Familiar Evolution Guide by hypadragon2

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An in-depth look at evolving in Blood Brothers

For Android and iOS devices
Author: Eduard Alibadbad (XenTR) aka hypadragon2, hydra.
Date of completion: Oct. 10, 2012

Writer’s note** 
This guide is written with the assumption that the reader has the game,
has played through the tutorial, and has a basic understanding of the
game's elements. This guide is directed towards those who wish to grasp
the idea of evolution and proper and/or efficient evolution of their
familiars. As of the time of writing, the Bazaar function has been
released into the Android OS version of the game but not the iOS version.

Table of contents:
I.	 Things to know before you start (Bgin)
II.	 What evolution means in Blood Brothers (Wutisit)
III.	 Facts about evolution (Faktz)
IV.	 Effects of evolution (Rsrch)
V.	 Conclusion (Theend)
VI.      Credits
VII.     Legal

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I.                 Things to know before you start                  (Bgin)

Below are terms used in the guide that refer to in game content.

Fam - Familiar - creatures you fight with and against in game
Spawn - the familiar which will become the byproduct of evolution
Seed - the familiar used to evolve and to enhance the spawn
Product - the familiar created through evolution
SP - Star Potential - how many stars a familiar can have at max stage
MLF - Maxed level familiar - a familiar raised to its max level
LOF - Level one familiar - a familiar that has not been raised
Evo - Evolution - used to refer to how a familiar was evolved
PE - Perfect Evolution 
   - an evolution performed using all one star familiars and MLF seeds
Pact - how you gain a familiar 
  - Blood pacts require an item to capture a defeated familiar
  - Forged/Coin pacts require a coin to be traded in at the graveyard
Coin - refers to a familiar that is unevolved; no evo stat boost

II.              What evolution means in Blood Brothers          (Wutisit)

In game you may have already noticed that your familiar has a number of
yellow and/or black stars. The total amount of stars is the familiar’s star
Yellow stars indicate the current stage of potential the familiar is in.
Black stars indicate how many potential stages it has remaining.
If a familiar has all yellow stars and no black stars it cannot evolve
Evolution raises the current stage of a familiar’s potential. Max stage
familiars (all yellow stars) have the highest stats and should be your goal
to reach with your familiars. You can quickly reach the evolution screen
through the flickering panel in the bottom left corner or by tapping the
Blood Brothers button and then navigating to Evolution through the upper
right toolbar.

III.	                   Facts about evolution                   (Faktz)

In order to evolve you simply select two familiars of the same family - a
seed and a spawn. The familiar will then gain one stage of star potential.
A family consists of all stages of evolution of a familiar. The size of a
family is equal to the total amount of stars of the familiar. For example,
your Warlord has one star total, meaning it is the only one in its family
and cannot evolve. A familiar can only evolve using a seed in the same 
family that is at an equal or lower stage of SP.
Familiars with 4 SP will gain one level of rarity when moving from the 2nd
stage to the 3rd stage, which it will maintain for the 4th and final stage.
Ex. A 1* C fam with 4 SP will evolve into a 2* C, then a 3* UC and finally
a 4* UC.
To create a strong end product, you will need an understanding of how the
spawn and seed works.
The spawn is the base familiar that will become the product of the
evolution. The spawn will retain any experience it has earned prior to
evolution including any skill experience. This means that the product will
have the same level and skill level as the spawn used. The spawn does -not-
have an effect on the stats of the product at max level. Whether you use a
LOF spawn or a level 49 spawn or a MLF spawn, the result will be the same.
The seed is required to perform the evolution and is what will enhance the
product. If the seed is a MLF, it will transfer 10% of its current stats to
the product, otherwise it will only transfer 5% of its current stats. This
is the important part of evolution and has a direct impact on the end
A strong end product will be evolved using -only- MLFs as seeds.
**IMPORTANT** DO NOT empower anything but the final product. If you use any
crystals on a spawn or seed pre-evolution, it will still count towards the
10 crystal total.

IV.	                    Effects of evolution                   (Rsrch)

To determine the best way to evolve and the effect of different methods of
evolution, I have personally performed research on select familiars. 
The familiars were obtained during the raid boss event in game as that is
the easiest time to gain a large source of the same family of familiars.
Specifically, the research I have done was done using the Robyn and Flame 
Ogre families from the Peryton event. Mainly the Robyn family was used due
to rarity and quantity.

Below are the stats of max level Robyn coins.
Note that Robyn is 1-2* UC, 3-4* R.

Stat|  1*  |  2*  |  3*  |  4*  |
HP  | 2100 | 2520 | 3340 | 4010 |
ATK | 1680 | 2020 | 2660 | 3364 |
DEF | 2520 | 3020 | 4050 | 4860 |
WIS | 2590 | 3110 | 4020 | 4820 |
AGI | 2190 | 2630 | 3560 | 4270 |

Attempt 0: Perfect and Weakest

To gain a reference, a 4*PE Robyn was made first. Below are the stats
compared to the 4*coin Robyn. Assuming that a perfect evolution is 100%,
the % stats of 4*coin in reference to the 4*PE is also included.

4*PE 4*coin %
4875 4010 - 82.26
4056 3364 - 82.94
5902 4860 - 82.34
5878 4820 - 82.00
5180 4270 - 82.43

As with the results, the absolute worst stats you can have from a coin
familiar will net about 82-83% of the absolute best stats you can have
from a perfectly evolved familiar.

Noone wants the cheapest and lowest possible familiar, yet not everyone
can acquire 8 1* familiars to make a perfect evolution. I did research
on a few methods of evolution to see if you could get more with less.

