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Ghosts 'n Goblins FAQ
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1. Version History
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Weapons
5. Items
6. Enemies
7. Walkthrough
8. Tips and Tricks
9. Facts
10. Credits

1. Version History

Version 1.5 - 4/18/2006

- Completed the whole walkthrough
- Added Tips and Tricks
- Added Enemies
- Added Facts
- Added Credits
- Added Introduction

Version 1 - 4/17/2006

- Started writing this guide
- Added all the controls, weapons, items
- Started the walkthrough

2. Introduction

Ghosts 'n Goblins is by far one of the greatest games Capcom has ever put out.
There is really no other platform game I enjoy playing more then Ghosts N
Goblins. The story starts off taking on the role of Sir Arthur Arthur, who
sees his sweetheart, Princess Guinevere, kidnapped by the Goblin King.
Arthur must run and jump through six horizontal and eight-way scrolling levels
in his bid to rescue the kidnapped princess. Arthur is initially armed with
throwable lances, but a variety of other throwing weapons, such as axes,
flaming torches, swords etc. are dropped by defeated enemies and can be picked
up and used to fend off the zombies, bats, demons and other assorted satanic
minions that Sir Arthur has to face. Each of the six end-of-level gates is
guarded by one of Satan's generals; huge, end-of-level guardians who must be
defeated before the player can finally reach the Goblin King and rescue the
princess. . This game is not easy by any means infact it's usually regarded
as one of the harder arcade games.

3. Controls

4-way Joystick moves Arthur side to side and up and down. There is 1 set of
buttons. 1 controls his weapon while the other jumps. Fairy simple controls

4. Weapons


- The player begins with this weapon. Moves in a straight line across the


- A powerful weapon. Similar to the Lance but travels much faster.

Flaming Torch

- A weapon of dubious value. Moves in a descending arc from the point of
release. It momentarily burns on the ground, destroying any enemy it comes in
contact with. It will kill enemies quicker than the Lance or Dagger but is more
awkward to use.


- Moves in a similar manner to the Flaming Torch. However, this weapon
continues through enemies, allowing one axe to kill multiple targets. More
powerful than the Flaming Torch but, again, is awkward to use.

Shield (or Crucifix if you are playing the Japanese version)

- Similar to the Lance in movement but with a very limited range. However,
unlike all other weapons, it can also block enemy fire. The Shield is the only
weapon capable of defeating the final boss.

5. Items

Skull Coins - 200
Wreaths - 200
Young Arthur Doll - 200
Foot Soldier Doll - 400
Knight Arthur Doll - 400
Princess Doll - 400
Ghost Dolls - 400
Devil Doll - 400
King Arthur Doll - 10,000
Money Bags - 500
The Princess' Ring - 100
The Princess' Shoe - 800
The Princess' Dress - 1,000
Arthur's Knickerbockers - 2,000
Arthur's Crown - 5,000

6. Enemies

Zombie -  200
Crows - 100
Eyeball Plant  - 100
Grave Spirit -  200
Sons of Satan - 1000
Dark Shield Knights -  100
Wraiths -  100
Cyclops  - 2000
Blue Devils 	- 100
Ogres - 500
Purple Goblins - 100
Bats -  100
Two-Headed Golems - 300
Dragons -	200 body part and 1000 head
Skeletons - 100
The Red Guard - 3000
Satan (a.k.a Lucifer, Mephisto, The Devil) "Prince of Darkness" -  10000

