Who would not want to be lucky as our Charlie Brave! He played his guitar, sang and watched his business , when he discovered an inexhaustible source of wealth. Of course, accidental. Just when he thought no one would discover a place where you can collect much gold and diamonds when ever you want and how much you want, Tiffany was encountered, the most wanted thief on the planet - thief of someone else's wealth . Charlie will it be a permanent and persistent problems in the collection of gold and diamonds.However, Charlie does have a solution, because it is Brave. Sometimes yes, sometimes not. Either way, you try to become rich by collecting as many gold and diamonds and of course the less steal of you Tiffany. Compete with each other and to your family, friends ... and if you finish all the levels , you can always go back and play from the start and collect more and more and more ... of gold.

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