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The Roll Page Marvel vs Capcom Guide.
V 2.0
By Dogshell

It's about time, huh? Finally, you can play as Roll! She's a hidden character
in the lastest Capcom Vs. game, Marvel Vs Capcom. Now, if only she wasn't
so horrible at fighting...

This guide will start with the basics on Roll, and as I get better with her, I'll
share strategies and comboes with you. For now, settle for this. And who
knows? Maybe she will get her own series now...

It's a start anyways.

You can find the most recent version of this guide at
You can also find it at (I wonder how it got there, anyways)

Version History

1.0 - First version (duh)

2.0 - Woah!  This thing hasn't been touch in about 2 years!  I did a whole bunch of
cleaning, as well as added some info on the PSX version of MvC, and some combo info.

This FAQ (c) The Roll Page, 1998-2000.  Do what ya want with it, but don't change 
it around or nothin' (expecially this part)

How to select Roll

Now I know you're gonna look at the screen and say "Hey! Roll isn't up there! Well, that's
 because she's a hidden character. She is shy, after all. So you have to find her.

To start, move the cursor to Zangief (Upper Right Corner). Then, move it left twice, 
down twice, right twice, down twice, and left twice. It makes the number 5. Now you're on 
Gambit. Go up once, right once, up twice, and right once. You're at Megaman. Seems like a 
good place for Roll to hide, right?
Right. Now press right one more time to find Roll's hidden box. 
Or, an easier way to write it, just go like this:
L, L, D, D, R, R, D, D, L, L, U, R, U, U, R, R.

To play as Roll in the Playstation version, you must beat the game with Megaman.  Then, to
select Roll, just press right from him.  Easier?  Perhaps for you, but (ironicly), I suck
with Megaman.  :p

How to fight Roll

"You've seen the Mega Man, now feel the Roll!"
Yep, if you're good enough, she will come out and challenge you to a match! Here's what you
need to to.

First, you have to start from the beginning. No human players can challenge you. And you
can't have either of your teammates defeated. 
You must use up all your helper attacks in four rounds. You must also beat 5 people with Super
moves, and 2 of them must be during the 2 on 1 attack. 
Then Roll will come out and challenge you after round 6. Megaman will be her partner.

I'm not sure how to do this in the Playstation version.  Anyone?
Roll's Moves

Here is what she can do
Moves Key:

B: Back
DB: Down-Back
D: Down
DF: Down-Forward
F: Forward
P: Any Punch
K: Any Kick
2P: Any 2 Punch Buttons
2K: Any 2 Kick Buttons

Arm Cannon
D, DF, F, P
     Roll pulls out a small gun and fires a plasma shot at the enemy.  This is pretty much the
same as your standard shotakan fireball (Ryu and the like).  Use this often to harass the 
opponent from afar as well as to finish up a combo.  This move can be done in the air.  Since 
Roll is so small, this move is easy to jump over, so watch out!  
     This move is Roll's Cross-Over Counter move.

Exploding Flowers
D, DB, B, P
     Roll tosses flowers into the air, which explode upon contact.  Jab will throw it almost
straight up, while Fierce will toss it in an arc across the screen. This move does practicly
no damage, and is tough to aim.  I compare it to Dan's autograph move in MvSH - no damage, 
extremely slow, but you can do some strange things with it.  OK, so this isn't quite as 
useless.  This move acts as an "overhead" attack, meaning you have to stand to block it, 
so if they do, you can walk up and trip them.  If they duck, the flower hits them, and you 
can probably combo that into a launcher.  The flowers also stay on the screen for a long
time...I've knocked people out of Maximum Spiders and other "combo" supers by a stray flower.
Use strategicly, or just for the heck of it. 
Special Weapon
D, DF, F, K
     She uses her current Special Weapon, either the Megaball, the Tornado Hold, or the 
Leaf Shield 
     Rockball: She drops a soccer ball, which she can then kick at the opponent. It bounces 
off the walls and celings 4 times, or until it hits the opponent. It can be kicked twice 
if you time it right. Rather useless, but fun.
     Tornado Hold: Your starting Special Weapon, and probably the one to keep.  The button you 
use determines the distance: Short for right in front of you, Roundhouse for halfway across the 
screen.  It causes a whirlwind and lifts your opponent up if it hits. This is a great weapon, 
use it on people who have a habit of jumping over the Arm Cannon. 
     Leaf Shield:  Leaves circle Roll, protecting her against one hit.  This lasts for about
5 seconds, until she is hit, or until you fire off the shield by doing the command again.  
The shield does about 6 hits for decent damage, but it does take quite a while to activate
and fire off.  This will combo in any place the Arm Cannon will, I believe, as well as protect
you when you start up combos, so really skilled players will probably want this.  It's too 
slow for my tastes, though.

