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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you reach the fourth level of charge?

I was looking at a sprite sheet for this game, and I noticed Mega Man, Proto Man and Bass have a fourth level of charge shot. This might be for Power Battle too, but I only saw it on the PF sheet. Anyway, how are you supposed to use it? Is there a pick-up, is it one of the "power parts" you get from Roll? I got all three of them, and there's just the one with the super jump that does anything.

Additional details - 5 years ago

Also, I saw something that looks like Mega Man has another special attack (the one you execute by holding up and releasing a full charge) other than his shoryuken, it looks like a one-two punch he does in mid-air. Has the same yellow energy around his hands like the shoryuken, so anyone know about that either?

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From: blueblur595 5 years ago

This is just a theory, but I believe that you get these when you get all of the missing parts in the game. They should allow you to pull 4th LVL Charge.

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