Spider-Man by Benzi

Version: 1.30 | Updated: 05/08/98 | Printable Version

Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 16:45:39 +0800

Marvel vs. Capcom: Spiderman FAQ ver 1.30

("With great power, comes great responsibility..." This FAQ is dedicated to 
the greatest comic character of all time).

  d#######b #######b  ### P######b    ######### ########b   ###b      d###        A        #####    #####
 d########b ########b ### ######Y#b   ######### #########b  ####b    d####       d#b       ######   #####
d###        ###   Y#P ### ###    ##b  ####      ###    Y##P #####b  d#####      d#^#b      #######  #####
d########b  ###   d#P ### ###     ##b ######### ###   d##P  ######bd######     d#P Y#b     ######## #####
d*********b ******C   *** ***     **P ********* ********C   *****Y**P*****    d*******b    ***** ********
       ***b **IY      *** ***    **P  ****      ***IY***b   ***** YP *****   d**P***Y**b   *****  *******
d********b  Y*b       *** ********P   ********* ***I Y***b  *****    *****  d**P     Y**b  *****   ******
 Y******P   **b       *** b******P    ********* ***I  Y***b *****    ***** d**P       Y**b *****    *****

                  #########        A         d#######b   
                  #########       d#b       d#b#####d#b
                  ####           d#^#b     d#b       d#b
                  #########     d#P Y#b    d#b       d#b
                  *********    d*******b   d*b       d*b
                  ****        d**P***Y**b  d*b   #b  d*b
                  ****       d**p     d**p  d*b****#b*b
                  ****      d**p       Y**b  Y*******#b

            /    Spiderman FAQ made by Benzi Robledo           \
           |              (benzi@iconn.com.ph)                  |
          |                                                      |
          | Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. Distribution of |
          |  this file, in whole part or in part is permitted,   | 
          |  provided that it is not modified in any form and    |
          |    that proper credit is given to the author.        |


| Contents: |

I.    Updates                 -  tells the latest updates on this FAQ
II.   Introduction            -  my talking (actually typing) part
III.  Who is Spiderman??      -  some history & facts on Spiderman
IV.   Basic Controls          -  the notation guide (usually used on combos)
V.    Moves                   -  what else? 
        a. Normal Moves       -  the "jab to roundhouse" buttons described 
        b. Throws             -  a list of Spidey's Throws
        c. Special Moves      -  and again, what else??
        d. Supers             -  Super Moves!! 
VI.   Combos                  -  list of Spidey's combos (with explanations) 
VII.  Versus                  -  strategy on how to defeat all characters
VIII. Strategy                -  how to use him effectively
XI.   Tricks                  -  tricks on the game itself
X.    Other Stuff             -  misc. stuff
XI.   Credits                 -  for the people and everything who helped me 
                                 finish this FAQ


I. --==< Updates >==--

Ver 1.30 (04/08/98) - finished the whole FAQ.

Ver 1.20 (04/07/98) - made an ASCII art and added the Throws section.

Ver 1.00 (04/06/98) - started the FAQ and looked for the history of Spidey.


II. --==< Introduction >==--

Hmm. I made 3 FAQs already (a Wolverine, a Capt. Commando and a Combo) and 
still not tired of typing. Oh well, I saw all of my FAQs posted on GameFaqs 
so go get it. Okay, back to the Spiderman thing. This FAQ's dedicated to one
of the greatest comic character I've ever seen in my whole life (I think you 
have read this, did you??): Spiderman!! I started using this guy on the game 
Marvel Super-heroes, I love using him when I started to learn some infinite 
combos (very cheap...hehehehe). He was one of my main characters on Marvel 
Super-heroes vs Street Fighter upto the new game Marvel vs. Capcom & still, 
he's one of the best for me. This FAQ is designed to all kinds players, may 
it be a begginer (better for begginers), a pro etc. I'm not that good at 
Spidey (I didn't even finish the game yet) so if you wanna leave, leave and 
look for other marvelous FAQs and webpages out there (just kidding...thanks 
to the other pages that help me to make this FAQ). This FAQ is best seen on 
MS-EDITOR where I made it. And I'm sorry if the "SPIDERMAN" didn't fit the 
screen. Anyway, let's get going and get crazy!!!!


III. "Who is Spiderman??"

        I've got two orgins of Spider-man, I don't know which one is true or 
they could be both true. I think Spidey became a wrestler (I had a comic of 
that). Could anyone e-mail me about this?? Here's what I got:

        August 1962, was the year Spider-Man was born. Created by paper and 
ink in a book that would forever go down in history for some people as the 
greatest thing to ever happen, Amazing Fantasy #15. Right after its release 
the comic world quickly demanded more stories staring this spectacular teen 
with amazing powers. Currently, there are 4 monthly titles (Amazing, Peter 
Parker: Spider-Man, Web Of, and Sensational) dedicated to everyones favorite 
wall-crawler, as well as a few other continuing series and a large number of 
guest appearances in other comics. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko (the creators) 
were the men who made the web-head a sensation, doing not only Amazing Fantasy 
#15, but also Amazing Spider-Man #1-38.

