Venom/Carnage by EvilVenom

Version: 2.2 | Updated: 01/01/70 | Printable Version

Evil Venom's guide to the symbiotes

version 2.2!:

What's new!:
	-Some more reader combos! Both from

	-Added the recommended Helpers section....

	Like it or not, Capcom decided to put both Symbiotes in the game, due 
to popular demmand. Sadly, it's quite hard to find decent/good Venom/Red 
Venom users nowadays (in my arcades, almost everbody suck with Venom/Red 
Venom!) So, I've decided to step up and give ya a basic strat. guide on both 
dudes. Note: This FAQ assumes that you know basic gameplay engine. SO QUIT 
ASKING ME HOW TO DO A 2-IN-1! If you don't, go back to Mig's page and look 
for it yerself!

Legends and def.

	O	(1)	(2)	(3)
	I	(4)	(5)	(6)
1 =jp
2 =sp
3 =fp
4 =sk
5 =fk
6 =rk

s =standing
c =crouching
j =jumping
sj =super jumpin'
d =dashing
a =can be done in the air

Now on to the strats!

Recommended helpers (for both guys, against Onslaught or not...)

For offensive gameplay

-US Agent

For defensive gameplay
-Pure and Fur (anti air)
-Unknown Soldier
-Michelle Heart

launcher: ssp	
ground chains: Punch to Kick
Jump in chains: Punch to kick
SJ chains: zigzag


Lunge Bite: sfp or cfp
	Not a special move.....but it's one of Venom's best moves! Lacks 
recovery time. Reaches almost the whole screen. And if it connects, it 
knocks them off their feet! Useful for playing keep away, countering missed 
supers or if timed correctly, keeping dashers away from your face! You can 
even chain the crouching version after a Venom Web if you're close and fast 

venom fang (a): d,df,f+p
	Great for countering fireball pests! Just use the correct punch button 
and you'll nail them in their stun! Also great for "traveling" if you're 
opponent plans to nail you with a jump-in. If timed correctly, the Fierce 
version can also be a good defense against kangaroos. This move has noooooo 
lag time...unless if it misses! So use the corrct button to avoid those 
nasty counters!

venom bite: d,df,f+k
	Venom sends his Symbiote to the ground to nail his opponent, similar 
like the ground wave of Hulk, only if you use the wrong button, it won't 
nail the opponent (it travels too far!). Use the wrong button, and you'll 
eat 2 Venom Webs and a Senretsu Kyaku before you can even say "ooops!"!! I 
dunno.....I don't use this move very much! I mean, how on earth can you nail 
you opponent with this move!? Anyways, the short version seems to combo well 
in a ground chain and also a great defense for jump in-ers.

Web slam: f,df,d,db,b+p 
	A cool move! Venom shoots out a webbing and slams them on the ground, 
2-4 times! It's lack of recovery time makes it a good move to pull out every 
now and then! What's better, it comes out faster than Spiderman's web throw, 
and it does more damage! Kewl! You must not be tooo far, or else it'll just 
nail them, without slamming 'em. If you do catch them though, wiggle the 
joystick and ram on the buttons to get up to 4 additional slams. Jab has him 
shoot straight, strong goes 45 degrees up, and fierce straight up!


Venom Web: d,df,f+3p
	Awright! My fave super in the game! It puts the wimpy Weapon X to 
shame, only rivaled by Chun Li's air demon in terms of flashiness and 
damage! Venom shines a bit, jumps to the middle of the screen and releases a 
big web that coovers the entire screen. If you're opponent is hit,  he'll 
wrap 'em , and then combo the hell out of him, ending in a Venom Fang, doing 
tremendous damage!! Oh, if timed right, you can OTG them with a cfp! It 
doesn't hurt to throw this now and then, 'coz it lacks recovery time! Still, 
best used:

	-after a GOOD helper attack (e.g., Sentinel, Psylocke, Juggernaut, US  
         Agent, Shadow, Ton Pooh I guess, Colossus)
	-countering missed supers
	-punishing sissy fireballers

Death Bite: d,df,f+3k
	Venom screams "HAHAHA!", and then sends his Symbiote to the ground and 
"surfs" the opponent for a good ride! Combos off his srk I am told and the 
damage is just insane! Even if blocked, you'll do insanne chipping damage! 
This is one of the greatest chippers, rivaled by Onslaught's supers! If 
their down to a few pixels, it's time for a DEATHBITE! HAHAHA! DIE 
SPIERMAN!....oh, watch out for the recovery time!