7. Walkthrough

-The Graveyard and Forest

The games begins in a graveyard walking to your right start shooting your weapon
repeatedly to kill the zombies that appear from the ground. If you see a zombie
with a basket attached to them they are carrying an item. So make sure you
dont kill them on a tombstone and wait for them to be in the clear then kill
them and pick up the item. Now make sure you jump over the tombstones. If you
want to get a quick 2,000 points hit one of the tombstones 15 times and a
Grave Spirit will appear. Quickly shoot him before he can turn you into a
frog and you get 200 points. You can do this with all tombstones. Anyways
sooner or later you will see a raised piece of land over you with a ladder. You
can either go the top or bottom way. Both lead to the same thing and personally
I'd go with the top only because if you take the bottom you have to worry
about zombies plus the eyeball plant spitting at you where if your ontop you
only have to worry about the eyeball plant. Also by now you should have the
torch. If you don't have the torch don't worry you can still use your lance
no problem. So taking the ladder up wait for the zombies to clear away
(they don't go down the ladder) and make sure the eyeball plant stops
spitting. Now is your chance quickly get up and shot your weapon at the
eyeball plant. If you miss or he shoots first you can jump over the shot with
no problem. Now hopefully you got by that ok. Move to your left and grab
the skull coin and move back to your right. Staying on top walk forward
jumping over tombstones and killing the enemies. Watch out for the eyeball
plant on the edge. This one always gets me cause I totally forget about
him. Now move down to the ground and keep moving right kill the enemies and
soon you will run into your first "boss". Sons of Satan is pretty quick so
shoot him 4 times with the lance or torch will kill him no problem. If you get
hit or you have no armor. You can get armor between the sons of Satan starting
position and last money bag. If you have armor the armor will not show up.
Moving on hop over the water. You will soon find Dark Shield Knights flying by
you watch out for the last one he moves low to the ground and will end up
hitting you. Again if you have no armor you can get it between the eyeball
plant and the money bag. Now going forward you will soon see Wraiths moving
back and forth across the screen. The safe way out is to ignore them unless
they happen to be in your way or will end up hitting you. Now keep going
quickly shoot the spitting plant and pick up the skull coin. Now you will find
your first REAL boss. But before you go killing Cyclops make sure you kill all
the Wraiths or they will follow you to cyclops and still try and get you there.
Now for Cyclops he's pretty fast and likes to jump all over the screen so all
you can really do is move out of his way and keep shooting. It takes about 10
to 15 hits pending on if you have the lance or torch to kill him. After you
kill him a key will come down. Go grab it and your onto the next level.

- The Ice Palace

This level more or less isn't hard it's just annoying. When you first start off
you will be greeted by Blue Devils. These guys are very fast and get annoying
pretty fast. So jump onto the first platform infront of you and move straight
right. You will find a platform moving up and down, jump up on it and jump
across to the platform under the eyeball plant. Moving forward quickly jump
onto the other platforms and finally you'll see regular land but before you
jump onto the last platform note that it drops the minute you step on it. So
be ready to do a fast jump and then another quick jump while holding right.
You should make it with no problem. Now that your on flatland walk forward
and go by the first building don't worry there's no enemies yet. Now you will
come up on a second house. This house has Blue Devils flying out the windows
from all directions. You have 2 choices, first choice is to stand your ground
and fight them. Or second choice and keep walking and pass them unless they
come straight at you. Note that the torch is useless against these guys because
they are slightly to fast for the torch so you'd need the lance. Jump over the
water gap and you will see Ogres. These guys take about 10 hits with the lance
to kill. So take the first ladder and start firing your weapon asap at them.
You SHOULD have enough time to kill them before they hit you. Now you'll see
2 ladders it's personal preference this time both ladders lead to the same
place. Which one you pick kill the Orges and grab the Skull coin. Moving on
go to your right and kill the ravens that are flying around. Do not take any
ladders going up for they are useless and you'll need to take a ladder down to
actually go anywhere else. There's 2 skull coins up there so if you want them
watch out for the Ogres and go get them. Now take the ladder down and kill
that Ogre grab the skull coin and go down the ladder.  Also Orges can
walk through the stone walls so watch out. Now your done with that mess,
going forward you will see 3 stone blocks over water. The minute you step on
them they move up and down. So jump carefully on them to make it across the
water. You will then be on a platform with yet another water gap with stone
blocks do the same thing you did last time. Watch out for the red ravens these
are different from the blue ravens because they pick a target, and fly right
at it. So make your way across that and then theres 2 more of these so do
the same thing you did before. Take your time dont rush or you'll end up dying.
What I found out was that if you let the blocks go through their movements
first THEN I make my way across so there's no surprise. You hopefully finished
that and now your back to stable land. Move to your right and welcome to boss
number 2 which is two (2) Cyclops. There really is no easy way to beat them
they love to jump and shoot fireballs. So what you should do is take a few
shots then stop and be on the defense then go back to shooting. Try and kill
the Cyclops with the basket first because he holds the knife. When you get the
knife I suggest you keep it as long as you can because it's a really good
weapon to have. Hopefully you killed them and got the key and completed that

