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				  King Of Dragons
				  Survival guide
				   By Lord Zero
				   Version 1.4



1. - File History.
2. - Intro.
3. - The characters:
3. 1. - The Fighter.
3. 2. - The Cleric.
3. 3. - The Elf.
3. 4. - The Dwarf.
3. 5. - The Widzard.
4. - Level Guide.
5. - Enemies guide.
6. - Tha Bosses.
7. - Magic items.
8. - Credits
9. - Legal stuff.


1. -File History:

-0.5 Start of the file.

-1.0 a minor update with some more strategy added

-1.2 (MEGA UPDATE TO ALL OF MY FAQS) Added some strategy someone sent to me.
Thanks a lot!
You people should be like this guy.  Stop saying "You have a nice faq" and
start contributing!

-1.25 Copyright notice changed.

-1.3 Copyright Changed.  (08/24/2001,  21:11)

-1.4 Email change. (10/29/2002, 16:53)


2. -Intro:

Well. . well. . . welcome to my Survival Guide for King Of Dragons. This game
one of those side action games with several characters to choose. This wasn't
as well know as Knights of the Round or Capitain Commando(mainly because it
was older)but I found it way more fun. You could advance experience levels and
get diffwerent weapons for the five characters.
But it was way harder too.
The history came this way:Some red Dragon called Gilldiss, AkA the King of
the Dragons, came back alive by some dark widzard and starting wrecking
havock against the population. All he wished he got it. So, a party of
adventurers decided to travel to find where is he.
And so, you, as one of them, try to save this wolrd from his hands.


3. -The Characters.

3. 1. -The fighter:
-Stats:HP:B  Attack:A+ Defense:B Speed:A Magic:C- Range:C+

-Description:This is the All rounded character. This one gets a real boost at
the last levels, particulary in his speed, his level 7 Sword is quite powerful
and fast.
On the magic side he really sucks to high hell, but magic is not the most
important stat.

-Common Strategies:The fighter mostly involves defending before attacking, and
actually it's an strategy that applies to all characters with a Shield, but
the Fighter cannot get it any better than this.


3. 2. -The Cleric:
-Stats:HP:B+ Attack:A Defense:A++ Speed:C Magic:B Range:C

-Description:He may sound like he's better than anyone, but actually he is
quite hard to master. He has the worst range in the game, and it's quite slow.
However, he can take many hits and has an almighty defense, so he can be a very
good choice to a 2-player game. He can apply the in-your-face strike while
keeping weaker ranged characters safe.

-Common Strategies. The Cleric involves anything, from magic strikes to
defending before attacking, or simply moving towards the target and blowing it.
He's very good for ground-based bosses, but he has a very hard time against
any flying enemy.


3. 3. -The Elf.
-Stats:HP:C Attack:B Defense:C- Speed:A Magic:B+ Range:A+

-Description:He is a pretty good character. He is best suited for 2 player
games along with the cleric, but it's still a pretty good one for solo games.
He can attack from large distance, and has a good attack, and he gets an
incredible speed at firing at the last levels. The problem comes with his
defense. He can be wiped out by two hits by most enemies.

Common Strategies. The Elf involves mostly jumping and attacking the bosses
from safe distance. His lack of shield makes jumping practice more important.


3. 4. -The Dwarf.
-Stats:HP:A Attack:A Defense:A+ Speed:C Magic:C Ranged:C

-Description:He's the least used character. He can really dish out a lot of
damage and receive even more. He can be teamed up with the widzard but
actually he's not a very good character. His range makes his very vulnerable
to the archers and wolves and most bosses can beat the hell out of him with

-Common Strategies:The Dwarf involves defending and attacking, and it's the
only character that can be used as a living wall to protect allies without
too much damage. Ussual choice for masochists.

Difficult:Quite hard.

3. 5. -The Widzard.
-Stats:HP:B Attack:B Defense:B Speed:D- Magic:A+ Range:B

-Description:Undoubtly the most powerful character at last. At the start he's
quite weak but at the last levels he gets an incredible boost in attack and
defense. He is the best character for expert players and the perfect partner
to the Cleric.

-Common Strategies:Involves jumping at attack, but it's kinda hard to explain
because of his speed.

Difficult:too hard.