=-=[ Spider-man's history ]=-=

        Contrary to the belief of most people, Peter Parker/Spider-Man is not 
the happy go lucky guy that he appears to be. From early on, his life was 
filled with tragedy. At around the age of 4,his parents were killed in a 
plane crash leaving him to be raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. While in 
highschool, Peter is picked on by his fellow classmates for being...well, a 

        While attending a science lecture demonstrating radiation, Peter is 
bitten by a spider which had been exposed to the high dosage of radiation. 
Peter faints from the pain and leaves the lecture to go home. Still feeling 
woozy from the spider bite, Peter decides to walk home and is nearly run over 
by a speeding car. Leaping out of danger, Peter discovered that he leaped 
well over a hundred feet and was clinging to the side of a building. He 
quickly discovered that his strength and agility was enhanced. Doing what any 
normal teenager would do, Peter decided to cash in on his abilities in the 
world of showbiz television (there's an another story when he became a 
wrestler, look below for more info) and donned the name "Spider-Man". 

        After the filming of the TV show, Spider-Man refused to aid a police 
officer by stopping a burglar, simply stating that it was not his 
responsibility. Days later, coming home from school, Peter learned that his 
Uncle Ben was murdered at home by a burgler. Tracking the burgler down to a 
warehouse and capturing him, Peter discovered that it was the very same 
burglar he had let escape days earlier. Thus a strong sense of guilt and 
responsibility thrust Spider-Man into the world of crimefighting. 

=-=[ The other story (he became a wrestler) ]=-=

        The inexperienced youth used his new found powers to earn some quick 
money as a wrestler. But one night while at the arena, a burgler ran past him. 
The security guard yelled at Peter to stop him, but Peter merely let the thief 
pass. This one selfish act changed Peter's life forever. He came home that 
night to find that his Uncle Ben was killed by a burgler. Peter donned his 
spider costume, this time for vengence not money. He overheard from a police 
officer that burgler was hiding in a warehouse. When Peter confronted his 
Uncle's killer, he realized that the killer was the same burgler from the 
wrestling arena. Because of this tragic and twisted event Peter Parker learned 
one of the most important things his uncle ever said, "that with great power 
comes great responsiblity" and thus became "The Amazing Spider-Man".


IV. --==< Basic Controls >==--

   ______          ____           ____             ____
  /******\        /    \         /    \           /    \
 |********|      |      |       |      |         |      |  --> Punch buttons
  \_****_/        \____/         \____/           \____/
    |~~|         J a b         S t r o n g     F i e r c e
  .-|  |-.         ____           ____             ____
 (  \__/  )       /    \         /    \           /    \
  \.____./       |      |       |      |         |      |  --> Kick buttons
                  \____/         \____/           \____/
                S h o r t    F o r w a r d    R o u n d h o u s e

b  = hold back               d = hold down (not dash)   u  = hold up
t  = hold toward             c = while crouching        j  = while jumping
+  = add                    \/ = you've landed          -> = chain                  
d. = while dashing

otg  = on the ground (?)  { } = do  it quickly    /\      = super-jump
s.j. = while super-           (tap fast but     d.c./d.s. = dash then
       jumping                not necesarrily             quickly crouch/dash
                              needed for                  while standing
                              the combo)

QCF = Quarter Circle Forward
QCB = Quarter Circle Backward
DP  = Dragon Punch
HCB = Half Circle Backward


V. --==< Moves >==--

A. =-=[ Normal Moves: ]=-=  

1. Standing Jab and Crouching Jab
-> He jabs with his left hand. When crouching, he punches with his right hand. 
Has a good time recovery (so don't be afraid to this move), a decent range 
and good for starting off ground combos. 
2. Standing Short and Crouching Short
-> Kicks with his left foot. When crouching, sticks his left foot too. Great 
for starting an air combo (e.g. c. short -> c. forward -> s. roundhouse etc.).
has a good time recovery and very quick.   

3. Standing Strong
-> Punches (sort of like an uppercut) upwards using his left hand which lifts
the enemy up to the air and can lead to an air combo. This is his regular 
launcher. Use it when jumping to the enemy, dashing because it doesn't have 
that huge range. Can be an anti-air attack move. Follow it up with a Spider
Sting for more hits.

4. Standing Forward
-> Kicks with the left foot. Medium Range and can be chained by a 
s. roundhouse. If he blocked the move, do the Web ball.

5. Standing Fierce
-> Throws his hand to his front using his right hand. This is his most power- 
ful punch (duh..). It can knock the enemy away from him (to the other side). 
use it after a d.s. jab -> s. strong if he blocked the combo. 

6. Standing Roundhouse
-> Great move!! Spiderman suddenly flips backwards. While flipping, he uses 
his feet to hit the enemy!! This move is fast is really fast. This can be an 
air launcher after a c. forward. A standard s. roundhouse doesn't rise the 
enemy, ok? But if the enemy jumped at you, you could do the move and rise the 
enemy (the c. forward is a mini launcher)!! After you launch the enemy, try 
setting up an air combo or a Spider Sting.

7. Crouching Strong
-> He sticks out his left hand upwards and punches the enemy. Good range and
can be chained by a c. fierce. This move is not ussually used so don't rely 
on it.  

8. Crouching Forward
-> The weirdest kick in the game!! Spidey kicks with his left foot upwards 
which launches the oponnent a bit. This is his mini-air launcher. Chain it
with a s. roundhouse for an air combo or a Spider Sting. Other than that, 
it's pretty useless because of it's short range.

