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Asked: 2 years ago

Evovlved form of witchcrafter?

I received a witchcrafter from a packet and ever since then everyone is trying to trade for it. I understand that it is good, but I have seen several other human S rares with a much better effect. Does something happen to the evolved form of witchcrafter that makes her better? Can anyone link me to a site that has a full card list? I haven't been able to google one.

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Witchcrafter is one of the better cards stat wise. It's main flaw is its skill ability(hit to enemy gods attack) that tends to make it a more situational based card. You could have instead a card that increases all the defense on your team instead which would be better in general. If I were you, keep it until you understand the game better!

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Silver gave some good advice. The effect does not change through evolution, but it's individual stats are good. Check in the general game info.

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It seems the best answer is to get all cards with very general buffs (ie BIG increase to all A + D) And those ARE good. But realize the broader the buff, the less % buff you get. So a One way, one realm buff will be much higher % buff. So it depends.... Worst buff seems to be THIS CARD buffs. But those go up to 30% (for MASSIVE) so it depends... If all your deck is GOD a buff to GOD ATK only is BETTER than buff to all ATK in %

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Can some one close this three month old question?

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