4. -Level Guide:

Stage 1:The Orc Village:
Quite easy and short. Enemies include Orcs and Wolves. The Boss is the Orc

Stage 2:Treasure in an Old Castle:
Easy and short, but not so short. Enemies include Orcs and wolves. The Boss is
The Minotaur.

Stage 3:Battle on a Mountain Peak:
Medium level and one of my favorites. It's easy and there are lots of
treasures. Enemies include Orcs and Wolves. The Boss is the Fire Wyvern.

Stage 4:Cave of Hydra.
Medium Level and kinda hard. Enemies include Orcs. The Boss is the Hydra.

Stage 5:To the Norde Island.
Very short level, with some difficulty enemies. Enemies are the Skeletons
and Fishmen. No Boss.

Stage 6:The Giant in the shrine.
Large level and a hard one. Enemies include Orcs, Wolves and the dreaded
Skeletons and Sword Lizards and harpins. Mini Boss:Minotaur. The Boss is
the Cyclops.

Stage 7:Treant Woods.
Medium level. Very hard. Enemies include Orcs, Wolves, Skeletons and Purple
blobs. The Boss here is the Giant Spider.

Stage 8:To The Castle.
Medium level. Enemies include Orcs, Skeletons and Lizards, Pike and swords.
The Boss here is the Dragon riders.

Stage 9:In the Castle.
LArge and Hard level. Enemies include Dragon Riders, Pike and Sword Lizards,
Skeletons and Archers. The Boss here is the Black knight.

Stage 10:Underground Pass.
Short and Hard level. Enemies are Skeletons and Mummies and some Blobs. The
Boss here are the wraiths.

Stage 11:Cabela Castle.
Large and Hard level. Enemies here are Dragon Knights, Archers, Pike and Sword
Lizards, Orcs and Skeletons. The Boss here is the Great Dragonian.

stage 12:
Short and Medium level. Enemies are Lizards, Archers and Skeletons. The Bosses
here are the Royal Knights.

Stage 13:Dark Widzard.
Short and Hard Level. Enemies include Sword and Pike Lizards. The Mini-Boss is
The Warlock and the Boss here is the Dark Widzard. At the start appear the

Stage 14:A cave in the Woods.
Medium level, kinda hard. Enemies include Fishmen, Pike and Sword Lizards and
Wolves. The Boss here is the ICe Wyvern.

Stage 15:Underground Labirynth.
(Don't worry about the name, it's not a labirynth)Short and Hard level. Enemies
include Blobs, Mummies and Skeletons. The Bosses here are two Cyclops.

Stage 16:A Limestone Cave.
No enemies here. The Boss is the Red Dragon, AkA Gilldiss.


5. -Enemies List:

Orcs:They are armed with a mace and have a Shield. They are not hard to kill
and they are worst to use their shields than me driving, but pack a punch. They
get different upgrades denoted by changes in their body colors. The Pink one
is the most powerful. A common enemy.
Strategies:Not much needed. Ranged characters just keep shooting and the other
guard and attack.

Wolves:They are armed with a crossbow. They are quite weak and tend to run
almost always. They receive an upgrade, changing colors, but are still the
weakest enemy. It's a rare enemy.
Strategies:Jump and hit them. You can destroy their arrows with your attacks.

Sword Lizards:Armed with a Sword and shield, these guys are maybe the hardest
enemy. They are fast and persistent with their attacks, and know how to use
their shields. A common enemy. They also receive upgrades, being the pink
one the most powerful.
Strategies:These guys should be approached with caution. If more than 3 of
these are near use magic to blow them away. Guard and attack. Ranged characters
suffer like hell with these enemies.

Pike Lizards:Armed only with a Pike, they are rare enemy. They are resistant,
but the lack of a shield makes them easier to kill. They receive an upgrade
at the last levels, chaging colors to blue.
Strategies:Not much needed, just keep attacking. If you wanna see something
kinda funny, hit them when they are running:Crash!!That gotta hurt!

Skeletons:Armed with a short sword and a shield. Not hard to kill, but move
very fast and are the specialized Elf killers. They rarely use their shields.
A Common sight on many levels.
Strategies. These guys are a nightmare. Attack without hesistation, they should
be your first  targets in the battleground.