9. Crouching Fierce
-> He elbows his enemy using his right arm. Does good damage and has good 
range. I think nothing can be chained with this move.

10. Crouching Roundhouse
-> Spidey makes a double-leg sweep to his opponent. This move has great range
but has a slow time of recovery. If hit, try setting up a Super (Crawler 
Assault), or a Web swing for a combo. If the move is blocked, try making a  
Web ball

11. Air Jab
-> The usual start in an air combo after launching the opponent or a jump-in 
attack. He sticks out his right hand downwards. Can be linked with a j. short 
-> j. strong -> j. forward -> air combo finisher. Any of the moves can be 
skipped. Short range. 

12. Air Short
-> Kicks with his left foot. Can be linked with an j. strong -> j. forward
and any air combo finisher. Move has short range.

12. Air Strong
-> Spidey punches with the right hand that lifts up the enemy a little. Can 
be linked wit a j. forward -> air combo finisher. Short range.

11. Air Forward
-> Kicks with the left foot. Can be linked with a air combo finisher. 
Medium range. 

12. Air Fierce
-> Punches with his left hand downward that brings the enemy to the ground. 
This is an air combo finisher. Medium range.

13. Air Roundhouse
-> He kicks with both of his feet downwards that brings the enemy to the 
ground. An air combo finisher. Use this often for jump ins. Good range. 


B. =-=[ Throws ]=-=

1. Double Rolling Slam (F or B + fierce...close)
-> Spider-Man grabs the opponent and flips over frontwards twice, flinging 
them to the ground. A decent throw that does good damage, do it when you feel 
like it. Like most other characters now, an OTG combo is not possible 
afterwards. Only done on ground.

2. Shoulder Toss: (F or B + strong...close)
-> Spidey grabs the opponent's arm and vaults him over his shoulder, hopping 
a little. This recovers slightly faster than the Fierce, but likewise no OTG 
is possible. Only done on ground.

3. Air Double Rolling Slam (F or B + strong or fierce...close in mid-air)
-> Spider-Man grabs the opponent and flips over frontwards twice, flinging 
them to the ground from the air. Basically the same properties as the 
standing version, it cannot be followed up with anything as far as I know, 
unless you're very close to the ground. Use it if you want, although IMO an 
Air Combo is better (unless they're air blocking of course). Only on air.


C. =-=[ Special Moves ]=-=

1. Web Ball (QCF + any punch)
-> Spiderman exclaims "Web ball!" and fires a gob of his web fluid at the 
enemy and when caught, he's trap in a sort of like a coccoon. This move is 
very weak, but effective. Can be used as a keep-away move but not that very
effective though. If you caught him while you're in the air, you have two 
options: If you're near, try to combo him. Second, if you're far, go for a 
Maximum Spider. If you caught him on the ground, try to set up a ground combo 
or the Crawler Assualt. The Web ball will not affect the Hulk while on the 
ground, Evil Zangief and Gold War Machine. The stronger punch button used, 
the longer the opponent can't escape. Also, this can be an air combo 
finisher. Can be done on air or ground.

2. Spider Sting (DP + any punch)
-> Spidey exclaims "Spider Sting!" and rises to the air with an uppercut (like
the strong punch), if the button is tapped again Spidey will follow a downward 
punch that brings the enemy to the ground. This is your Dragon Punch, 
effective enough to finish some ground combos. Be careful when doing this move 
because this will leave open for some time. A great anti-air attack move. I 
think you could otg after a Spider Sting (after one hit only). Use the Jab 
for close enemies. The Strong and Fierce for air attacks. Only on ground. And 
remember, this is his Team Counter.

3. Web Swing (QCB + any kick)
-> Spidey exclaims "Web Swing" and shoots a webbing to the air (?) to hold 
onto and then swings forward with his feet extended. Does good damage and
comes out very quick (but leaves you open after the move). It can be used to 
otg after a sweep (c. roundhouse) or a downed opponent. Can be done on air
or ground. This is can be an air combo finisher.

3. Web Throw (HCB + any punch)
-> Spidey shoots a strand of webbing towards his opponents, if hit, grabs the
webbing, spins it around (mash the buttons for more circles) his head and 
throws them to the walland exclaims "Web Throw". This move is powerful and 
fun to watch. You could time it after a launcher (depends on the punch button 
used). If the: 

Jab button - is used, he will shoot it straight towards the opponent.

Strong button - is used, he will shoot it in an Up/Forward direction.

Fierce button - is used, he will fire staright up.

        The move is somewhat slow but does great damage if it connects. Link
it after a super like Chun-Li's Kikosho. But don't rely on this move because 
it will not keep you alive for a long time (proffesional opponents will get 
you!). Only done on ground.

4. Triangle Jump (jump into the corner wall, tap opposite direction)
-> This is a good all-around defensive technique if the enemy is coming at 
you with an attack and you want to get behind them; as well, this can save
Spidey's arse from a lot of Super Combos. This is also good because the
beginning animations are simply a slightly faster version of the beginning
animations of the Maximum Spider, with Spidey flipping up onto the wall; use 
this to your advantage. Here's a cool fake-out; perform a Triangle Jump, and 
if you jump forward the enemy may jump up to hit you, but instantly pull off 
the Maximum Spider to avoid them and counter with the Super Combo!


