Potemkin Strats and Combos v.1.1
Guilty Gear X for the Dreamcast and Playstation 2 Consoles
By: Pope Stewart
Date: 07.24.2002

[P . O . T . E . M . K . I . N]

Potemkin hails from Zepp, A massive airbourne nation that maintains a society
based on science and technology.  A former slave soldier who brought this once
militaristic nation under peaceful rule, the now-famous Potemkin has just
recieved direct orders from the President.  His top-secret mission? Find the
Gear that the bounty hunters are persuing and bring it back safetly to Zepp.

    Height: 245 CM
    Weight: 656 KG
    Blood Type: O
    Eye Color: White  ...now if that isn't freaky...and he's not the blind one
    Birthday: October 18
    Origin: Zepp, the Country of Scientific Civilization
    Hobby: Drawing Pictures

[    W h y . B i g - P o?     ]

Well...I guess like this as in all fighting games, it's important
to have lots of skill or just be FREAKING BIG!

    -Lot's o' Damage
    -Lot's o' Defense
    -Good Range
    -A pretty useful Instant Kill, Magnum Opera

    -No Dash
    -Moves leave some lag in them
    -Activating Instant Kill Mode is SLOW!
    -Not for the person wishing to do Capcom-esque combos...

[B u t t o n . A b b r e v i a t i o n s]

u/b  u  u/f
  \  |  /  
b -  o  - f       <--- Control Directions
  /  |  \       
d/b  d  d/f

P = Punch
K = Kick
S = Slash
HS = High Slash

c.X = Coutching and do the X button
s.X = Standing and do the X button
j.X = Jumping and do the X button

cb = Charge Back (hold b, or hold d/b)
dp = Dragon Punch (f, d, d/f)
hcf = Half Circle Forward (b, d/b, d, d/f, f)
hcb = Half Circle Back (f, d/f, d, d/b, b)
qcf = Quater Circle Forward (d, d/f, f)
qcb = Quater Circle Back (d, d/b, b)
xx = Buffer = while the move is being done, do the next move

Backdash Hop = b,b
OTG = Off the ground = When you knock someone down, immediatly do this to hit
    them again.

FD = Fautless Defense = By pressing b + P + K you can cut-down the
    chipping damage of special moves.  A green ring will be around you, but
    note that this uses up your tension gauge.
DAA = Dead Angle Attack = When gaurding an attack w/ FD, you can counter
    attack by pressing forward and interupt the attacker's combo string. Note
    that this uses up 50% of your tension bar.
Recovery = when you are knocked around, especially in the air, after the
    opponent finishes a combo or experiences some lag in the combo, you can
    get out of it and essentially recover by pressing a direction and P + K.

Dust = S + HS = Launches the opponent in the air for you to pummle
/\ = in the air
\/ = land
Sweep = d + S + HS = um....sweeps them...

Counter Hit = when both parties throw out a move and one connects before
    the other, you have a Counter Hit, which does more damage and allows for
    more combo potential.  You can also get Counter Hits by raising the      
    opponent's guard meter and have it flash. You raise the opponent's Gaurd 
    Meter when the opponent blocks and you hit them, subsequently it lowers 
    when they attack you or when you connect and start beating them in a combo 
    or just after some time.

RC = Roman Cancel = Certain Moves can eliminate lag time by pressing
    three attack buttons simultaneously (K + S + HS). Note that this uses up
    50% of your tension bar.
JC = Jump Cancel = Certain moves can eliminate lag time by pressing
    jump after the move is completed.  For Potemkin, you will most likely
    use this after a Dust Attack
FDC = Fautless Defense Cancel = You can eliminate lag time be FDing
    quickly after a sweep.  This is a glitch, it is used in most competitions
    but the AI will never use it.  Using this depends on you're view of
    using bugs to you're advantage. The easy way of doing this is to hold
    d/b and then do S + SH > P + K pretty quickly...you will know all is good
    if you don't do the sweep and a green ring comes from you...