General Strategy:
	-This guy ain't no jet. He's a hovertank!..:)
	-Use his dash to duck fireballs...I have yet to test it on Ryu's!
	-His punch throw can perfectly setup any of his
         aircombos! Just ram on the sp as soon as he webs em!
	-He's tough and strong! Think of a Hulk with no super armor...with a  
	-Don't rely on his ground combos! They have a weird chain!
	-Time his Venom fang to nail fireballers in their stun!
	-His fp, air or ground, has high hitting priority! It will beat all or  
         at least trade hits with his enemies. 
	-His srk is also a good air-defense. So is his fierce Venom Fang.
	-He is also one of the best characters! He can play keep away, or  
         kick-your-butt-till-it-hurts-and-I'll-give-it-to-you style! You 
         make the choice!
	-If your opponent's team are down to a few pixels, and you have a 
         super level or two, think! If you're opponent plans to just sit  
         there, Death bite him! The chipping damage is just insane! If he 
         tags, block the attack and do a Venom Web! 	

	-As mentioned earlier, be relentless with those jfps and Punch throws!

	-If you wish to play defensive, just stay in one spot.Srk keeps jumper  
         away, sfps/cfps/sfks keep dashers away, and Venom Web does great for 
         missed supers. 

	-Those kewl to tha max Venom Fangs! Anytime, anywhere! If someboody 
         does an unfinished AC, punish with a jab VF! When things are getting 
         ugly, jump back...they tend to follow you..then do a jab/string 
         Venom'll be right back! If a fireballer is near you, 
         jab/strong VF them! If they are far away, use the Fierce VF! Fierce 
         VF them too for a missed super! Use your imagination!

	Capcom -this guy has all the moves which can keep poor 'ol Venom away. 
If Venom does get close though, his air-throw priority beats his! 
	    Gambit -his fp's are a pain
	    Venom -if he does his stuff first, you're dead for sure!

To beat: 
	 Wolverine -this poor sucker always has to go up close for a good 
            fight, where Venom is better at! Just do your thing and you'll 
            come up on top! Watch out for his supers! If he does miss a 
            super, make him pay with your own! Although I'd recommend Venom  
            Web. Does Good damage. Looks good. :) Be relentless with those 

	Spiderman -pretty much the same with Wolvie, only with web balls 
            or two! Watch out for those jrks' though....if you play 
            defensively, you'll win...if you play offensivelly, you still 
            win...take a pick...

	Hulk -you're faster. You're better. His fp is not match for 
            yours! Do I have to tell you more?

	Chun Li -tsk!tsk! She's such a cinch to me. I still have to tell 
you how to beat her? Just watch her launcher and stay defensive.She really 
has a poor jump in. If she does a jump in, bitch her with srk/well timed 
Fierce Venom Fang. She dashes? Snap her with sfp/cfp/a well timed jab Venom 

	Red Venom(?)- if you can't beat Red Venom, I have every right to 
            say that you suck with Venom! HE'S A COMPLETE WUSS! JUST GO OUT 

	Jin - are you making me laugh!?

	Ryu - they are always asking..Hadoken!? Hadoken!? Answer back with 
Venom Fang! Venom Web! If they switch to Crazy Ryu (Ken), corner them! Don't 
let up! And when you see a crouching Crazy Ryu, walk up and throw! Or go for a
jumping Venom Fang. If they switch to Evil Ryu, they're asking for
suicide....fireball lag time like normal Ryu, and a health of a 
granny.....just give them what they want!