D. =-=[ Supers ]=-=

1. Maximum Spider (QCF + 2 punches) 
-> Spiderman jumps/leaps backward and onto the side of the screen, then flies to the opponent at a controlled angle (if you don't control the joystick, he 
will just go forward); if he connects, he does a five hit combo (with flying 
punches and kicks) by zig-zagging across the screen up in to the air. But if 
blocked, he just flips backward after hitting the opponent and is open for 
any attack (so be careful). This does great damage but it's kinda hard to 
connect once the opponent sees you jump into the corner (except when you fool 
him). Connect it after a (fierce would be recommended) web ball, or a counter 
attack move. A fake-out move: do the Triangle Jump (do not super-jump) and 
leap towards the enemy. If your opponent jumps and tries to attack at you, do 
the Maximum Spider!! Another tip: sometimes, after a Maximum Spider, when you 
land near him/her, you could continue to hit the opponent with a c. short -> 
s. roundhouse -> /\ -> s.j. jab etc...I've done it twice already. So, this 
move can be done on air or ground.

2. Crawler Assault (QCB + 2 punches)
-> Spidey does a rushing attack with his combined normal moves. Great for 
chipping away life, countering missed moves, and otg after a sweep 
(c. roundhouse). Only done on the ground.

3. Ultimate Web Throw (QCB + 2 punches)
-> Spidey jumps back a little in the air and fires a large sort of like a 
cobweb. When trapped/caught, the web contracts around the opponent, making
a little bundle. He goes to the middle of the screen, starts spinning around
(like his Air Double Rolling Slam) his opponent by the web line. After 3-4
spins, he releases the web line and sends the opponent to the ground. Well, 
it has some advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: it has a good time 
recovery, it can go through some fireball attacks, it's fun to use, and makes 
massive damage. One disadvantage: it's very short ranged (why do he have to 
jump back?). Anyway, try it against stupid opponents or if you're already 
bored doing the other supers. Only done on the ground.


VI. --==< Combos >==--

1. d.s. short -> s. forward -> c. roundhouse -> Crawler Assault


1.2. d.c. short -> c. roundhouse -> Crawler Assault

**note: if you're confused on doing this, try to skip the s. forward and
substitute the d.s. short with a d.c. short (so you crouch all the time) or
follow 1.2 in other words. This combo doesn't work on some characters. Be 
careful of rollers!

2. c. forward -> s. roundhouse -> /\ -> s.j. jab -> s.j. short -> 
s.j. strong -> s.j. forward -> s.j. fierce -> s.j. roundhouse

**note: This is his basic air combo. Don't be fast when doing this because 
the roundhouse may not hit...steady manner...

3. d.s. short -> s. forward -> s. roundhouse -> (fierce) web ball/web swing

**note: Do this combo fast. If you connect the web ball, try to set up a 
ground combo or a super. This is pretty easy and needs no explanation.

4. (fierce) web ball then jump in: j. jab -> {j. short} -> j. strong -> 
j. fierce -> d.s. jab -> {s. jab} -> s. strong -> (strong) web throw 

**note: The web throw will throw a web line U/F direction so after you launch 
the opponent...you catch him with the web throw, ok?? You could skip the other 
parts and perform the launcher (Not sure...use the c. forward -> s. roundhouse
for the launcher). I think you could use a fierce web throw against larger 

5. web ball then jump in: j. jab -> {j. short} -> j. strong -> j. fierce ->
d.s. jab -> s. jab -> s. strong -> /\ s.j. jab -> s.j. strong -> s.j.
forward -> s.j. fierce -> s.j. roundhouse

**note: do the combo in a steady manner in order to count the s.j. roundhouse. 
All the parts of the combo (including in the { } ) will only work for bigger

6. web ball then jump in: j. jab -> {j. short} -> j. strong -> j. fierce ->
-> \/ -> {d.s. jab} -> c. short -> c. forward -> s. roundhouse -> s.j. jab ->
s.j. short -> s.j. strong -> s.j. forward -> s.j. fierce -> s.j. roundhouse

**note: steady manner (for the roundhouse to hit). All (I mean all!) hits 
will work only for big characters you could substitute the s.j. fierce for a
(forward or roundhouse) web swing. in the first part (the part when you land),
the d.s. jab sometimes doesn't connect...if you want to skip this, go for the
c. short immediately (so it will be d.c. short -> c. forward...etc)

                            another is...

6.2. web ball then jump in: j. jab -> {j. short} -> j. strong -> j. fierce ->
-> \/ -> {d.s. jab} -> c. short -> c. forward -> s. roundhouse -> s.j. jab ->
s.j. short -> s.j. strong -> s.j. forward -> s.j. fierce -> {s.j. roundhouse}
-> (still on air...the super jump) s.j. jab -> {s.j. short} -> s.j. strong ->
s.j. fierce ->  \/ -> -> c. short -> c. forward -> s. roundhouse -> s.j. jab
-> s.j. short...etc.