[    B a s i c . M o v e s    ]

P U N C H I N G:
    -s.P = just punchs....ooooh! But it does come out very fast.  Low range
    -c.P = crouches and punches...basically the same as above but hits low.
    -j.P = a quick little elbow move comes out
    -f+P = he headbutts the opponent

K I C K I N G:
    -s.K = his backleg crosses his front and kicks you low
    -c.K = his font leg reaches out to kick you...the range is medium, good for
    -j.K = just that...a jump and kick

S L A S H I N G:
    -s.S = it looks as if though he's doing a nice dance move, but hits well
    -(close)s.S = takes his fist and hits down at your head
    -c.S = backfists the opponet's mid section
    -j.K = jumps up and hits down at you w/ both fists

H I G H . S L A S H I N G:
    -s.HS = he extends is fist out to hit you...very nice range, good for
    -c.HS = you will always want to do this move...it uppercuts the opponent
        into the air...you need to be rather close for this to connect...but 
        beware, the move has some lag time if you whiff!
    -j.HS = he kinda goes parallel w/ the ground and hits you
    -f+HS = he throws out both fist and smacks the bejebus out of you, great
        for dizzing someone.  But beware! This move has some abusable start-up
        animation and lags after it's thrown out.
    -(close)f+HS = throws the opponent behind you

[  S p e c i a l . M o v e s  ]

-Mega Fist I = qcf+P
Po jumps forward w/ fists extended.  A very useful move for advancing formward

-Mega Fist II = qcb+P
Po jumps back w/ fists extended. Good for retreats

-Sliding Head = qcf+S
Po slams his head on the ground.  If you are far away, it knocks the opponent
to the ground allowing you to move in closer, or if you're close enough it will
cause damage to them as well.  This move is great for when an opponent jumps
back to throw a fish laser (Dizzy) or a stun edge attack (Ky) to hit you from
afar. All you do is just when the opponent is about to land, unleash this
joker. Very useful for turtlers....learn to use this wisely!

-Hammer Fall = cb, f+HS
Po moves forward and smashes the opponent between his fists.  This move is nice
because you have autogaurd for at least one hit.  So if a Johnny player throws
out s Mist Finer, you will eat the attack and then smack him.  Beware of
players like Dizzy who can throw out multiple attacks very quickly, on the
second hit, it's counter attack against you!

-Potemkin Buster = hcb, f+P
This is a POWERFUL throw.  Use this if an opponent is standing above you when
you wake up from being on the ground to punish them greatly.  Also, you can do
this  move if you are being attacked and you dash back and then do this move.
The dash back gives you some invinibiity to moves and then if they follow suit,
punish! Even more to that...you can jump into an opponent hold back, then when
you land next to them, throw them for much pain.

-Heat Knuckle = dp+HS
This grabs an opponent thats in the air and squeezes them.  Good for opponents
jumping in or for catching someone off of a c.HS uppercut.

-Heat Knuckle Extended = hcb+HS
After you have done the Heat Knuckle, do this move to add even more pain

[     O v e r d r i v e s     ]

Potemkin is nice because he gives you two very nice ODs to work w/.
Remember, using a OD uses up 50% of your tension bar.

-Giganter = hcb, f+HS
Po throws out a mirror looking thing that 99% of the time will automatically
dizzy up the opponent...fun ensues after ths move connects!  Another good use
for this is to throw it out when an opponent is jumping in at you...they get
dizzy and you can probably attack them some after the hit and then start a new
combo from there. 

-Giganter Bullet = hcf, hcf+P
After you do the Giganter, and I mean RIGHT AFTER you do the motions for it, Po
will charge up his fists and dash forward at the opponent and hurts them much! 
Note that this is an extension of the Giganter so it doesn't take up an
additional 50% tension to do!

-Heavenly Potemkin Buster = qcf, qcf+S
Imagine doing the Potemkin Buster throw, but this time in the air!  If the
opponent is in the air, you can do this move on the ground and get them and
punish them.
[FUN STUFF]...If you have the Dreamcast version of this game, then you can have
some fun w/ the HPB...the first thing about his little Glitch is to have the
opponent's gaurd meter down to -128.  If you are in training then you can set
this manually, if in battle, then you're going to have to do some combos to
pull this joker off.  After the gaurd meter is down to -128, do a HPB...if you
got the gaurd meter to -128 by doing an un-recoverable combo then you take off
a TON of damage! but if you do the combo and the opponent can recover out of
the combo, but just doesn't, then when you do the HPB then GIVE the opponent
TONS of life, the life even extends the boundaries of the health bar!

