World leaders gathered together to discuss ways in which to prevent Earth from being destroyed by the effects of heavy pollution. An organization was formed (EGB-5) which launched a Research & Development station into space. The complex was equipped with the best technology and personnel available. The complex hides a sinister secret in that EGB-5 has struck up a deal with aliens: the aliens provide their advanced knowledge and in return EGB-5 help them obtain samples from Earth - plants, animals, humans - covering up for them when necessary. The deal was an amicable one until EGB-5 discovered the aliens had a secret project: the construction of a cyborg which will be cloned, sent to Earth and used to wipe out the current occupants enabling the aliens to settle there. EGB-5 agree the alien base must be destroyed, but face a problem in that they don't know how to access it. They decide the only solution is to set up a suitable person as an abductee in the hope that when they discover what is going on they will do something about it. They choose Travis Connor: Head of R&D at Sin-Tech, Earth!

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