***note: this works (best on big characters) on everyone except on characters 
who slowly recovers from a blow. On the air combo, after the s.j. fierce
hits the opponent, on the way down, after the opponent is finished in his/her
recovery (what??!!), quickly follow with a (still on super jump) s.j. jab ->
s.j. strong -> s.j. fierce -> \/...etc. It may not count as a combo...may not

7. jump in: j. jab -> {j. short} -> j. strong -> j. fierce -> \/ ->
d.c. short -> c. forward -> s. roundhouse -> (fierce) spider-sting -> (otg)
c. short -> s. roundhouse  -> /\ s.j. jab -> s.j. short -> s.j. strong
-> s.j. forward -> s.j. fierce -> s.j. roundhouse

**note: The c. short may not otg on some characters like Morrigan. I've done
the move already and it works.

8. jump in: j. jab -> {j. short} -> j. strong -> j. fierce -> \/ ->
d.c. short -> c. forward -> s. roundhouse -> /\ s.j. jab -> s.j. short ->
s.j. strong -> Air Double Rolling Slam

***note: This looks totally cool!! i dunno if you could add s.j. forward after 
the s.j. strong then grab...(confused).

9. after defeating enemy (press start): j. roundhouse (hold up) -> j. jab
-> j. strong -> j. fierce -> Web ball.

**note: The web ball may not hit. So what?? He's/She's dead anyway...hehehe.

10 j. jab -> {j. short} -> j. strong -> j. fierce -> \/ -> d.s. short ->
s. forward -> s. roundhouse -> Web ball

**note: A more complicated combo like #3. 

(For more combos, Look for Migs' page...site at the Credits Section)


VII. --==< Versus >==--

Vs. Chun-Li
- Do a Maximum Spider after a Kikoken. If timed right, he will go right the
fireball and wham! Chun-li jumps a lot so don't jump too much. Use your Web
throws especially the jab button after she makes a super. Use the strong and
fierce buttons for anti-air attack move. You could also do a Spider Sting as 
an Air counter.

Vs. Ryu

Ryu mode - Again, when he does a fireball, do a Maximum Spider. Get the 
timing right, and Spiderman will hit trash Ryu for sure. Be careful when 
dashing and jumping in because he may counter your attack. Always avoid 
his fireballs!!

Ken mode - Use missed Dragon punches to your advantage. Try putting up a 
super for his missed move. Use the same tactic on Ryu when it comes to fire-
balls. Use your strong and fierce web throw and Spider Sting because Ken 
likes to jump a lot.

Akuma mode -  Be careful of his supers. Always follow the Ryu tactic and you
could always nail this guy. He's defense is crap so ground him with ground
combos. But still be carefulof his supers. 

Vs. Zangief
- Get this stupid guy trap with your web balls and your supers. Don't do too
much ground combos because he may get you and lead to a FAB. Just keep him
away from you and use a partner like Capt. Commando or Ryu to fire front 
projectiles at him.

Vs. Evil Zangief 
- The web ball would not work with this one, he takes up all your hits so he
can get you anytime. Keep away from him because he's extremely strong. Use
a big helper to trash this guy and do Team Supers to nail him. 

Vs. Morrigan/Lilith
- Well, both are them are the same. Be careful her fireball, you can't go 
through them using the Maximum Spider. Your sweep cancelled into a Crawler
Assault won't work too. Don't be launched by her because she has a new super.
Use web balls and web swings.

Vs. Captain Commando
- He uses his Captain Fire frequently (about 2-3 in a row) Either block it 
or jump over. Oopss, don't jump over him...you end up lying in the other side
by his Captain Corridor that reaches up to the top of the screen. Don't rely
on air combos. Used missed move such as the Commando Strike, Captain Corridor,
and others to your advantage by making a Maximum Spider. You can try to 
counter his jump ins since you got good anti-air attacks. Be careful, you're 
in for some massive damage if you get hit by this jump ins. Also, don't be 
launched. A good Capcom player will try to luanch you and cancel it into a 
Captain Sword (which I do). Don't counter this super, it's nearly impossible.
You could counter the Captain Storm....just don't push block.

Vs. Megaman
- A very cheap guy. He can rain you with fireballs with a single button. But  
use the Maximum Spider for a counter when he does his Mega Buster. Use missed
attacks like the c. roundhouse to your adavantage. Try setting up a ground 
combo or a Super. Play defensively.

Vs. Strider
- Grr. Be careful of his deadly ground combos. He jumps a lot so use your 
anti-air attack moves such as the fierce and strong web throws, Spider Sting 
and your launchers. He likes to dash in a lot so use the Ultimate Web Throw. 
Use missed moves for attacks. Be patient sometimes on atacking him. Remember: 
His a fast character and you're fast too so get ahead of him and trash this 
guy!! And also, he takes up damage a lot.

Vs. Jin
- He often uses his Drill. Just wait for it, block and attack!! That's it!! 
Block then attack!! Patience is needed with this guy (He's like the Hulk). 
Don't jump over him because he has a deadly super which can take up almost
half of your life. Rely on your ground combos instead. He likes 

Vs. Roll
- Don't be afraid of her!! Use the Maximum Spider for her fireballs. She 
should be easy, since she's the worst character I ever seen in my whole life
(but she's cute). But don't get carried away with this girl...any expert at 
her could be deadly. Treat her like MegaMan.