	CapCom -  there are two words why CapCom can be a pain to your 
ass.....Captain Corridor. Simply fake a jump in...chances are, they'll do 
the CapCorr (believe me....I'm a CC user myself, and I do this!..but don't 
tell any Venoom players!)..if they don't, they're dumb...if they do, do a 
jab VF to snap them as you land! Otherwise, against CF happy guys, jump and 
do a strong/Fierce VF to snap them.......against the coommando happy guys, 
Death Bites keep them away...otherwise, just kick his butt with throws!

	Strider Hiryu - out for the Ourborus and 
Legion....other wise, nail him first with those jfps...he takes hits like a 
sissy, so he should be dead in no time!

	Megaman - hehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehheheheheheheheheh!	
	Morrigan - to take care of this slut, VF if she's doing those 
fireballs! She takes hits like a wimp.....she should be kept away from 
screwing your ass with the Eternal Slumber! You'll encounter those numerous 
Air fireballers...simply air VF! Easy!......AND STOP STARING AT HER 

	Gambit - ooooooooh boy! His fps are a pure pain......but your 
        throws are alsoo a puuuuuuuure pain! Do you throws!

	CapA - same with Gambit...only you can also go offensive with him!

	War Machine - Dominate the air! VF's are useless against his 
        cannons...but he's a wuss if you corner him with consistent 
        jfps...oh watch out for his launcher->WD combo!	

	Zangief - You can keep him away from you ALL day....if he 
        switches to Mega Zan mode, resort to aggresive hit and run 

	O. Hulk - shux.....the worst secret character ever (sorry 
        Migs....:P..).....just kick his orange butt


	Gold War Machine - forget AC's....they don't work.
....go for hit and run tactics since he is like Mega Zangief, only worse 
because of his War Destroyer!

	Shadow Lady - Uh oh! I have a VERY tough time with this 
lady......mainly because Venom is big and her missiles can keep him 
away!!....what you can do, is to jump in, block those missiles, and do a jab 
VF, hoping to nail, or at least chip some life. Otherwise, don't let her 
supers connect, but let yours connect! 

The best team mates:

	Zangief -cool dfab animation! Good power team!

	Hulk -the ultimate power team!

	Red Venom -Good team! Red Venom wears them down, while Venom moves in 
for the kill. Or is it the other way around? Also awesome crossover/Two-on-
one supers! Doesn't it also make you tingle inside that two symbiotes, side-
by-side kicking Wolverine and Spiderman's asses all over?

	Chun Li -this is my bread and butter! Venom has the raw power, Chun Li 
        has the speed and finesse.

	Anna Williams -THE BEST!!! Anna does her linker from Tek.....oops! 
        Wrong FAQ! Sorry! Hehehe!		

	War Machine -Good tactic switch up! He can also help in getting rid of 
        those pesky fireballers and cheapos as well.

	Jin Saotome -Same with Hulk, only better!

	Shadow lady -same as War Machine, only better!

	Roll -also one of the best! See my 2-on-1 combos for details!...also 
good tactic switch up, and also a great confusion for inexperienced players 
(Roll is an itsy bitsy spider, while Venom is the big bad wulf!)

	Strider Hiryu -one fast bastard!...but are you sure you wanna get 
        bored of tha game easily!?

	Captain America -they just compliment each, 

	Capt. Com. -Same with Cap.

The worst teammates:

      Ryu -danmit! They don't compliment each other! Venom relies on a fast, 
      tough and reliable backup! Somehow, I don't find these in Ryu!

      Wolverine -makes the game boring. And if the game is boring, you won't 
      play the game anymore! Only faggots pick him if you're that desperate 
      to win! That's what I hate about him! He's a "desperation"  
      character!......if your feeble excuse is speed backup, pick Chun Li! 
      She's megatons better, if you have the brains and guts!

      Thing -heck, just pick Chun Li/Red Venom if you want strong fast 
      combos! Thing's wimpier than Red Venom!(Though not wussier!)