Change Special Weapon
D, DB, B, K
     She calls Eddie, and he drops one of the three special weapons. Short brings the Megaball,
Forward brings the Tornado Hold, and Roundhouse brings the Leaf Shield. You have to go and 
pick it up. Be careful, other Megaman or Roll players can go over and steal your items, so get 
them quick! A sneaky tactic against other Mega/Roll players that bug you with Leaf Shields
and Tornado Holds is to call down the Megaball in front of them. They will pick it up and 
have to switch weapons again (which leaves them open). 

Hyper Roll
D, DF, F, 2P
Level 1 Super
     This is Roll's basic damaging super.  She grows into a giant robot, and shoots all sorts
of rockets, lasers, and most importantly, a beam of electricity from her head.  You want to 
hit people with that beam, it's the most damage you'll get from Roll.  A good setup for this is
to knock them up into the air when she "transforms", which should pop them nicely into the beam.
You can also catch them in the air at times.  Certain helpers, such as Shadow and Rogue, set this
up very nicely.  Only the beam will do chip damage, so try to hit with that.  I should point
out that this does NOT combo in an air combo, although the move can be done in the air (and 
probably never should be done in the air).
     This is Roll's Cross-over Combo Attack.

Rush Drill
D, DF, F, 2K
Level 1 Super
     This is much like Megaman's super of the same name.  Runs runs on, becomes a drill, and
Roll jumps in.  Then, CHARGE!  While in the drill, Roll is invulnerable.  You can control
the drill by moving left and right, mashing the buttons will push forward faster (causing
more hits), and the super-jump motion does a small hop.  This move does half-decent damage, 
but nowhere near as much as Megaman's.  I find myself using this a lot.

Beat Plane
D, DB, B, 2K
Level 1 Super
     She calls Beat, and the bird becomes a plane . Roll hops in, and can fly around the screen. 
You can hit Punch to fire the gun, or Kick to drop bombs. This move is useful only for showing 
off. The damage is pathetic even if you ram the buttons, and it is almost always seen coming, 
so it's easy to block. She can also be hit out of it. Don't bother unless you wanna fly around 
the screen and stuff. 

Roll vs. Onlsaught!

     That Onslaught! What a bully! Let's teach him a lesson, shall we? On Onslaught's first form, 
She is the best characters to use, because she is so small! Anyways, just wait in the corner and
block. When he leaves himself open after a move, quickly do the Jab->Strong->Fierce combo. 
Then block again.  Then repeat. When he does the Beam, stop blocking and 
rail him, he can't hit you! If he uses Hyper-Grav, either Super-Jump REALLY fast!, call a helper
or if you have a super level to mess with...RUSH DRILL!.

"Now, behold my mighty hand!"

     Oh great, now he's huge! Don't give up! Step one is to not get hit...because he hurts!  If
you block the eye-beams, and jump the "Mighty Hand", you should be OK.  If you see Hyper-grav, 
be ready to negate it with a flower or a Arm Cannon shot. When you have an opening,
nail him with the Hyper Roll, aiming the electricity for the face.  He should drop in about 
2 or 3 hits

Helpers for Roll
These guys are good partners to use with Roll. 

     This guy is, hands down, the best helper for Roll. Try this: Call him out. If he hits, 
any of her supers will combo off it. Try it! Most likely you will wanna do Hyper 
the motion for the move when Shadow does his third kick. To pick Shadow, hold Start+JP+FK+FP 
when the helper screen is shown, or press down from one of the helpers in the PSX version (I 
forget which one).

     Another good helper to use to set up Hyper Roll. You get more of them too. Biggest problem 
is that you have to do the Hyper Roll right after you call her out to get it to hit, and if 
Rogue misses, you wasted a super. 

     This beauty of a trick comes from Novowels...trap them in a corner, call Devilot, then 
do Hyper Roll. Devilot does unblockable damage, so if they block the Hyper Roll (and they will),
 Devilot goes boom and hits them into the beam. Cool, huh? 

Jubilee, Arthur, and Lou
     These guys you get 8 uses apiece, and are great for keep away. You need a keep-away helper 
to get time to put on your Leaf Shield. 

Partners for Roll

     Gumbo makes a great backup for Roll. There are 50 million ways to combo a Royal Flush, and 
all of them combo into a Team Super. The Royal Flush holds them perfectly for the Hyper Roll 

Zangief or Hulk
     Either of these big brutes team with Roll well. Zangief does it much better, but Hulk 
works just as well for those who haven't master 360 motions yet. Mostly useful because of the 
massive adaption your opponent must make from Roll to the Big-ass guy. 

