Imagine, if you will, a universe that holds only a small group of planets. Each planet, a barren shell waiting to be given life. Imagine further, that within this universe there exists the forces of good and evil.
Having only a single Starbase to work from, you set out in ships of your own design, and use them to colonize the barren planets. You must also recruit, train, feed and arm a galactic force to protect these colonies from the evil clutches of your unseen foe, who starts at the other end of the universe, but draws closer with each passing heartbeat.
Strategies are needed to meet the many challenges you will face as you strive to become a great leader. Taxes have to be imposed to raise money to build a stunning array of equipment... all the way from a spy satellite to a hydroponic planet. Mining operations have to be set up and maintained to obtain precious minerals. Farms need to be established to feed your growing populous.
Even while you are establishing that delicate balance called life, an evil and scheming dictator is gazing malevolently at the whole universe with greedy eyes. He chemes to conquer and control. Confrontation is unavoidable.

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