Coaching Tips by Midway

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                                 Coaching Tips
   The following is a list of tips. These are taken directly from
   Midways' NFL Blitz Page. (
   Turbo- Use the TURBO button to make your player run faster jump higher
   and hit harder, use your turbo wisely!
   Spin Move- When on offense double tap the TURBO button to spin around
   Stiff arm- When on offense use TURBO + A to demolish a would be
   Dive Forward- When on offense to get that extra yard hold TURBO and
   double tap to A button.
   Offensive Hurdle- When on offense hit the A button to make your payer
   hurdle or TURBO + A for a super hurdle.
   Hurdle Throw- If your the Q.B. use A to hurdle then while in the air
   use B to throw the ball, use this to evade rushers.
   Push- When on defense use TURBO + B to break up offensive receivers
   and deny the Q.B. a reception.
   Dive Tackle- When on defense use TURBO + A to dive at an opponent and
   crush him mercilessly.
   Defensive Hurdle- When on defense you can hurdle the line and charge
   the Q.B. by using TURBO + A.
   Block Kick- If the offense is kicking the ball use TURBO + A to
   attempt to block.
   Onside Kick- On a kick off HOLD BACK and hit TURBO + A + B to try an
   onside kick.
   Man in Motion- Before the ball is snapped PUSH THE JOYSTICK LEFT OR
   RIGHT to move your man in motion .
   Extra Blocker- When on offense snap the ball using TURBO + A + B to
   have your man in motion become an extra .blocker
   Catch- If the ball is in the air hit the A button to jump for it, use
   this for interceptions!
   Fumble Recovery- If the ball has been fumbled hit TURBO + A to dive on
   Hidden Play Select- When in play select push the joystick UP THREE
   TIMES to hide your cursor.
   Random Play- To randomly select your play PUSH UP and TURBO.
   Secret Plays- Try special joy stick button combinations for hidden
   Passing Limits- No Q.B. can throw more than 60 yards?
   Offensive Fire- Try to get on fire by converting a 4th down to a first
   down, fire makes your team more powerful.
   Defensive Fire- Try to get on fire by sacking the Q.B. twice in a row,
   fire powers up your team.
   Putting Out Fire- When on offense, get a first down, when on defense,
   sack the Q.B.
   Tackling- When on defense charge into your opponent to bring him down
   use TURBO for a devastating hit.
   Passing- Use the B button to throw the ball, make sure you receiver is
   open or he might get blasted and cough it up.
   Change Player- If you don't have the ball use the B button to change
   to the closest guy to it.
   Swat- When on defense us the B button to try and strip the ball lose.
   Up and Over- When on offense near the goal line try to go up and over
   the line of scrimmage by use TURBO + B.
   Kicking Limits- No kicker can a more than a 50 yard field goal?
   Passing- When your the Q.B. point the joystick at the intended
   receiver to light him up then hit B to pass the ball.
   Turbo Pass- When your the Q.B. hold TURBO to and hit the B button to
   throw a bullet pass.
   Lateral- If your in trouble, dump the ball off to another teammate by
   hitting the B button when the teammate is near you.
   Field Goal- Aim the kick with your joystick, select your power using
   the A or B button, and let it fly.
   Punt- Aim the kick with your joystick, select your power using the A
   or B button, and let it fly.