- The Caves

When the level starts you'll see bats at the top of the screen and probably a
zombie coming at you. First duck then kill the zombie, the bats won't bother
with you. Now move forward and go up the first ladder. Grab the skull coin and
stay ontop and kill the zombies that come up to you. You should see a zombie
with a basket. Kill him and you should see The Princess' Shoe. Pick it up and
you get a fresh 800 points. Jump over the stones if you want you can do the
"turn into a frog" trick here where if you hit the stone 15 times Grave Spirit
comes out and trys to turn you into a frog. Killing him gives you 200. Now
you should be near the end of the top level. You can either take the ladder or
jump off the side. But before you do that you have to kill the Two-Headed
Golems. These guys aren't exactly easy, they have 2 heads so they can shoot
either from the top or bottom or both. So kill the Two-Headed Golem on the top
jump off the side. Kill the Two-Headed Golem infront of you and go forward. Now
going forward you will see your buddy Sons of Satan but he's slightly faster
now and every time you shoot your weapon he'll move out of the way. So this is
where I pray that you still have the knife. Shoot repeatedly with the knife and
he will die in 3-4 hits from the knife. Make your way up and watch out for the
Wraiths. Moving up more you'll see yet another Sons of Satan. Kill him with
your knife and keep moving forward. Take the ladder and go up, grab the money
bags and kill the Wraiths. Make your way thro the top section killing the
Wraiths and Blue Devils. Just before you jump down watch out because under you
is yet another Sons of Satan. Again kill with the knife and move down grab the
money bag and jump down to the ground. Sadly there is yet ANOTHER Sons of Satan
killing him with the knife and move to the right. You will bump into your boss
Dragons. The first thing you want to do is never shoot directly at him you
need to kill off his tail first then go for his head. Each section of the
tail takes only 1 hit the head takes 3-4 hits. Kill him off grab the key
and move to the next level.

- The Great Abyss

This level is one of the quickest yet hardest levels in the game. You will see
a bunch of moving platforms. You need to make your way carefully over the big
gaps under you. Take your time and don't rush. Just before your done you'll find
Sons of Satan waiting for you on the bridge. Stop jumping and focus on killing
him asap. Once you kill him move onto the bridge. Note that if you don't kill
Sons of Satan he will follow you until the end of the level which isnt a good
thing. Now carefully make your way through the bridge watch out for the
fire that spits up. At the end of the bridge is yet another Sons of Satan.
Kill him off and meet your boss which is Dragons again. Remember kill the
tail first and then the head. Grab the key and move to the next level.
Like I said this level is quick

