Glitch FAQ by Zio

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By Zio (

  UPDATE: FEB 16 1997 / 23:56 PST
  WEIRD STUFF: 6 point conversion?!
   Manic wrote in with this:
--- Heres the scenario..
--- 3rd quarter, your up 35-27 and the computer is driving, you fail to stop
--- them from getting the TD, the score is 35-33 and you know they are going
--- for the tie, you read the offense wrong and the waltz in for an easy 2
--- point conversion, only instead of being tied, the score is now 41-35, the
--- computer somehow is given an extra 6 points.
  WEIRD STUFF: Deflection Glitch
   Manic wrote in with this:
--- When you block/deflect a field goal, if a member of your team
--- catches it, you can of course, return it, however, the screen
--- doesnt flip to where you run up screen, instead you continute
--- running downscreen, which looks really strange.

   This doesn't happen on the 1.1 machines I play... is this what 1.21
   now does?
  WEIRD STUFF: More on the Deflection Glitch
   Zach Harmon wrote in with this:
--- (...) with the Deflection Glitch, I've seen that on the 1.1 machine I
--- play on.  The weirdest part was that the defensive made no attempt to
--- tackle me - it just looked like a giant congo line as about 10 players
--- from their team *followed* my guy about 60 yards before the computer
--- registered the turnover, gave the "Interception!" sound and graphic, and
--- flipped the screen around.  Pretty cool.
  WEIRD STUFF: And even *more* on the Deflection Glitch
   Brian Palicia wrote in with this:
--- Yesterday I blocked a field goal, and one of my defenders caught it
--- and was running down the field.  Of course I experienced the glitch
--- we already know about where the screen doesn't rotate around.
--- Well, I fumbled.  This is where it got *real* strange.  The camera
--- zoomed back *incredibly* far.  The whole of the stadium was an image
--- smaller than my palm, floating in the upper left corner of a black
--- screen.  On the next play, thankfully, everything was returned to
--- normal.
  WEIRD STUFF: Code glitch, or not??
   Manic also wrote in with this:
--- Glitch/Bug or Secret Code? - You Decide:
--- How I did this I am not exactly sure, i tried enter 6 - 6 - 6, then
--- pressing down to lock it in, only it did not lock it, it did not reset
--- all blocks to 0 - 0 - 0, so i hit all 3 other directions, not sure what
--- order, still no lock, i moved the stick 360 degrees clockwise several
--- times, still, no luck, so i did the same thing counter-clockwise, and
--- again, NO LUCK.  Then the game started, everything was normal, EXCEPT
--- that on the play select screen I could NEVER move down, i could go up,
--- left, right, but not down..

   Too weird...
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