[   I n s t a n t . K i l l   ]

Like all characters (except for Dizzy), you can kill your opponent in one hit!
The thing is that you have to hit all the attack buttons (P + K + S + HS) to go
into IK mode.  While in IK mode, you cannot do Overdrives and you only have one
try to connect it, otherwise you have no more tension meter for the rest of the

The bad part about using this for Big-Po is that it takes FOREVER for him to
complete his IK mode animation.  So its a MUST to do this after you do a
Sliding Head (qcf+S) from afar and then pull this off...even that can be risky
if you're playing against Chipp who can Teleport to you. Safest bet is after a
dizzy or a stupid AI opponent.

-Magnum Opera = qcf, qcf+HS
Potemkin gets pissed and breaks out of his armor hands and head thing and it
hits the opponent into the air and then kisses his hand and punches the BEJEBUS
out of the opponent when he/she falls into range.  This IK has very small
range, but it can disrupt most attacks up close.  Probably the best way of
pulling this off would be the same way you would pull off the Potemkin
Buster...either as when you wake up, jump in and block and do it, or the dash
back and when being followed pull it off. But if you're close enough, all is
good and won.

[         C o m b o s         ]

Here are some with out any tension.

(close)P > P > P > P > P
(close)c.P > c.P > c.P > c.P
-don't EVER do this combo...I mean really, you're doing NOTHING!

f+HS xx qcf+P
f+HS xx qcb+P
-I added this because sometimes Po's double fist thrust is nice to do...but the
move is easily telegraphed (i.e. the start-up animation for the move takes a
few frames thereby letting the opponent what is going to happen) and when you
do get it out, there is some lag behind it, leaving you open.  I added the Mage
Fists to combat the lag and by advancing forward and connecting if the attack
is succesful or a retreat move if the enemy advances to you.

(close)f+P > S > S > Sweep
c.K > Sweep 
c.K > c.S > Sweep
s.K > S > Sweep
-These are nice because you get the opponent on the ground and Potemkin is
still close to to the opponent

(close)s.S > c.HS xx dp+HS, hcb+HS
(close)c.K > c.HS xx dp+HS, hcb+HS
jump in, j.HS > c.HS ...you know the rest!
-These are some ways of connecting the c.HS uppercut that is very devestating

hold b (HS, f+HS)
-This has to be done rather close or the Hammer Fall part won't combo from the

If you you can connect on a counter hit,
(close)f+P > S > S > s.HS xx qcf+P
(close)f+P > hold b (S > S > s.HS > f+HS)
(close, and VERY CLOSE)f+P > S > S > c.HS xx dp+HS, hcb+HS
-that combo also works well if you can attack a jumping char w/ the S > HS and
then whatever you chose to end that sucker.

Here's a nice Corner thing going on here, you're opponent in the corner that
(corner)hcb,f+P > s.S > s.S > dp+HS, hcb+HS
(corner)hcb,f+P > s.S > s.S xx qcf+P > c.HS xx dp+HS, hcb+HS
-The second one can be recovered out of after the second s.S, but if you're
feeling lucky, go for the more punishing one...also, the timing of the s.S >
s.S might have to be delayed half a second for the Mega Fist I to hit.

Doing a normal throw will work too...so if you are in a corner, throw them w/
f+HS and finish it with the extensions above, but this isn't gauranteed since
you can recover out of the throw.

His Dust Attacks are very basic,
Dust /\ j.S > j.HS > JC > j.S > j.HS
Dust /\ j.S > j.HS > JC > j.K > j.P > j.P > j.P > j.P > j.P > j.P
-These both do about the same damge, but I like the second one better myself,
only because there is a greater chance of dizzying the opponent and if the
opponenet doesn't like to recover all of the time, then you can eliminate one
of the j.P and replace it w/ a j.HS and then you should be able to fall down
before your opponent and then you can combo them some more, notibly w/ a s.S >
s.S > dp+HS, hcb+HS or whatever combo you have time for...and if they are
dizzied, then you can have some fun.

These next Two are Impossible Dusts, meaning that by doing these hits before
the screen turns red in a dust, the opponent cannot Recover out it, and you
want to make sure that you land before the opponent to combo them from the
ground.  They are a little tricky to do.

Dust /\ Jump > j.HS \/ (wait for opponent to fall) s.HS > dp+HS, hcb+HS
-What I found that works best for this is to hold up while dusting and then tap
up again and then the HS.  You will know that it worked if you land before the
opponent and the opponent cannot Recover.

Dust /\ j.S > j.HS > Double Jump > fall down and before landing j.HS > ...combo
-This one is a lot trickier so, but has good damage for what it does.

