FAQ/Walkthrough by CoolDeramon

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SonSon FAQ  v1.2
By: CoolDeramon
Email : rokon37@hotmail.com


[1] About the game
[2] The SonSon series
[3] Why I did this...
[4] Background
[5] Story
[6] Characters
[7] Controls
[8] Normal Items
[9] Special Items
[10] Enemies
[11] 1-Up Info
[12] The POW
[13] Beating the game
[14] Disclaimer
[15] Credits

[1] About This Game
Son Son is set on a 2D plain in which the screen is constsntly moving forward, but your are
no restricted to doing so.  You may jump up or down one of the six horizontal layers the
screen is seperated into, or move backward or forward. You fire balls from your staff to defeat
enemies and earn points.  Items scattered on the ground are collected to add points to your total,
and if you get enough, you may gain an extra life.   If you die, you are brought back on the screen on
a cloud on the layer you died on moving back and forth while you are momentarely invincible.
As you progress through the game, rocks with decending numbers will appear to show how far
you are in the game, it starts at 20 and works it's way down to 1.

[2] The SonSon Series
SonSon, Capcom's game that time forgot, was first released in arcades across america in 1984.
It would later be incorporated to the NES in 1986, which was identical to the arcade version.
The game had 8-bit graphics common to those at the time, and the sound was indeed primative,
but still help all the action its previous version had.  The game spawned one sequel, SonSon II,
which was released for the less popular Turbo Grafix 16 system four years later.  Son Son would
not make another appearance for another ten years.

[3] Why I Did This
I'll answer that question with a quote from a jokster who lived long ago (who's name escapes me
at this time), "Because it wasn't there".  Basically, I played a game (I'm sure you know) called
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, which featured a monkey-like character I had never seen before.
Thanks to the info of people from various Message Boards I learned of this old obscure NES
game and of it's arcade counterpart.  I downloaded it, played it, and although very (or should
I say extremely) outdated, it provides all you would want in an old arcade game: simples rules,
fun characters, and a simple goal.  I looked and saw no FAQs on this game, and I thought if
Capcom had a reason of bringing back Son Son after ten years of obscurity, I might as well

[4] A Brief History of the Monkey Hero
If Son Son seems familiar to you, don't think it's a rip-off of anything else (I.E. Monkey Magic,
Mega Man's villan 'BusterRodG', and a little anime called Dragon Ball Z).  Son Son is one of
 many characters based on an ancient Chinese legend involving a magical monkey person
(supposed to be male), who would play pranks and tricks on people and the gods.  This
 person (called Gokuu, seem familiar?) had a magical cloud he would ride on he stole from the
 gods, as well as a golden-rimmed rod.  He had two weaknesses, one was gripping his tail,
 which would drain his strength, and two, was a great hunger that would leave him vulnerable if
 food was around.

[5] Story
There really is not much of a story at all for this game.  Basically a great evil sweeps the land
and some villagers from a chinese town (who all happen to be animals) are kidnapped by
some unknown force.  SonSon, being the protector she is, decides to rescue them with the
help of her friend, TonTon the pig farmer.

[6] Characters
Son Son (Player one default)
The hero, or should I say heroine of this game.  SonSon is a small money-girl sage who sets
off on this quest to save her friends.  Armed with only her monkey-like agility and magical
staff, SonSon takes off over the vast lands of imperial China to rescue the ones she cares

TonTon (Player two default)
Son Son's best friend, Ton Ton is a pig farmer who has no protection but a pitchfork that
can magically shoot balls just like Son Son's staff.  He plays exactly like Son Son in every way
so really which player you are doesn't matter.

[7] Controls
Press Up - Jump up one layer of land
Press Down - Jump down one layer of land
Press Right - Moves right
Press Left - Moves left
(A) Button - Nothing
(B) Button - Shoots
Press Start - Pauses game
Press Select - Moves the cursor on the title screen

[8] Normal Items
Normal Items are found scattered along the screen.  Usually there are 3-5 items on the screen
at any given time, but only some are worth your while.  You should normally despense of any
onscreen enemies before you get items, but since points are the name of the game here, grab
as much as you can whenever you can.

Item (Points Recieved)
Lotus Flower (10)
Radish (10)
Cherry (20)
Shish Kabab (20)
Red Flower (30)
Carrot (40)
Jug (40)
Tomato (50)
Potato Chip (50)
Fish (60)
Grapes (70)
Water Melon (70)
White Carrot (80)
Blue Pepper (80)
Bannana (100)
Blue Fruit (100)

[9] Special Items
Special items appear in front of wooden posts that arrive every so often on your progress.
You should definitely make an effort to get these, as they provide a large amount of points
you would normally have to beat out of a whole group of enemies.

Item (Points Recieved)
Large Carrot (1000)
Uprooting Shell (1000) (Uprooting Shell appears randomly on screen)
Noodles (2000)
Omlete in dish (3000)
Pinwheel (4000) (Pinwheel appears after defeating the Green Bombers sets 1 & 2)
Large Lemon (4000)
Strawberry Shortcake (5000)
Corn Dog (6000)
Large Squash (7000)
Large Watermelon (8000)
Pineapple (9000)
Large Strawberry (10000)

[10] Enemies
The bad guys.  These guys will appear in groups usually across all the layers of the screen.
Defeating one alone will give you mediocre points, but defeating a whole group can net you
a large point bonus.  Move fast and shoot fast to destroy as many as you can.

Enemy (Points Recieved) Single/Group
Bat (50) Single (500) Group

Fish (50) Single (500) Group

Orange Dragon Fly (50) Single (500) Group

Purple Dragon Fly (50) Single (500) Group

Stone Warrior (150) Single (1000) Group

Spearman (150) Single (1000) Group
- Spears (Thrown by S.Man) (30)

Horse Fly (150)

Skull Coin (500)

Green Bomber (Mid Bosses) (1000)
- Bombs (Thrown by G.Bomber) (30)
- Skull Block (In front of G. Bomber) (500)

Red Cloud Man (4000)

Purple Cloud Man (5000)

Green Cloud Man (6000)
- Axes (Thrown by C.Men) (30)
- Skull Sheild (In front of C. Men) (2000)

[11] 1-Ups
1-Ups are gained at the following score levels:
- Your first 20000 points
- Your first 80000 points
- And every 10000 points after that

[12] The POW
Just like special items, the POW item (the flashing word "pow") can be found in front of
wooden signs along the levels.  Obtaining one of these will turn every enemy on the screen into
a random special item, usually the Large Carrot or the Noodles.  Wait until the screen is full of
enemies before getting this, but don't let it go off the screen!

[13] Beating the Game
After you've traveled through all 20 areas, you will arrive in a cloud area with a staff floating
in front of a Buduh statue.  Grab this and the game is won!  Your friends are rescued and
peace has returned.  But beating the game has another perk.  Besides a point bonus,
you get a chance to play through the game again, only this time with harder enemies and more
gracious special items laying around (here come the points!).

[14] Disclamer
I'm sure you won't but just so you know: This FAQ, being written by me, is my property and
If you reproduce it, and slap your name on it and call it yours, your breaking the law.  I don't
want anyone getting fined for copying my work so please just let it be.

[15] Credits
Capcom, for brining back an old, almost unknown character back to life

My local Arcades, for giving me a placed to play MvC2

Vegita's SonSon (MvC2) FAQ, for some info on the monkey legend

GameFaqs.com, for putting my FAQ up and being a great place for gaming info.