• Secret Characters

    Enter the following codes in the name entry screen with the following PIN codes to reveal a secret character...

    TURMEL - 0322
    AZPOD - 4777
    FRANC - 1221
    JUAN - 6521
    BERT - 8537
    JOVE - 6644
    AUBREY - 6666
    ALLEN - 7911
    BYRON - 1969
    FRANZ - 8421
    BRAIN - 2221
    MIKE - 3333
    CALEB - 0916
    BYRON - 1111
    GRINCH - 0222
    DAVID - 3456
    FORDEN - 1111
    SAL - 0201
    JAPPLE - 6660
    JENIFR - 3333
    JUIS - 3333
    DANIEL - 0604
    JASON - 3141
    ROOT - 6000
    BRAIN - 1111
    GENTIL - 1111
    RAIDEN - 3691
    ROOT - 6000
    SHINOK - 8337
    SKULL - 1111
    THUG - 1111
    GUIDO - 6765

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.

  • Vs Screen Passwords

    At the Vs. screen enter the following codes. Note: The first number is Turbo, the second is Pass, and the third is Jump and the last is the direction to hold.

    Allow Late Hits0-1-0-Up
    Big Head Mode2-0-0-Right
    Clear Tournament Mode1-1-1-Up
    Fast Passes2-5-0-Left
    Fast Turbo Mode0-3-2-Left
    Giant Football Mode0-5-0-Down
    Giant Head Mode0-4-0-Right
    Giant Team Mode1-4-1-Right
    Harder Computer Oppenent3-1-4-Down
    Hide Ball Handler Name5-2-2-Down
    Hide Reciever Name1-0-2-Down
    Hyper Blitzing Mode5-5-5-Up
    Infinite Turbo5-1-4-Up
    Invisible Mode4-3-3-Up
    More Accurate Passing4-2-3-Left
    Night Game Mode2-2-2-Right
    No CPU Assistance0-1-2-Down
    No Fumbles Mode4-3-2-Down
    No Head Mode3-1-2-Left
    No Interceptions3-4-4-Up
    No Punting1-5-1-Up
    No Stadium Mode5-0-0-Left
    Power Up Blocking Mode3-1-2-Left
    Powerful Offense3-1-2-Up
    Powerful Teamates2-3-3-Up
    Random Play Selection1-1-5-Left
    Show Field Goal Percentage0-0-1-Down
    Show More Field0-2-1-Right
    Snowing Mode5-2-5-Down
    Step Out of Bounds2-1-1-Left
    Stronger Defense4-2-1-Up
    Super Blitzing Mode0-4-5-Up
    Super Field Goal Mode1-2-3-Left
    Super Long Passes2-2-3-Right
    Super Speed Mode4-0-4-Left
    Team Big Head Mode2-0-3-Right
    Team Huge Head Mode1-2-3-Right
    Tiny Team Mode3-1-0-Right
    Tournament Mode1-1-1-Down

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.


  • Hide Cursor While Making Plays

    When you're on the play selection screen, you can hide the cursor so others can't see the play you choose. To do this, highlight the upper-left play (where the cursor is before you move it), then move Up on the joystick twice to hide the cursor.

    Contributed By: QQGG.

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