Lets add some tension meter into this sucker...at 50%

c.HS xx dp+HS > RC almost immediatly, then f+HS
c.HS xx dp+HS > RC > s.S > dp+HS, hcb+HS
c.HS xx qcf, qcf+S
-Also remember that you can add a close s.S or a c.K before the c.HS.

Sweep > OTG hcb, f+HS xx hcf, hcf+P
Sweep > OTG hcb, f+HS ...
-after the mirror hits, the combo meter is off and they are dizzy, so the
Gigantic Bullet doesn't count as a true combo, but you have any move you want. 
So if you want to put one of the combos mentioned before, you can, it's your

f+HS > hcb, f+HS
-This needs to be done rather close and then you have any combo you would like
after the Gigantor hits.

The timing on this next one is a little difficult, but is still nice.

hold b(HS, f+HS) > RC > f+HS > qcf+P ...
hold b(HS, F+HS) > RC > S > S xx qcf+P
-or after the RC you could S > S > dp+HS, hcb+HS, a corner helps here
-or even S > S > c.HS 
-this move is also useful if the opponent blocks the Hammer Fall because it
cancels the lag time and you might be able to get a counter hit in because the
opponent will most likely be ready to bring the hurt....i would suggest though
that you  attack w/ a low attack if they block.

(close)HS > RC > c.HS > ...I think you know what to do...

This next one is good for a corner, and nice and damaging too...
(corner)c.HS xx dp+HS, hcb+HS > RC > f+HS > dp+HS, hcb+HS
-after RCing the Heat Extend, press forward to walk some and then throw out the
double fist thrust...the timing of this will take a few times to get, because
you want it to hit the opponent upwards some so that the Heat Knuckle will
catch them.

(counter and close)hcb, f+HS > c.HS xx qcf+P (Note that the Mega Fist I doesn't
connect w/ the opponent but rather moves Potemkin closer to their falling
-This one is fun to play around and do some juggling since the opponent is
dizzied and therefore cannot recover, have some fun and try out some
long-string combos...but watch out for using the Heat Knuckle (dp+HS) and it's
Heat Extend (hcb+HS) as that will eat a lot of the dizzy time.  If you don't
get the counter hit, you can unleash the Giganter from about 2 backdashes away
from your opponent, walk in, and then upercut them at the same moment the
Giganter hits...also, if you start to run out of dizzy time, just unleash
another Giganter (hcb, f+HS) and continue you're journey...

The Next batch here have full tension going on.

This one here is just super nice because of the options it gives you...

c.HS > dp+HS > RC > hcb, f+HS...
...do the Gigantic Bullet (hcf, hcf+P)
...qcf+P and then do a combo of your choice!
...qcf+P and then get into IK mode...beware though, IK mode when you don't have
tension will eat away at your lifepoints! so, be ready to use it imediatly.
...or if you're in a corner! s.S > s.HS > qcf+P, and if you're close enough and
risky, do it again and then follow up w/ you're combo of choice.

hcb, f+HS xx hcf, hcf+P > RC > wait for the bounce back and s.S > s.HS > qcf+P
> c.HS
...or instead you can use the safer version of a s.S > dp+HS, hcb+HS...the
first can be recovered.

c.HS xx dp+HS > RC > qcf, qcf+S

You can juggle an opponent nicely w/ this next one if you dizzy the opponent

A good place to dizzy someone w/ Big-Po is in the air...so hit the opponent
around a while and then Dust them /\ and j.S > j.HS > JC > j.K > j.P > j.P >
j.P > j.HS (for this to be a non-recoverable combo, the opponent must be
dizzied by now!) > then fall a bit and do another j.HS \/ (you should land
before the opponent) c.HS xx qcf+P (Note that the Mage Fist I doesn't actually
hitm it just brings you closer to the falling opponent) > s.S > c.HS xx qcf+P >
repeat the s.S > c.HS xx qcf+P until you get to a corner and the person is
about to awake from being dizzy...> s.S > s.HS > dp+HS > RC > qcf, qcf+S
-Note...this combo takes practice, and Earlier I mentioned the HPB Bug, this
would be a combo to use to get the gaurd meter to -128 before you use the
HPB...If you didn't dizzy the opponent before the second j.HS and the person
doesn't recover, then you will give them TONS of health when the HPB
hits....remember, only on the Dreamcast version!

