Review by Sour

"Well....It's Snake...On the Android. That's about it."

Ahhh finally! The classic Snake has been brought to the Android! ....Dang it's just not what it used to be anymore though...

In general, this version of Snake is about starting off with a 5 piece Long Snake and you're job is to pick up additional pieces that will make you longer (and your score get higher) while each piece will also increase the speed. There are two pieces available at all time to obtain and add to your snake, so if one is too hard to reach you can wait until it becomes easier.

The real trick in this game is timing, because as you get faster and faster you can either turn to sharply, or not quick enough and die. It's better to be patient and circle the new piece a few times until you can hit it right, than to try to turn a quick circle and tie yourself up. In the same aspect, if you need to pause the can't. If your phone allows it, you can escape to the desktop and when you return *sometimes* it will be paused so you can start back up, and other times it will make you start fresh.

This game does require a trackball because in order to start the game you have to hit *up*, or move the direction ball up...and with a touch screen there is no pad for any type of direction. There is absolutely no options to change in this game, what you see is what you get. But it's not all bad, just basic Snake.

Unfortunately, there are no sounds involved in this game which could have been included very easily. Since it's a very basic and simply designed game as it is, a little *beep* when you gain a piece, or a crashing sound when you die would help spark this game's re-playability. On the same note, the graphics are very bare. The pieces you pick up are yellow, just as the head of your Snake is, and your tail is red to differentiate the two. If the sounds were updated, and an option for a "High Score" (your highest Snakes) then this game can become one of the best versions of Snake available, but unfortunately it seems as if no updates are to be expected in the upcoming months.

Overall, this game isn't bad but it's not great. If you're a fan of Snake then this game is an instantaneous must because it's exactly what you're looking for. If you want something with a little bit more life, or something less repetitive then you might wanna just stay clear of Snake and look for something more to your liking.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/07/10

Game Release: Snake (US, 11/27/09)

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