Fishmen:Armed with a long pike. They are kinda hard to kill, when they take
damage they are inmediatly thrown to the floor, and get up jumping with an
attack. A very rare enemy, only appears on stages 5 and 15.
Strategies:With shield character just attack and guard their jump attack.
Ranged characters keep your distance and jump and attack.

Harpins:Another very rare sight. Only appears on stage 5, but not attacking, and
only take active part in stage 6. No weapons, attack with their claws. Only take
one strike to kill.
Strategies:The easiest way is to wait their dive attack, and attack. Ranged
characters just jump and attack.

Mummies:Another very rare sight, appear only in underground levels. No weapons,
but are very hard to kill, and do a hell of damage. The Cleric has an infernal
time with these monsters.
Strategies:These things are unstopable!!Attack and retreat, their grab attack
is unbockable. Ranged characters, specially the Elf, should leave these works
to the heavy guys.

Blobs:A common sight. They appear on many levels, and obviously don't carry a
weapon, but tend to charge in hordes and catch you for a good damage rating.
Pass away with one strike.
Strategies:Not sure strategy can help you. Sometime when they catch you
attacking is enough, but it's better to stay away.

Dragon Riders:Appear like normal enemies twice. Compared with their boss
stance, they are quite easy to kill. Armed with a pike the rider, and the dragon
breaths fire. I don't know if you can kill the rider when the dragon is
killed. (He only seems to go away)
Strategies:Keep on guard till he throws his pike too deep, it would give you
enough time for 5 strikes. Repeat the strategy.

Archers:Pretty anoying enemies. They are armed with an ultra-fast arrows and
a tripping-looking bow. Ussually come out, shoot and get away. Only take one
strike to kill, and are rare enemies.
Strategies:Just jump the arrow. They don't worth the problem.

Warlock:Only appears once, and it's like a mini-boss, but since he has no
Life-meter, I will put it here. Armed with a rod, uses two different magics, a
blue fire just like the Widzard's, and a electric ray with an incredible
range. He likes to teleport around.
Strategy:If he appears he will use two different moments:He will appear with
the two orbs already when he's up to use the lighting attack. If he's gonna
use the fire attack, it will make some weird movement. If he uses this attack,
hit him from upsides or below him, never from his front(obvious reasons don't
need such explanations)

Devils:Only appear in one level, and come flying in swarms. They give good
prizes but are incredible hard to hit.
Strategies:If you're low of energy, just guard and dodge them. If you hit one,
it's almost guarateed that they will hit you.


6. -Tha Bosses:

Stage 1:Orc King:
Quite easy enemy. Keep your character punding at him just in front of him and
you should receive no damage.

Stage 2:The Minotaur:
No so easy, but still a simple boss. Keep hitting him and get away or use your
shield just as he gets his axe up, or your attacks don't connect any damage or
he will slash you for a considerable damage. His dash attack cannot be

Stage 3:Fire Wyvern:
If you choose the Elf or the Fighter this battle could be almost stupid, but
if you choose any other chracter, well, you're in for a frustrating match.
Shield using chracters should guard and attack when you're totally sure you
will not receive damage, and the Widzard should attack and use magic whenever
he gets on direct fight. The elf has an easy time shooting from safe distance.

Stage 4:The Hydra:
There's a cheap way to stuck the hydra with the Elf, the Dwarf or the widzard.
Go to the bottom of the scree near the lower head(ussually the red one)and
start jumping and attack. It will most than likely not attack you, and when the
head you were attacking dies another one will come to take it's place and
will fall to the same trick. With the fighter and the Cleric, just Guard and
attack when you can.

Stage 5:No boss.

Stage 6:The Cyclops:
Quite easy with any character. Shield using characters just guard and attack.
Only his dash punch can break your defenses. Ranged attacker just keep jumping
to evade rocks and attacking.

Stage 7:The Giant Spider:
They key here is speed. Kill it as fast as you can. It's not very hard while
there's only one attackig, but eventually you'll get 4 of them at the same
time(!). Not sure if all six of them can go down to attack, but I think you
better don't be curious.

Stage 8:The Dragon Rider:
Shield using characters have an easy time guarding and attacking with caution
but ranged characters should have some practice on jumping and attacking, or
they will get roasted in no time.

Stage 9:The Black Knight:
For this far in the game this guy sucks. Shield characters have an almost
stupid fight guarding just as he jumps and then attacking all the time, and
ranged characters the jump and attack routine works just as well.