- Satan's Castle Entrance

Make sure you still have the knife with you in this level. Also this is the
level where the cross/sheild starts to make an appearance so basically
anything with a basket kill it. It's not the easiest weapon to get. Now when
you get it DO NOT GET ANOTHER WEAPON or you can't beat the game.
When you start the level you will see Blue Devils and a ladder..take the ladder
up and hit the skull as soon as you can or it will turn into a skeleton and
most likely hit you. So kill him and grab the skull coin, go back down the
ladder and kill the skull infront of you keep walking and then take the ladder
up. By now you should have noticed plenty of Wraiths and Blue Devils. So after
you take the ladder up grab the skull coin and take the ladder up thats to your
left. Grab the skull coin there. You'll notice 2 bats, ignore them because they
wont touch you and jump over the gap. Kill the skull and take the ladder up now
walk to the right and take that ladder up and you need to beat yet another Sons
of Satan. For some odd reason this Sons of Satan isn't that annoying simply
hit him with the knife 4-5 times and he's done. Now you need to take the ladder
to your left and stay on that side following the ladders up until you can't go
up anymore. Then you need to go to your right and jump on the moving platform
and go across and jump onto the other side. Now take that ladder up and kill
the Ogre, jump over the gap and take that ladder up. Then quickly take the next
ladder or the Ogre will spot you and attack you. Go up yet another ladder and
grab the skull coin. Walk across and take the ladder up then the next ladder
on your right and before you know it you'll be met by The Red Guard. He's
pretty fast and when he covers himself he's blocking your shots so just keep
shooting and hopefully he'll die soon. Grab the key and your onto the next

- Satan's Castle Tower

This level is quite annoying if you don't have the shield your basically
screwed. But hoping you have the shield kill the wraith and go up the ladder
you need to move quickly and get off the ladder and then QUICKLY run to the
next ladder on the left side don't even bother with the 2 cyclops. Go to the
right and take that ladder and now you'll see your buddy the dragons. Kill him
and stay to your left. DO NOT go to your right or you'll meet Sons of Satan and
trust me you don't want to even tho he's easy you want to save your health. Go
up the series of ladders and kill the Ogre and go to your right kill the skull
and you'll see Sons of Satan under you. Don't worry he won't wake up go up the
ladder kill the Ogre and the skulls and go up the ladder on your left side. Go
across and kill the skulls and Ogre then up that ladder and now sadly you have
to kill off the skeleton quickly and worry about three (3) Sons of Satan. Tho
you have the shield its quite easy since you can block their shots at you. So
kill them off. Kill the skull and now take the ladder and stay to your far left
as much as possible. And go up the stone ladder again staying to your far left.
You will see The Red Guard, kill him off again remember you can block his shots
after you kill him move to your right and surprise theres yet another Red
Guard. Kill him off and grab the key. Congrads your at the final boss now if
you have the shield. If you don't you will be warped back to Satan's Castle
Entrance until you get the shield and have to repeat this level all over again.

- Satan's Throne Room

Wow this guy is ugly! Keep as far away as you can but make sure you are
in reach to use your shield. Jump the fireballs which don't move to quickly so
you should have no problem. Once you kill him sadly the screen flashes and
says it was just an illusion and you need to start the game over. When you
play the game over again the enemies move slightly faster but when you kill
Satan this time you get a good ending. Congradulations you beat one of the
hardest games in the arcade.

8. Tips and Tricks

Game Tricks :

* Turn Into A Frog : As soon as you become a duck, shoot a tombstone 15 times
in a row and a Grave Spirit will appear. The Grave Spirit will fire
a bolt at you. Let it hit you and you'll become a frog.

* Frog Bug Trick : Wait until the timer reaches 0 :01 and then have the
Grave Spirit turn you into a frog, if he turns you into a frog as the timer runs
out, Arthur becomes distorted (sprite broken) and the timer becomes crazy.
But you can continue the play like this. :)

* Levitating Monsters : At level 6 (just after having beaten the big red
guardian), kill the 5 skulls, then climb up the ladder to wake up the 2
doglike monsters. Go down again and walk right until you're blocked by the
wall. Then wait for the monsters to stand just over you (possibly at the
rightmost possible point), shoot at this very moment and it happens that they
jump and remain in mid-air. It's not easy to do that, but you can manage to
have both jumping and stuck. After that, you can safely climb up the ladder
and walk while the monsters are moving above you without touching you. Don't
shoot again, or they may jump up and go to the upper platform.