These next few use up tension and require that the gaurd meter be full for the
opponent, oh yeah, and it should kill the opponent when you're done...except
maybe against another Potemkin....heheh

H e a t e d . D e a t h
(close, VERY CLOSE and in a corner and counter)f+P > s.S > s.S > c.HS xx dp+HS,
hcb+HS > RC > f+HS > dp+HS, hcb+HS
-Be sure to hold forward when doing the RC to walk a few steps closer and then
unleash the f+HS, making sure that you do it soon enough so that the opponent
gets knocked upwards for the grab.

H e l l i s h . P o t e m k i n . B u s t e r
(corner, close, and counter)hcb, f+P > s.S > s.S > c.HS xx dp+HS, hcb+HS > RC >
f+HS > qcf, qcf+S
-This one will kill up on the lower defense players, like Chipp and Millia.  It
can be recovered from so it's more like a show-off combo w/ a theme than a
reliable beating.  The key is the timing of the s.S > s.S so that the c.HS can
catch the opponent w/ the Heat Knuckle...also the advancing after the RC and
when you use the f+HS are also important.

C O N C L U S I O N: There are many combos for you to do...WAY to many to list
them all, but you can pick up on a lot from these examples plus you can mix a
lot of them too giving you new ones.  Just play around, expand on these and
make your own.

[      S t r a t e g y        ]

Because Big-Po is so freaking big and slow, this is what you will be wanting to
correct.  Big-Po's biggest threat is from that of turtlers.  So advancing and
using the Sliding Head (qcf+S) is important.  Double jumping is often the
fastest way of moving Po forward.  Doing a Mega Fist I (qcf+P) is also a good
way.  Another good way is by using his Hammer Fall (cb, f+HS).  An extremely
fast way and used only because you have the opponent dizzied on the other side
or you just really need to get close is to do the Heavenly Potemkin Buster
(qcf, qcf+S) to get right beside them from far away. Also note, Potemkin's
Tension rises a lot when walking or going forward so...reap the benefits!

Not only is double jumping good for advancing, it also helps you get away from
precarious situations.  Often times ppl expect Potemkin to jump in, so by
jumping in and then jumping back, you can often lure a character to you.  Use

Pokeing is easy for Potemkin since his HS reaches pretty far, and if you
connect w/ that it is often advantageous to follow that up with a Hammer Fall
(cb,f+HS) to get close.  His c.K is also good to poke w/ especially since you
can connect it to a sweep or us it as a wake-up.

A really annoying thing to do to a friend w/ Potemkin is to knock the opponent
down, and then as they are getting up, do a Sliding Head (qcf+S) to knock them
back down and then do an OTG Mega Fist I (qcf+P).  Then when they wake up
again, repeat ad nausium.  This isn't a "true" tactic to use all the time
because the Mega Fist I can be recovered after the hit, but if the opponent
doesn't know that...heheh

Since Po's moves often create a gap between you can the opponent, such as f+HS
or HS, you will find it often advantageous to finish a combo w/ a sweep
instead.  Then walk towards them and jump up before they wake-up and attack w/
either j.HS, or j.K and combo or come in for a Potemkin Buster (hcb,f+P).
Sometimes thats the best way to apply a pressure game w/ Big-Po.

I didn't mention any FDC combos in the combo section, but when you get to using
this you'll figure it all out...hehe....but the best thing for Potemkin to use
the FDC is to eliminate the lag time of a lot of his moves!  His s.HS, his c.K,
and c.HS to name a few can greatly benefit from canceling the lag w/ FDC!

GG MODE POTEMKIN: When using gg mode w/ Big-Po, he might notice that he walks
faster, thats pretty much it folks...

S U R V I V A L:
As far as survival is concerned, Potemkin is rather well suited since he TONS 
of defense.  Unfortunalty, the AI is rather stupid at times and can be easily 
taken advantage of.  All you have to do is when the AI blocks a low attack, 
such as c.K, you just do a Dust and they will pretty much ALWAYS fall for 
it...so unleash the pain and rinse and repeat.  <<MORE TO COME>>

[       C r e d i t s         ]

Thanks to GameFAQS (www.gamefaqs.com) for hosting this FAQ
    and to the people on the message board!
Thanks to the GCC (www.gamecombos.com) forum.
    FatCat for the Impossible Dust tactics and to 
    abc_jaguar for the "infinite wake-up"
I guess I should thank Sammy and Arc Systems for making this game.

GUILTY GEAR X (C)2000 Sammy / 1998,2000 ARC SYSTEM WORKS CO.,LTD.  All
rights reserved.

Copyright 2002: Pope Stewart