Stage 10:The Wraiths:
There's no sure strategy for beating the Wraiths. None of the normal strategies
work here. The only advices I can give you is to watch out for the scythe and
keep in the center while attacking when you can. When they have only one life
block left they will turn very aggressives. You can keep slashing them before
they change colors to beat them with some ease.

Stage 11:The great Dragonian:
This guy looks cool, right?This is a very hard boss. Most of his attacks are
unblockables and has an infernal range and speed. Your best bet is to attack
him from the sides and pray to goddish that you kill him before he kills you.

Stage 12:The Royal knights:
After passing the storm of the last boss, this one is a piece of cake. They are
actually pallete-swapped Black knights, so they are quite easy. It's maybe
harder because of the fact that they are a couple, but actually this is better
because you'll get some supplies when you kill one of them.

Stage 13:Dark Widzard:
This boss is a nightmare. Your best bet here is to use a shield character, and
guard whenever you need to, as none of his attacks are unblockables. The Ranged
characters need to stay near to the fireballs can't hit you and dodge the
fire magic. When he's about to die, he will use a weird ball magic which is
very easy to evade, but does a lot of damage.

Stage 14:Ice Wyvern:
Another copy, this time from the Wyvern. Not very hard to kill, actually an easy
boss, but this time its ice attacks are unblockable and leave you frozen, and
he brings some Pike Lizard to help him. Just hack away at him.

Stage 15:The Cyclops:
Against one cyclops is easy, but two of them is kinda difficult. Use the same
strategies as before.

Stage 16:The (big daddy)Red Dragon:
Ok, here is more of luck than skill. I have found that if you get there with at
least one credit, you can just keep on a corner and use magic till you have no
energy, then try to hit him the most you can till he kills and repeat, he will
die eventually. Shield characters have an easier way, as you can just attacking
and guarding against it's devastating fire. Ranged characters better use the
first way. Watch out for his hand, it does an exagerated ammount of damage.

Mario M.  (xanth@tin. it) likes to share his strategies about this hell of a

"Hi there. lll

IMO the best way to defeat the Red Dragon at the end is to wait for him to
start breathing,  move out of the way,  and when the flame is gone,  attack
him.  You should be able to hit him 3 times this way,  and this also keeps
you out of his' hand reach.  It works great for the Wizard and of course for
the Elf.  I think you could have some problems with the Cleric,  but Fighter
and Dwarf should be able to perform this. "



7. -Magic items:These are "canned" magics for you to use. Some of them can be
only accesed by some characters.

Fire:Fire comes from the floor and damages. The weakest of all magics. Hits up
to 4 enemies. Standar magic for the Dwarf and Fighter.

Lighting:Electric rays come from the skies and hit up to three enemies for a
good damage. Standar magic for the Widzard, Elf and Cleric.

Frog:Turns all enemies on screen to frogs.

Jewel:turns all enemies on screen to jewels. Only accesable with the Cleric.

Star:Meteor shower from the skies to hit up to 3 enemies. Ultimate magic.

Shuriken looking thing:Free credit. So far, I've only found three. One of them
is just after you beat the Minotaur in the 6th stage in the last pillar is
a hidden chest. There is the item. Other is in the underground Labyrinth, on
some Pillar(I can't recall where) and the other one is on one of the Castle
levels-I can't recall it neither. . .


8. -Credits:

-Mario (Xanth@tin. it) for his strategy about the Red Dragon.  Thanks a lot
-You,  for reading this thing.
-CjayC for keeping Gamefaqs. com up.
-Al Amaloo for his great site.
-And me!


9. -Legal Stuff:

This file is owned by Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com)

You MAY distribute, print, read, show to your friends or enemies this
guide freely, AS LONG as you credit Lord Zero as the author, keep
the copyright on it, and is used for non-profit purposes. You MAY NOT
change ANYTHING on this guide, adding or taking anything out of it,
including banners, links, or anything else. You MAY NOT distribute this
guide on any non-electronic media. All I ask from you if you wish to
publish this guide on your site, is to keep it updated, and to notificate
me of your URL.

All Rights Reserved. Anything not mentioned on this text can be discussed
via email to the address below.

Copyright 2000-2002 By Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com).

The last version can always be found in gamefaqs.com.
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