Boss Tricks :

1) Dragon Trick - You can pass the level four dragon by fleeing! Just walk
until music changes to boss theme (if you can't hear that, the spot is where
you have the last two flames on the left of the screen), then go to extreme
left : if everything is okay, the music should stop and the flames freeze. Go
to the door to collect the key.

2) Demon Trick - To make disappear the demon boss at end of level five, try
running away from him as fast as you can! Reach the floor with the hole in it
and jump through it. If you have correct timing, you will fall in the pit,
avoiding the moving platforms, and eventually escape the boss. Ogre boss tricks
 - The ogre bosses tend to jump when you fire, even if not directly at them.
 This is very useful in level six, when you can avoid losing your armor by
 activating the ogres, then going down the ladder and firing while holding your
 man in the same position where he starts at the beginning of the level.

Other Tricks :

1) Weapon Trick - After having defeated a level boss(es), the Arthur can fire
two or three "invisible shots"; if the man is facing the right border of the
screen while doing so, the shots will reappear in the following stage.
This can be exploited to kill some of the skulls at beginning of level six

2) Fire Bridge Trick - If the game difficulty level is not set to hard (you
can check this by the zombies' speed), the fire bridge can be traversed
by simply going right without stopping.

3) Weird Spots - In levels five and six there are spots where you can jump
through the yellow rock background : usually getting blocked or killed. In
level six, the floor below the bosses' has an invisible hole in it at the
extreme left : this can be used to the player's advantage.

4) Cemetery Glitch - Reach the last tomb before the devil, jump it and go
right two or three steps. Arthur should now be in front of a tree on the
background. Don't go any further - go back, instead. Climb the first ladder
you'll meet, then climb down the one on the left, which shouldn't be completely
on the screen if you peformed the trick correctly : surprise!

5) Warp Trick - This is very odd : by a strategy similar to the one to reveal
the cemetery glitch (that is, fiddling with scroll), you can activate a 'level
warp' in the platform section at the beginning of level four. It involves
going right, then trying to have some platform carry you beyond the
'scroll stops' line on the left. This should kill Arthur and possibly
make the next life start on the fire bridge or in level 5.

Where is the  Armor? :

1) The first armor is in the cemetery, between the red devil's starting
position and last money bag : jump there to catch it. In the forest, there's
the infamous unreachable armor : to collect it you should reach a spot just
above the money bag right after the first eyeball plant. This cannot be done by

2) There are two armors in the ice palace. One can be gotten by walking left
off the topmost platform; the other will fall right in front of the inferior
plant by roaming around the other plant's location.

3) There are two armors in the blue cave. The first one is obtained by climbing
the leftmost ladder and falling off the ledge. To get the second, perform a
well-placed jump (you have to cross some precise point in mid-air while
falling) before the fight with the last red devil.

4) The last armor is collected in level six by simply walking right on the
first floor with hulk-like monsters on it.

9. Facts

Licenced to Taito for US manufacture and distribution.
Also licensed to Romstar for US distribution.

This game is known in Japan as "Makaimura".

The princess was officially called 'Prin Prin' (this is a onomatopeia for
the buttocks which make a pretty movement).

The main character, Arthur, appears as a striker character in "Marvel vs.
Capcom - Clash of Super Heroes".

The red flying gargoyle enemy that you come across in the first level actually
 has his own game on the Nintendo Game Boy called "Gargoyle's Quest -
 Ghosts'n Goblins" and a few sequels on Nintendo Famicom / SNES. The
 gargoyle has been also included as a secret boss in Neo-Geo's "SNK Vs.
 Capcom - SVC Chaos".

Alfa Records released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game

Bandai made a board game for GnG in Japan back in the 80s. Of course it was
only released in japan.

10. Credits

Info taken from Ghosts 'n' Goblins Online, Wikipedia, The Ghoul Realm,  and
Mame's History .dat