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Asked: 2 years ago

How does Defense power work?

I don't quite understand the whole defense power idea. How does it work and what is the purpose of the defense power?

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I understand the aspect of defense power as it pertains to the way attack power works. I was more wondering what the point of it is other than the amount of required power you can use.

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I myself don't quite understand some parts of it because my defense pwr is practically always on full but you know how your cards have 'PWR' on it? so lets say u have 5 cards with 10 PWR reqired then if u only have 40Defense PWR u wont be able to use those 5 cards but if you have 50 Def Pwr then you should be able to

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Ok, so you know the amount of DEF power you have limits the cards you can use. So maybe this will answer your question. Similar to how when you attack you "spend" your ATK power, you also "spend" your DEF power each time you defend. The difference being that only a small percentage of the total cost of your defense is subtracted from your remaining defense points. I think it is like 5-10% but I'm not sure on that.

Hope this helps and was wondering if some could close this 2 month old question?

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