     Refer to Novowels's Rock and Roll FAQ for this one (should be available where you got
this FAQ)

Combo Info

     Roll has the standard combo chains.  This means, on the ground, she can go from a weaker
strike to a stronger strike, i.e. Jab->Strong->Fierce, or Short->Roundouse.  Note that she can't
go from Forward->Roundhouse because her Forward knocks the opponent too far away...her Roundhouse
has very poor range.  This -does- work when crouching, however (crouching roundhouse is the trip)
The Standing Roundhouse launches the opponent into an Air Combo, press up to follow.

     In an Air Combo, she can do the full chain.  This means she can go Jab->Short->Strong->
Forward->Fierce->Roundhouse.  You can skip buttons in the chain.  

     Fierce and Roundhouse are her "combo finishers". These moves end the combo.  You can also 
end the combo at any time using a Arm Cannon shot or firing a Leaf Shield.  I believe Roll can 
also end combos with a Throw.  

     I don't know any specific combos beyond this. Anyone willing to help me, e-mail me.
Useless Game Info

This is just miscelainous interesting info. 

     -Her taunt: She pulld her hair ribbon and makes a face. 
     -Her entrances
        1.She rides in on Rush 
        2.She flies in on Beat. 
        3.She kicks Eddie, who then walks off while Roll taunts.
     -Roll's Enterance sequences mock Strider's. Cool, huh? 
     -Win Poses
        1.Rush drops down, and an image of Dr. Light is projected from his back. Roll does a 
          pose and says something in  Japanese. 
        2.Eddie comes in and gives her flowers. 
        3.She does her jump-in pose. 
        4.Megaman flies down in the Beat Plane and steals the spotlight (the jerk!) as Roll 
          holds down her skirit because of the wind. 
        5.Megaman walks in and taunts Roll, which makes her cry (That SUPER-jerk!) You need to 
          hold a Kick button after Roll wind to see this one. 
        6.Roll flashes and her dress changes to a schoolgirl outfit, complete with backpack! 
          Cute. What is with the Japanese and schoolgirls? You need to hold a Punch button 
          after the match to see this one.
     -Time Over pose: She falls down crying. Awwww, see what you did? 
     -Win Quotes
        1.He he, I did it! Girl Power! 
        2.Are you hurt? Maybe my Doctor can fix you. 
        3.I think you're due for an upgrade! 
        4.I may be little, but I still kicked your butt! 
        5.Now how does Mega Man do that absorption thing? 
        6.See? I should have been in Power Battle! 
        7.I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you so badly. 
        8.Now all I need is my own series...
     -When she loses, she explodes just like Megaman does. 
     -If you hold kick after you win with Megaman, Roll will come in and give him flowers.
      I hope they're the exploding kind. He deserves it. 
     -Roll's ending. Rush projects an image of Doctor Light, as Roll says, "I did it! I beat 
      the level before Megaman!" Dr Light says, "You did? Oh, yeah, good job! Dr. Wily must be 
      stopped!" He then gives Roll a Hyper Roll atachment, and sheflies off. Megaman arrives, 
      finds Onslaught has been beaten already, and begins to cry... 
     -Picture bonuses: If the screen freezes after a match with Roll in the following posisions,
       you get bonus points! 
          1.With her underwear showing (Don't blame me, blame the Japanese perverts): 100 
          2.With all her underwear showing (see above): 500 
          3.During Hyoer Roll: 1000 
          4.When she winks during Hyper Roll: 5000 
          5.In the Beat Plane/Rush Drill: 20000 
So why play Roll?

     Well, first off, she is very small. She can duck under many attacks,
     and walk under some too. This makes it easier to get close. Which is
     what you have to do. Because Roll has no range on her normal
     attacks, except her slide. Oh, use your slide often. It trips the
     opponent, and is often unexpected.

     Roll is fast. Her walking speed is only slow because of her short legs.
     But her attacks recover very quickly. She is also a great comboer,
     but her range problem keeps her from doing any extended ones.

     However, Roll is weak. Very weak. Her attacks do pitiful damage.
     And her range is horrible. I mean, Dan has better range than her.
     And her skirt acts as a parachute when she jumps, slowing her
     down, making jump-ins near impossible. Finally, she can't defend
     against jump-ins herself, because her launcher has zero priority, and
     her flowers come out way too slow to be effective.

     So basicly, you play Roll for the same reasons you play Dan. For
     fun. And to give people at your arcade the burning shame that "I lost
     to Roll!" :)

Thanx and stuff.

Well, I wanna thank Novowels, CMA, and Orochi Herman for their FAQs.  I wanna thank Migs 
for his kick-arse MvC site.  I wanna thank all Roll fans everywhere.  I wanna thank Capcom 
for putting her in the game.  And I wanna thank Ruth, because I can. :)