10
A Revolutionary Game That Just Isn't Much Fun AnymoreEggplant Wizard5/10
One of the most groundbreaking games of all time!!FeyZan9/10
Revolutionary and finely balenced. Perfection!fillup010/10
By far the BEST flight simulator of all time.Grenade Guzzler10/10
Polygons make their first move to a console. It's a pretty good shooter, too.Hank8/10
Back in the day... I was speechless!Joe the Destroyer10/10
Not perfect, but still a very fun game to play.Keytar_Shredder8/10
A Treasure on the SNESLegend 149/10
One amazing game for its timemegabelmont10/10
This game took flight sims to a whole new level!MI4 REAL10/10
Who ever thought over sized polygons can't be fun?Nivla8/10
Big, three dimensional deal...Ofisil5/10
While Star Fox's visuals have obviously aged, its gameplay keeps it firmly afloatroadtosalvation8/10
The only FX game that didnt suckSheepy998/10
Not so foxyShirow3/10
The very first polygon based game!! You thought Sta Fox 64 was hard?The Lone Duck9/10

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