Vs. Shadow Lady
- She's strong but somewhat stupid. I hate it when she does the missile thing.
Well, do the Chun-li strategy against her. Be aware of her new supers.  

Vs. Captain America
- He often uses his Shield Slash. Block the attack so his shield wouldn't 
return to him, this would make Captain America helpless. Don't be confused
with his Cartwheels, he could attack you after doing it. Always attack him 
and do tons of ground combos to trash this guy. If he makes a Dragon Punch
or its super version, use your anti-air attacks: s strong, s. roundhouse 
(this would launch Captain America...lead to an air combo), Spider Sting and 
your fierce Web throw. 

Vs. Venom/Hyper Venom
- Some Venom players are very agressive. Play defensively and counter his 
attacks often. Use Web balls against him...he's a sucker. When trapped, use
the Maximum Spider. Just wait for him to do something wrong...attack!!
Hyper Venom is fast...be defensive and be fast too. Same old tactics against

Vs. Hulk/Orange Hulk
- I hate players who would do the s. fierce and j. roundhouse throughout
the game. Just blocked this moves and counter them. Be very patient and wait
for him to screw up or something then attack. Don't use the Web ball (except
when he's in the air) when on the ground...it doesn't work. Use a Maximum 
Spider after a succesful Web ball.

Vs. Gambit
- Don't be launched by this guy, he might cancel it into a Royal Flush. 
Always block his Cajun Slash (or else, he might do a super after the move,
after you were sweeped) and counter with a Web swing. Wait for him to screw 
up like his "bounce off the wall" move and attack with a ground combo, or 
a Super.

Vs. War Machine/Mega War Machine
- Dodge his Shoulder Cannon often (not block...it will chip your life), try
to use your Air dash (F -> F in the air). He's a sucker with the Maximum 
Spider so try setting up a web ball before performing the super. Counter his
Proton Cannon...it has a slow revoery time. Also, don't jump/get launched by
him...he has a deadly anti-air attack super.

Vs. Wolverine
- Use the missed Drill Claws, Tornado Claws and Berserker Slash to your 
advantage. Always trap him with your web balls whenever he dashes in. He's 
fast but you're faster. Take him up to the air where he is more mangeable.
Learn how to throw! Wolvie players (like me) like to throw...just do the same.
Learn how to Tech hit too, this will keep you alive. Wolvie players are 
always offense, he will be dashing in and attacking. Learn his pattern to 
counter his attacks. Often they won't block and will leave them open for any
attack. They also learned that the head-stomp to roundhouse is almost 
uncounterable and will set up a combo to a super. Learn an anti-air attack 
that will keep them away. Wait for his missed Fatal Claws and Berserker 
Barrage Xs...this is your chance to counter attack him. They'll land in front 
of you, give him your best shot.

Vs. Spiderman
- Get your anti-air attack moves ready because it would be raining jump  
attacks. Use your Spider Sting, launcher, Web throws often. This would 
save you. Also, don't get launched. Spidey has one of the most damaging
air combos in the game!! Always look at his attacks, learn his pattern.
Always attack with your Spidey and you'll find a hole to start your damaging
combos. Learn your Anti-Air attack moves against him, study them if noones
challenging you (hehehehe). Don't trade hits in the air (when you're a 
begginer)...Spidey rules the air with everything (speed, attacks, jump  
height, air dash etc.). Try to wait for him on the ground. Don't be cornered.
He will turn on the pressure on you...do whatever you can to escape. Counter
his supers, He's always left open by them...just don't push block, it's your
only chance. Learn how to roll against the Crwaler Assault. Learn how to tech- 
hit too, this can keep you alive. Try to throw your enemy when near.

Vs. Onslaught

First Form - Hmm. Use a big helper like the Sentinel to defeat his first form. 
Attack when he does the Hyper Gravs...or simply jump over them (try this: jump
over the Hyper Gravs, air dash to get behind him...then do a damging combo). 
Always block and counter his attacks. Always shield and crouch!! When he does 
the Optic Blast, use this combo: c. jab -> c. strong -> c. fierce. Use this 
until he finishes the move.

Second Form - Just jump around and block. Use the j. fierce -> j. roundhouse
combo to defeat him. Don't do any super on him...any one of those won't work.
Use also a character who has a Front Projectile like Ryu or Capt. Commando.


VIII. --==< Strategy >==--

- Spiderman's greatest adavantage is his incredible speed, his foot speed, 
dash speed, air speed and attack spped are all extremely fast. He can attack 
in a blink of an eye making your opponents sort of surprised and confused.

- Using the Web ball and the Web Throw against super-armored fighters like 
the Hulk (when he's on the ground...vulnerable if he's in the air), Zangief or
Evil Zangief, and the Gold War Machine just won't work. Try to use the strong 
and fierce versions of the Web ball...not the jab button, this button is 
pretty useless. But still, this won't work and you'll just get slapped by
this characters.

- Almost all of your special moves has a bad start or has delay and leave you 
sometimes open: the Web ball, Web Swing, Web throw, the Maximum Spider, and
the Ultimate Web Throw. The opponent always sees you performing those moves.
Try to use the Maximum Spider against characters characters who won't block, 
the ones who will jump into the air (you wouldn't be countered, so go on). 
The Web ball could be against dashing characters but you should be quick on 
performing them. Do this also in the air but be careful. You could also do 
this as an air combo finisher. The Web Swing could be used against sweeped 
opponents or an air combo finisher too...but don't use it very often. Use the
Web throw and the Ultimate Web throw against dumb opponents who will take 
any of your attacks (hehehe) or you could perform this if your bored.