Onslaught strategy

	First form
		As soon as the fight begins, get up close and smack him with a 
Fierce Venom Fang. Chances are, you'll end up behind him while he's doing a 
super (usually, the Mega Optic Blast). Sic in a helper, preferably, Sentinel, 
Juggernaut, Psylocke ('coz they do multiple hits and do good damage!) or 
Magneto ('coz if he's hit by the EM disruptor, he'll freeze for a while. Now, 
while your helper is nailing him, you can go happy by ramming those sfps or 
cfps, or you could just do a Death Bite, just be careful with the Death Bite 
'coz Onslaught is likely to counter attack when you're done. Now, when you and
your helper are done nailing him, block whatever attack he'll give you, and 
counter with a Fierce Venom Fang and repeat the process. You can do whatever 
you want with him, just don't get nailed by those Hyper Gravs! They're 
unblockably, so forget about blocking. Just avoid them 'coz the hyper-gravs 
actually have some sort of lag time.
	Too complicated? It basically goes like this: Block/Avoid, Fierce 
        Venom Fang, Helper Attack, sfp/cfp/Death Bite, repeat.

	Best Helpers:
	Magneto-he sorta freezes Onslaught if he nails him
	Sentinel-if you screw up and eat super, Sentinel will lessen 60% of 
        the damage you will get. 

	Psylocke-she is just sooooo fast! If there wasn't a thing called Block 
        damage, I would've gotten perfect four times in a row! As soon as she 
      nails Onslaught, nail him with the Fierce Venom Fang!

	Second form
    Just whack his big ugly mutherfukin face with those jrks. If he touches 
the ground, Death Bite with care. Again, don't get nailed by those hyper 
gravs, 'coz the damage he is capable of doing is worse than what his first 
form can do. 
    Again, too complicated to you? Here's a pattern: Block/Avoid, jrks, 

	Best helpers:
	Magneto-Same as above
	Sentinel-if Onslaught reaches your level but in "jumping" range, 
        Sentinel is big enough to nail him, unlike Colossus/Psylocke.

	Michelle Heart-she actually goes where Onslaught goes. Just call her 
        when you feel too lazy to do sjrks.

Ground combos:

	1) jfp, sfp or cfp
	2) Helper attack, Venom Web
	3) Helper attack, Venom Web, dcfp (OTG)
	4) Any combo that ends with a Venom Web, dcfp or dcrk (both OTG if 
           timed right)	

	5) jfp, srk, Deathbite or Team Super
	6) Fierce throw, sfk, Death Bite/Teamsuper	

	7) Roundhouse throw, Death Bite/Team Super
	    *Don't believe this combo works eh!? The computer just did this 
combo twice!!.....just have to watch out for rollers...otherwise, you're in 
for a big ouch!
Air combos:

	1) jfp, ssp, sjjp, sjsp, sjfp
	2) fierce throw, ssp, sjjp, sjsp, sjfp
	3) jfp, ssp, sjjp, sjsk, sjsp, sjfk, Fierce Venom Fang
	4) Fierce throw, ssp, sjjp, sjsk, sjsp, sjfk, Fierce Venom Fang
       *5) Fierce throw, ssp, sjjp, sjsk, sjsp, Strong-airthrow!
		*My favourite!

	6) jfp, ssp, sjjp, sjsk, sjsp, strong airthrow

	7) Fierce throw, ssp, sjjp, sjsk, sjsp, sjfk, sjrk, Fierce Venom Fang
		*The Venom Fang MAY not connect if done in the corner! Still 
                 useful for surprise.

Theoretical Combos:( I need verif on the ff.!)

	1) In the corner, Fierce throw, ssp, sjjp, sjsk, sjsp, Strong-Air 
throw, Helper Attack (preferably, a charging one like Sentinel or Psylocke), 
Venom Web, cfp(OTG).

	2) In the corner, Fierce throw, ssp, Venom Web, csk (OTG) ssp, Venom 

****Cheap combos: I got this one from GPOW!

"Hey gouki... 
got some combos and CHEAP strategies for Venom players. 

