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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
How do I fight a boss? Answered 2
Using HP in Boss Fights? Answered 2
Level Help status answers
Acronym HN? Answered 2
Strategy Help status answers
Anyway to change realm or reset my account? Answered 5
Building Demon attack Deck? Open 1
Can anyone explain what 4-0, 4-2, 6-6 etc mean? Answered 1
Can you increase skill of max enhanced cards? Open 3
Do Non-Claimed Items Ever Expire? Open 2
Do skills stack? Answered 1
Does increasing the SKILL level of a card before evolving it give any benefit? Answered 2
Evolving Feeders? Answered 1
Holy Wars Strategy- Card Placement? Open 2
How do you enhance knight Lucy to change her skill to great? Open 1
How does the game choose which def deck gets used when I run low on def pwr? Open 3
How does wall breaker ability work? Open 4
How should I work my stats? Open 2
How to enchance skills? Answered 1
I choose god realm but I play demon cards? Open 3
Leaving an order between HW5 and HW5.5? Open 1
Max Skill level? Answered 1
Morale raised through victory? Answered 1
Need Help Upgrading Demon Attk Deck to SR first forms?? Unanswered 0
Realm question: God, Demons and Man what is the difference? Open 2
What are some tips for DEF leaders? Open 1
What is a good skill level for Rare cards? Answered 1
What is the best strategy for Holy Wars? Open 2
What is the best strategy for raising skill level? Open 6
What is the best thing to do with hn cards? Open 2
What realm am I using? Open 1
Whenever people say 4-7 and 4-6 before their card, what does that mean? Open 2
Why can't 2 valks trigger their skills both in same battle ? Open 2
Why doesn't no one buy max evolved feeder cards? Open 3
Technical Help status answers
Why did RoB keeps crash so often on Samsung Galaxy S3? Open 1
Other Help status answers
3-4 DG++ status? Answered 1
Anyone looking for Proserpina for trade? Unanswered 0
Can anyone trade me a hild or 2? Answered 1
Can someone explain the terminology/abreveations? Answered 1
Can you use an Odysseus' skill in the tears of the moon event? Open 2
Castles? Open 1
Divine Judgement ERROR? Open 2
Divine Judgement level cap? Open 4
Evovlved form of witchcrafter? Open 3
Feeder information? Open 1
How do you assign ranks in orders? Open 1
How do you remove someone from your Order? Answered 1
How does Defense power work? Open 2
How does Evolving school girl mina work? Open 3
How much are Valkyries worth? Open 1
How much can i sell zombie raider for? Open 2
how much should I sell this for? Answered 2
I need to know how much of an increase angel queen, devil queen And gold dragon create approx? Open 2
Is there a level cap? Answered 3
Is trading a Fully Evolved/Enhanced High daemon, 2 rhea, buccaneer, and an Iseult for a Minotaur a good deal? Answered 2
Leveling up Cards in Rage? Answered 3
looking for prices on death and Guinevere? Open 1
Lose a card refusing a trade? Open 1
Please help me with info? Open 1
Trade and Demon Card Question ? Open 2
What are giants? Open 1
What are HN feeders? Answered 1
What does clean or proper mean? Open 3
What does mean those numbers after card name in trade list? Open 1
What is this master samurais value? Open 1
What stats will I have? Open 2
Why are devil queens so valuable? Answered 1
Why not make the trade easier? Open 1
Wiki says Grimoire mina can get over 20k attack.... how? Answered 1
Will I get banned for logging onto multiple accounts from one device? Open 4

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