- If you want more damage, try setting up an air combo...Spidey has one of 
the painful combos in the game!! If you want massive damage, try the otg 
Crawler Assault combo (sweep him/her first with a c. roundhouse). It's very 
quick and will catch most opponents (not Morrigan) napping and it's very 
difficult to roll on. Perform the combo quickly.

- Spidey's roundhouse attacks have great range and can beat any attack that's
against him. The j. roundhouse version could be a start of an jump-in air 
combo. Almost nothing can counter that attack (except both of you take hits), 
making him master of the air. Use it very often.

- Always jump!! Stay in the air always!! Use your air dash always to get away 
from your enemy. Your opponent's offensive game will be crushed and surely, 
he'll get pissed off by it. Some characters like Jin, Captain America and 
Gambit can take you down if they go above you. Use your incredible jump to get 
above them. Then hit them with a j. roundhouse or use the j. jab -> j. strong 
-> j. fierce combo. Be careful of characters who has deadly anti-air supers 
like Jin, Hulk, War Machine etc.

- The Web Swing is very fast and is great for a surprise attack. Perform this
move against dashing opponents for a quick surprise. Also be careful when 
doing this move, it will leave you open if he blocked you attack. This move
could be an otg or an air combo finisher.

- Spiderman's also incredibly strong, his combo do more damage in the air 
than any others, he's like Captain America. Always do air combos to punish 
you opponents.

- Offense. This is Spidey's greatest/main strength. Always use the c. short 
which has great speed and range for an air combo or to counter any attack. 
If you go for jump-in attacks, always use the j. roundhouse. It'll trade hits
with even the high priority attacks, but if you want to be fancy, try doing 
a jump in combo which ends with a j. roundhouse...then all the way to an air

- The Web Throw is also a great, unexpected and a quick surprise anti-air 
attack move. The jab button is pretty useless so don't do tit very often. The
strong version can catch opponents trying to attack you from afar. Even if 
blocked, they have to cancel their attack. If they do the super jump at you,
walk slighly above them, do the fierce version of the Web Throw. This is 
great against Wolvie players who like to Head Stomp you...just do the move 
quickly. Since the screen will stay on the top and you won't be seen, this  
will most likely catch them off-guard.

- If you're on the ground and your opponent is almost on top of you after he
made an jump-in attack, use the Spider Sting or your s. roundhouse to counter 
attack them. If you manage to hit them with the s. roundhouse without you 
getting hit, super jump quickly and do a painful air combo. Watch out if you 
miss the Spider Sting, this will leave you quite open for an attack. Also, 
be aware of rollers if you didn't make the second hit. Be on guard on this

- All of Spidey's supers has massive/serious damage done on your opponents. 
But getting them to connect is a difficult one though...just be careful when
doing the move.

- Spider-Man now has an air dash. This is especially useful against people 
who love to throw out beam supers without discretion. It's better than the 
air Web Swing, since it has better recovery time.

- If you find yourself in the air white there's a beam or super waiting for
you in the ground, this is your chance to set up a Maximum Spider. If you're
at the right angle, Spidey can take the opponent with out a hit or damage. 
You could go for a Web Swing or his air dash. The air dash is the best 'cause
it won't leave that open. But still be careful.

- Spidey can't play keep away very well, his Web balls are very slow and not
fast enough to keep any opponent away from him. But he doesn't need to keep 
away though, try to jump always to escape some attacks. Use your Web balls, 
He has a problem on
chipping away life (only his Crawler Assault will chip more).

- Spidey is small and thin. This makes him a hard character to combo decently. 
Even his normal fighting stance is very low to the ground making it hard to 
hit him with jump-ins. 

- Though his supers are very powerful, Spidey has a very difficult time 
making any of them connect. Maximum Spider will connect after a Fierce Web 
ball but it's not a very reliable combo. The Ultimate Web Throw will not 
combo off of anything and should not be used in a serious fight. Stick to 
otging with the Crawler Assault.

- When playing, don't get predictable. Don't let the enemy learn you pattern
of fighting, you'll be in trouble. Let the enemy guess and guess...

- Learn someone's pattern of fighting. Keep away players tend to fall into 
patterns of repeating moves over and over again. Once you figure it out, you 
can counter. If your character doesn't have a fast counter attack, use a 
character switch. It'll catch them after either of his special moves.

- Use a good Helper. For me, a good helper is someone rushing through the 
screen to the other side. Look in the "Best Helpers" section for the best 
and popular helpers used in the game.

- Combo is the key!!