Launch them into the air (MP); 
against middle size to big size characters, do LP, LK, MP, HK. Against small 
size characters, exclude the MP. The HK should do 3 hits, which add to a 
total of 7 hits. You'll definitely land first, and from here u can choose to 

A) a MP again to launch them. Works against those who tries to counter 

B) dash behind them, and psych them out with whatever u have, or do a low 
LK, and then throw them. Cheesy, rite? Then u can launch them with MP 
again..." ****

Two-on-one mode combos: Just do the motion, then:
	1) With Red Venom as a teammate, Venom Web, Venom Web, Venom Web, 
Venom Web, Venom Web.......repeat until satisfied!
		*one evil combo! Just make sure they don't do it at the same 
time, or else the combo will fail 'coz they'll both finish at the same time! 
A good way to do this is to immediately motion the Venom Web as soon as Reed 
Venom comes in.....70:30 chance, Venom will Venom Web first, while Red Venom 
recovers from his taunt,  he can do a follow up Venom Web. Another good way, 
is to position one at the other side, and then......Venom Web away!
	2)  With Red Venom as a teammate, position one opposite the opponent, 
Death Bite, Death Bite, Death Bite, Death Bite, Death Bite......repeat until 
you get bored!
		*Oh boy! it's best to do this when they are a few pixels left!
	3) With Roll as the teammate, both of you do your d,df,f+3p supers. 
	1) It connects:
	2) If it doesn't:
		While ROll is still Hyper Rolling, position Venom to the other 
                side and do whatever you want!

Red Venom
	code: do this with out stopping!
	highlight Chunli, r,dx4, l, ux4, rx2, dx2, lx2, dx2, rx2, ux4, lx2, 
        u (his box appears), any button.

Launcher: sfp
Chains: All of his chains are zigzag, execpt for his air series, which is


Venom Lunge (a): d,df,f+p or cfp(ground only!)
	He does Venom's Lunge bite, only it does more damage, moves faster, 
hits multiple times and does good chipping damage! The air version has him 
diving like Akuma's dive kick in MSF.

Venom Combustion: d,df,f+k
	Instead of doing a normal Venom Bite, his Symbiote comes out wildly, 
      acting like Necro (from SF32IGA)'s shocker move! Great anti air 

Web throw: same as Venom's

Supers: Same as Venom's.......

General strategy:
	Unlike his regular counterpart, Red Venom takes hits worse than my 
granny! One/Two Venom Webs can kill him! Anyways, there are other advantages 
he has:

1) He's on permament berserker rage...quite obvious...

2) Is it me or the machine? Anyways, his Venom Web seems stronger than 
Venom's. I tested this with both dudes and compared the damage done: 
(target: Chun Li)
Red Venom: 50% damage
Venom: 40% damage

3) And definitely DON'T TURTLE! Always be on the offensive and don't give 
'em a chance to counter attack! Or else, you're good as dead.....

To beat:
Jin -all his moves leave him WIDE open. COUNTER ATTACK!

Hulk -hehe!, just dial him! And DON'T get hit!

Wolverine -hehehe! You're faster! Be relentless! Don't let up! If he screws 
up, make him pay for his mistake! If he does the Berserker rage though, be 
careful! He's tougher than you are in this mode!....or is he? I fought a 
Wolverine player who just did the Berserkeer rage, thinking he can outspeed 
Red Venom.....after a few AC's, his Wolverine was dead.....and he only did 
chipping damage! Whoa!

Spiderman -pretty much the same with Wolverine, just watch out for web balls 
and max spiders. In other words, don't get hit!

Chun Li -her throw range, impenetrable launcher, painful-to-the-ass super 
combos explain them all!...but wait!...she has a poor jump in! And VERY few 
Chun playeers know this!...use this for your advantage! Set her up with your 
fierce throw, then dish out any combo you want!

Venom -the guy whom Red Venom ripped off. Hell, he can wupp 
Wolverine/Spiderman's asses all day, anytime......what more with wimpy Red 
Venom? I won't even recommend fighting Venom at all! Just switch out! 
Provided, he didn't kill your partner. If he did,...byebye!!!!

