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Mob grinders?

I'm looking for a cool, high tech mob grinder. Any suggestions? If so, could you include a diagram or a photo of some sort?

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Middleman93 answered:

Given that this is Pocket Edition, there are:
No spawners.
No redstone.
No nether.
No end.

As such, you're unlikely to get any sort of mob grinder, high tech or not, other than the nether reactor (which only spawns zombie pigmen).

That being said, there is the nether reactor, which can be used over and over again if you're quick about saving the gold. It will get you more gold (from the pigmen), as well as more of the resources which are not yet naturally in the world. It takes 6 iron ingots and 3 diamonds to craft the core.

The nether reactor is built in a 3x cube. Gold Block = G, Air block = A, Cobblestone block = C, and Nether Reactor Core = N

Bottom layer:

Middle layer:

Top layer:

The nether reactor core must then be punched, and it will generate a large tower of obsidian (until 0.6.0, when it will instead be netherrack), zombie pigmen, and many resources and items for about 45 seconds.

You will have about 8 seconds to grab all 4 gold blocks before they become obsidian (or netherrack if you're reading this after the update), and the core, while burnt out, may be mined and reused whenever.
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