XI. --==< TRICKS >==--

=-=[ Choosing your Helper:]=-=
-> after selecting 2 of your characters, quickly press the desired buttons
of your favorite helper with the Start button

| Unknown Soldier                 Jab | Devilot              Strong+Fierce |       
| Jubilee         Short+Strong+Fierce | Storm             Jab+Short+Fierce |      
| Saki                         Fierce | Juggernaut             Jab+Forward |      
| Psylocke                    Forward | Pure and Fur                 Short |      
| Magneto                Short+Fierce | Michelle Heart           Jab+Short |      
| Thor                   Short+Strong | Iceman              Strong+Forward |     
| Cyclops            Jab+Short+Strong | Lou                         Strong |      
| U.S. Agent            Strong+Fierce | King Arthur             Jab+Strong |     
| Anita             Jab+Strong+Fierce | Rogue      Jab+Strong+Fierce+Short | 
| Ton-Pooh                 Jab+Fierce | Colossus        Jab+Strong+Forward |      
| Sentinel      Strong+Forward+Fierce | Shadow           Jab+Forward+Fierce |


=-=[ Change character Line-up: ]=-=
-> hold 3 punch buttons until the round starts


=-=[ Secret Matches ]=-=

1. Orange Hulk/Wolverine
-> at least 5 team supers before reaching Onslaught

2. Gold War Machine/Captain America
-> finish opponent by switching (fierce and r.house) 2 times without
losing a character before round 6

3. Red Venom/?
-> change leader at beginning of each stage, get first Attack on all
stages, win with a switch on round 6.

4. Lilith/Chun-Li
-> use helper once in each stage, 2 team supers and one helper finish

5. Roll/MegaMan
-> use helper once in each stage, 2 with finishes and one helper finish

6. Shadow Chun-Li/?
-> use helper in every stage, get a switch finish, helper finish 
without losing a character

=-= Change Colour =-=
-> change Spidey's color by pressing punch (original blue and red) or kick
(black and red...my fave color)

X. --=< Other Stuff >==--

These are only my favorites...but it's best when you team Wolvie with
them (hehehehe)

=-=[ Best Partners ]=-=

1. Woverine
-> The original ultimate combo machine! They're both great. Wolvie will be
on the ground, performing his awesome ground combos which can lead to a super, 
and Spidey will take the air with deadly air combos. 

2. Strider
-> The "other" ultimate combo machine. But he takes up more damage than 
average. Strider has deadly ground combos that chips away damage well and 
Spidey has one of the deadliest combos on air.

4. Captain Commando
-> Both of your strong Supers will crush the enemy. His the best keep away 
character in the game so Captain Commando will solve your problem of getting 
away from your opponent.


=-=[ Best Helpers ]=-=

1. Juggernaut (start + jab + forward)
-> This is my favorite helper. When called, the big bad unstoppable behemoth 
comes barrelling toward the opponent, doing a toned down version of his 
Juggernaut Headcrush. He's pretty much invincible while moving across the 
screen, cancelling fireballs and shielding your character. He's one of the 
best helpers. Too bad he can only be called three times. 

2. Sentinel (start + strong + forward + fierce)
-> Sentinel flies onto the screen and physically attacks his opponent. Think 
of him as a big moving wall. He will otg downed opponents and set up long 
distance supers. Though he's a great helper, he's far from being the best. 
Useful for showing off that you know secret helper codes, but other than 
that, Colossus serves the same purpose, only better.

3. Colossus (start + jab + strong + forward)
-> His the most popular helper. Colossus flies onto the screen hitting 
multiple times and dragging his opponent across the screen. This attack is 
extremely easy to combo with almost any long distance super. Not only is it 
easy to follow up his attack, it's also easy to get it to connect because he 
comes out almost instantly. On top of all that, he does incredible chipping 
damage as well. He's either the best or the cheesiest helper, you decide.

4. Psylocke (start + forward)
-> Psylocke flies in and does a toned down version of her Psi-Thrust super 
straight across the screen. She comes out quickly, is useful as a surprise 
attack and her attack hits multiple times. She will cancel out fireballs so 
use her to hit your opponent while he's still in his stun animation. Follow 
up with a super and watch the life bar drain away. One of the best and 
easiest helpers. 

XI. --==< Credits >==--

Credits, Credits...Another finished FAQ. I dunno what to say, I love it when 
I finish a FAQ. Here's the people I wanna thank:

1. Migs Rustia (squatter@iconn.com.ph)
-> Thank you for your very informative page. I think he's a good player. 
He got all the players covered (though not all characters have some 
strategies..still...) so go check out his marvelous and outstanding page:  

Marvel vs. Capcom: The site!!:

2. John Culbert (tigeraid@geocities.com)
-> Thanks to his Marvel vs. Street Fighter FAQ. A very big FAQ with lots of 
info on all characters. If you want other FAQs, got to his page:


One more time, I wanna thank Eduardo Perez for teaching me how to do my very 
first combo (man, where are you??)...Shirley (finally found you again), to 
Capcom (nice job) for making such great characters, to Marvel for the best 
comic characters I ever saw in my life, to God up there, to Greenhills Virra 
Mall and to Carnival, Video Wread for their arcade units, to all other FAQs 
out there and to you!! Thank you for reading my FAQ!! No thanks to Jo 
Bautista who almost beat me (no way), Jie Bautista who keeps on saying fu** 
on me everytime he plays (watch your mouth), and to everyone I hate. Just 
write for any comments, questions or something wrong about this FAQ, k?? And 
I need some verification of Spidey's history!! Thank you for reading, bye 

---===<  by benzi (benzi@iconn.com.ph) _>===---
---===<   Remember: "Combo is the key"     >===---