Cap. Com. - this wimp has all the hands he need to just beat have the speed to back you up! Basically, it's just like 
fighting Wolverine/ Chun Li combined!

Ryu - I do have a tough time with this shotokan...becausee he lost his kewl 
Venom Fang!...bu hey! Be still havee your Venom Web, only it 
hurts more!

War Machine - basically the sameee as Ryu.......

The best teammates! 

Chun Li -fast. deadly. Tough! If you feel that Wolverine is too much for Red 
Venom, switch to Chun li. He'll wimper like the animal he is!

Venom -it doesn't hurt to have the "original" Venom as a partner. Besides, 
he's a "Hulk with no super armor"! Switch to him if you feel Red Venom is 
wimpering...:) Awesome team/two-on-one supers too!

Hulk -Same with Venom. Although I'll pick Venom over Hulk anytime of the 

Jin Saotome -Same as Hulk, although a little better, I guess....

Strider Hiryu -hey! What's he doing here!?.......anyways, both of their 
speed and insne priotities compliment each other...absolutely a good team 
mate for Red to Venom that is!

Worst teammates 
	-same with Venom, plus......
        Zangief -No! You won't be as effective as Venom/Zangief. Both of 
        these guys are wusses in taking damage!

Onslaught Strategy

	First form
	Well. From what I know after playing against him, you must 
always be dashing in front of him, so whenever he does the Mega Optic Blast, 
you can safely duch the beam and pummel him with jp-sps repeatedly...Take 
note that you must ALWAYS be right in front of him to safely duck the 
beam...toher wise, you'll take block damage 'coz he's big. And don't forget 
your helpers!....a safer way still, is to switch out and let regular Venom 
do the dirty trick....

	Second form
	Ah.....piece of cake! Suprisingly, the almighty Onslaught is no 
match for...a wimp!? Anyways, he moves faster than Venom so you can safely 
avoid all those moves he gives you and slap his ugly face with jrks, since 
they sorta hit more and do more damage.
	Best helpers: (both forms) Same as Venom's.

Ground combos
	1) jrk, crk
	2) dsjp, dssk, dssp, dsfk, crk
	3) Helper Attack, Venom Web
	4) dsjp, ssk, ssp, sfk, srk, Death Bite/Team Super

	5) Any combo that ends with a Venom Web, dcrk(OTG)

	6) Fierce throw, srk, Death Bite/Team Super
		*Ohhhhh...this is just soooooooo painful!

	7) Roundhouse throw, Death Bite/Team Super

Air combos:

	1) jrk, sfp, sjjp, sjsp, sjfp	

         Fierce Venom dive (d,df,f+p).


	4) fierce throw, ssp, sfk, sfp, sjjp, sjsk, sjsp, Strong-air throw

****Cheap combos!

	Fierce throw, sjp, ssk, ssp, sfk, sfp, sjjp, sjsk, sjsp, sjfk, sjrk, 
land, Fierce throw, repeat.........

	*Yep....I tried it myself and it worx!...the timing on the ground 
fierce throw while the opponent is falling is tad tricky though...other than 
that, you can safely combo 'em! The ground combo may not work on some 
characters (eg., Chun Li), to remedy this, just skip the sjp-ssk part and 
proceed with ssp, sfk, sfp. It's still best done on the corner....I hate to 
say this...but this is the combo you shouold be getting used to! Hyper-
Venom's speed helps a lot here....and since he's faster than the opponent, 
you can throw them from anywhere!

Theoretical: Again, I need verification on this combo! Sabretooth players 
will quickly recognize this!

1) In the corner, Fierce throw, ssjp, ssk, ssp, sfk, sfp, sjjp, sjsk, sjsp, 
strong-air throw, Helper Attack, Venom Web, dcrk(OTG).
	*Use your imagination! Thinking about this reminds me of XSF days with 

2-on-1 mode combos: Activate, then...
1) With Venom as a teammate, Venom Web, Venom Web, Venom 
   Web.....repeat until you get bored..
		*Just make sure they don't do it at the same time, or else, the 
other Symbiote's Venom Web won't connect after the other's Venom Web....may 
help if one is on the other side!