Attempt 1: The perfect seed

The first research product is a 3*coin Robyn spawn with a 3*PE Robyn. I
assumed that since 10% of the seed’s stats transfer to the product, it
would be best to maximize the stats of the seed before using it to create
the end product. Also, a 3* fam has increase rarity, meaning it has more
levels of stats to transfer over. The result is below, again compared to
the 4*PE Robyn.

4*PE 4*(3*coin x 3*PE)
4875 4392 - 90.09
4056 3669 - 90.46
5902 5323 - 90.19
5878 5282 - 89.86
5180 4676 - 90.27

Great results. By dropping down to the base 1* and making a strong seed
to evolve with, we have a familiar with about 90% of the stats of the
perfect, while using 3 familiars less.

Attempt 2: The perfect spawn

In other similar games, usually the stats from both sides are transferred
to the product. I wanted to test and make sure. The thought was - what if
sides were simply swapped. The result should be equal. A perfect evo spawn
and a plain seed was used. Below are the stats using a 3*PE Robyn spawn
and a 3*coin Robyn seed. 

4*PE 4*(3*PE x 3*coin)
4875 4827 - 99.02
4056 4017 - 99.04
5902 5844 - 99.02
5878 5818 - 98.98
5180 5130 - 99.03

Wow. That was unexpected. By using the same 5 familiars,
(4 MLF 1*coins and 1 MLF 3*coin) there is a visible difference just by
switching which was used as the seed and spawn. By perfecting the spawn
instead of the seed you have 99% of the stats of a perfect familiar.
If the 3* coin seed would have been evolved from 4 1*coins instead,
the total worth of the stats transferred from the 1*coins and 2*coins
would only produce the final 1% of the stats. 

After having researched this I realized that it is not by having the
strongest seed do you gain efficiency but by -how many- perfect seeds
the base spawn takes.

Attempt 3: The 2-1-3

Since I didn’t have any more 3*coin Robyns, I made one a close as
possible by evolving a 2*coin Robyn spawn with a 1*coin Robyn LOF seed
to be used as the seed for my final research product. 
The difference in stats between a 3*coin and the one I made is 
Since 10% of those extra stats is nearly nothing, we’ll just consider
it a 3*coin by purpose.
Since the spawn side seems to require the enhanced stats, I used a MLF
1*coin robyn seed to evolve a 2*coin Robyn. In this research product,
attention was given to raising the spawn but not the seed.

To summarize: Spawn = 2*coin x 1*coin MLF. Seed = 2*coin x 1*coin LOF.
Evolved by using the 3*(2*x1*MLF) spawn and a maxed level ~3* seed.
Below are the results and %.

4*PE 4*[3*(2*x1*MLF)x~3*]
4875 4561 - 93.56
4056 3804 - 93.79
5902 5525 - 93.61
5878 5489 - 93.38
5180 4852 - 93.67

Using only 3 familiars - (2*x1*)x3*, approximately 93-94% of the
potential stats can be gained. 

Attempt 4: Ogre 3x3

I wanted to do research on a 3*coin x 3*coin but I ran out of Robyns.
However, I was able to make a perfect evolution Enraged Flame Ogre II and
a Flame Ogre II made from 3*coin x 3*coin. I assumed the % wouldn’t be any
different between rarity and so a 3*coin x 3* coin should have fallen in
between the % of the 4*coin and the 3*coin x 3*PE.
This is the result of the two EFO IIs.

4*PE 4*(3*c x 3*c)
9811 8721 - 88.89
10285 9184 - 89.30
8788 7811 - 88.88
7984 7096 - 88.88
8071 7172 - 88.86

The results are exactly as predicted. The above research product shows
that rarity does  not matter. A 3*x3* UC evolved to R and a 3*x3* R
evolved to EP will both have about the same % of their 4*PE counterparts.

In order the methods I have researched are summarized below.

100% - Perfect evo, 8 1*coins with seeds maxed at every stage
98-99% - Perfect spawn and 3*coin MLF seed
93-94% - Super efficient, 3* spawn (2*x1* MLF seed) and ~3*coin MLF seed
89-91% - Don’t make this mistake, 3*coin spawn x 3*PE MLF seed
88-90% - Cheap as possible evo, 3*coin spawn x 3*coin MLF seed
82-83% - If you happen to get a 4* fam from a coin pact -> 83% stats

Use whatever you have available to get the best possible stats.
You don’t need to start at 1*coins!

V.	                        Conclusion                        (Theend)

With the research done it can finally be decided as to what the best and
most efficient way to evolve a familiar is. The answer: Use as many max
level seeds as you can to boost the spawn.
Remember how by not boosting the 3* seed we have almost 99%? The same goes
for the spawn side. The 2* seed does not need to be boosted either.
Note that for familiars you can’t obtain through pacts (event prize ones)
you will need to start from 1*coins regardless so you may as well max as
much as possible.
The most efficient way to get a near-perfect evolution is to have 4
familiars of one familiy. Two 1*coins, a 2*coin, and a 3*coin. Using a
1* spawn, evolve it with a 1*coin MLF seed, evolve that product with a
2*coin MLF seed and then a 3*coin MLF seed. 

Final statement:
Max 2x 1*, a 2* and a 3*; evolve by using [(1x1)x2]x3 to get
a ~98% perfect familiar.

VI.                               Credits

The information in this guide was found through self-discovery or by
following the in game Help in the Blood Brothers app.

VII.                               Legal
This document is © copyright 2012; Eduard Alibadbad, aka XenTR/hypadragon2.
All rights reserved. It is intended for personal and private use.
Reproduction of this file for commercial use is strictly prohibited.
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