2) With Venom as a teammate, position one behind the opponent, Death 
   Bite, Death Bite, Death Bite....repeat until satisfied..:)
		*Ohhhh boy.....the insane chipping duo attack!

	3) With Roll as the teammate, both of you do your d,df,f+3p supers. 
	1) It connects:
	2) If it doesn't:
		While ROll is still Hyper Rolling, position Venom to the other 
            side and do whatever you want!

Reader's combos!

Have a favourite combo? Send 'em in! I'll gladly put 'em here! 

	1)jrk, crk or cfk, Death Bite
		*Make sure they don't roll if you want to do a crk! 
		**Courtesy of Scrub (
	2)jfp, jrk, ssp, sjjp, sjsk, sjsp, sjfk, sjrk(only a couple of 
        hits...),Fierce venom fang
		*This combo is similar to combo#7, although the jump-in reminds 
                 me of Sabretooth....(sniff)
		**Courtesy of Gustavo ( 
	3) Fierce throw them while you are in your corner........  So it ends 
up you are still in the corner but they are on your other side then sjp, sfk 
let it hit twice then Death Bite

Red Venom

	1) Fierce throw, sjp, ssk, ssp, sfk, Death Bite
		**Kei Aenslaed (

	2) While they are in the corner.......  Charging helper (Specially 
someone like Psye or Colossus) before it starts hitting sjp, ssp, VenomWeb 
when they hit the floor csk, ssp, sfp and I do not know if you can air combo 
them afterwards but I did do up to that point at which point they were dead

	I recently got em@il from Miguel Raya ( 
and I decided to put in his views in fighting Onslaught, since I know 
perhaps many of you find it hard to fight this baddass!

hello! got some more stuff for ya   thought you could
>update it over the weekend or something

>supers that work against onslaught

>megaman:beat plane works wonders on first form if you
>can stun him  hyper megaman on second form

>wolverine:weapon x on 2nd and berzerker barrage on first
>(reason is it won't leave you as open and it does more
>damage if you are close)

Raul here: Huh? Weapon X? I may not be a Wolvie cheap lowlife....but the 
Venom Web and the Final Justice won't connect on Onslaught, what more a 
wimpon X? Maybe he meant "Fatal Claw".....although I think Berserker Rage 
can be reasonable for both forms....

>warmachine:on 2nd form get under head use war destroyer (good damage)

>capcom:supers won't do crap damage on 2nd form

Raul here: Try the Capt. Sword

>chun:haven't really tried but the bubble super could protect you
>from hits like in previous games(use vs. hand etc.)

Raul here: It does! It is the best (and only!) super you should use on 

>jin:same as capcom

>morrigan:soul eraser works pretty good on both forms
>strider:never tried legion pretty sure uroboros is all you need
>for protection and aggressive combat

>zangief:yeah right!!!!! would be cool to see him dbl. final atomic
>buster him though

Raul here:Forget it......just stick to air lariats!

>captain america:on second form charging star vs. the drill hand
>you will be safe and inflict damage not sure about stars and

>gambit:royal flush is pretty good and cajun explosion if you
>need to get behind him

>hulk:same as capcom or jin think gamma quake does more damage
>than the other two though

>spider:crawler assault is the only one that could possibly work

>venom:not sure if death bite would be worth the super meter

Raul here: Deathbites are okay against both ONslaughts! Provided not TOO 
near him, as he will counter! Then again, Venom's tough and will not die 

>ryu:hadoken blast works wonders especially on head of second form
>hurricane kick super did work on apocalypse not sure about onslaught
>haven't tried shin shroyuken stay in ryu mode as you lose the least
>amount of life

	>ken mode: shinryuken should work wonders on 2nd form
>other two look doubtful

	>akuma mode:stay with ryu if you want to use shin hadoken
>i'm thinking that the fireball aerial super should do
>some good damage 
>so basically no auto combos or throw combos will work on him
>well got to go to class now have fun and keep the kick ass 


>the foreigner

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