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- What Is This?
- Where To Find This FAQ
- Special Thanks : Special People, FAQ Writers/Contributors

- Introduction To Street Fighter Alpha 3
- Introduction To M. Bison
- Legend : General Notation, Joystick/Button Layout, Button Presses
- Universal Moves : ISMs, Moving & Blocking, Special/Other Universal Moves
- M. Bison Command Attacks
- M. Bison Throws : Deadly Throw, Psycho Fall
- M. Bison Special Moves : Psycho Shot, Psycho Crusher, Double Knee Press, Head 
Press => Somersault Skull Diver, Somersault Skull Diver, Bison Warp
- M. Bison Super Combos : Psycho Crusher, Knee Press Nightname

- Normal Moves : Standing/Crouching/Jumping LP/MP/HP/LK/MK/HK
- Throws : Deadly Throw, Psycho Fall
- Special Moves : Psycho Shot, Psycho Crusher, Double Knee Press, Head Press => 
Somersault Skull Diver, Somersault Skull Diver, Bison Warp
- Super Combos : Psycho Crusher, Knee Press Nightmare

- Basic
- 2-in-1
- Variable

- General : Poking, Jumping, Ticking, Countering, Recovering
- Vs CPU : Akuma, Sagat, Ryu
- Vs Human

- Storyline : Opening Storyline (Personal Data, Special Moves, Opening 
Introduction), Vs Akuma, Vs Sagat, Vs Ryu 
- Ending
- Win Quotes
- Animations
- Colors
- Shin Bison

- Acknowledgements : Vesther Fauransy, Kao Megura, Chocobo, Micheal Torres, 
Nedfar, Svenyip & Shred-Man, Kailu Lantis, Robert Iu, Finny Merrill, Guy "Type 
R", ShinJN, Gamefaqs.com
- What's New In This Version : Version 0.008, Version 0.007, Version 0.006, 
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What Is This?

This is a FAQ detailing SFA3 M. Bison, the ruthless and evil dictator of 
Shadoloo/Shadaloo/Shadowlaw (same organization).  He has been terrorizing the SF 
universe since Street Fighter 2: World Warriors where he was the final boss 
character after Sagat.  He has changed a lot since those days, but he is still 
around making one last attempt to take over the world.  This FAQ will hopefully 
help you achieve that end in the SFA universe.  I discuss his moves and super 
combos and then analyze/discuss their uses.  I also include combos and versus 
strategy towards the end of this FAQ.  I also list miscellaneous information 
about M. Bison at the end.

Where To Find This FAQ

Sooner or later, I will post this on my web site at this location: 
http://members.tripod.com/davidja/faqs/sfa3mbison.txt.  I will also attempt to 
put this on gamefaqs.com.  In the meanwhile, enjoy.

Special Thanks

This FAQ would not be possible without the work and efforts of the following 

Special People

-God for allowing me to grace this earth
-My parents and family for birthing, raising, loving, and tolerating me
-Myself for finally deciding to be man enough to write a FAQ and face 
criticism on my FAQ and SFA3 techniques

FAQ Writers/Contributors

-Vesther Fauransy for his help with the copyright information
-Kao Megura, Chocobo, Michael Torres, Nedfar, Svenyip & Shred-Man, Kailu Lantis, 
Robert Iu, Finny Merrill, Guy "Type R", and ShinJN for their FAQ's
-Capcom for another great albeit flawed in some spots arcade and PSX SFA3 (and 
hopefully DreamCast SFA3)
-a.g.sf2 (alt.games.sf2) for being a good source of info for all SF games
-Gamefaqs.com for having such a huge depository of information on so many 
video games and posting my FAQ

Full acknowledgements (FAQ titles, etc) are listed at the bottom of this FAQ.


Along with M. Bison moves I will present a small introduction into SFA3.

Introduction to Street Fighter Alpha 3

In an effort to make this FAQ a whole lot shorter, I am assuming that you have a 
working knowledge of Street Fighter.  If you are completely new to Street 
Fighter Alpha 3, then I suggest you read the following FAQ's: 

Kao Megura's Street Fighter Alpha 3 FAQ
Nedfar's Street Fighter Alpha 3 Combo System and General FAQ

They are both listed below in the Acknowledgements section and can be found at 
http://www.gamefaqs.com.  If you have a basic understanding of Street Fighter 
and can do without, then read on.

Introduction to M. Bison

M. Bison is the embodiment of evil in the SF/SFA universe.  Many people want his 
butt on a stick for many reasons.  Of course, he wants nothing less than to take 
over the world.  He has a good mixture of speed and power.  They have been 
toning him down since SFA1, but he is still a very viable character.  His ISMs 
do vary a lot (X-ISM is very different from the other two).  Let us begin our 
lesson in World Domination, shall we? :)


The format used in this legend is loosely based on James Chen's X-Men versus 
Street Fighter combo model/format.  

General Notation

+ : Perform simultaneously             _ : Or (or simply the word "or")
, : Perform next motion                => : Perform next sequence          
/\ : Leave ground for attack           \/ : Land from a jumping attack
* : Hold direction/button              ^ : Release button(s) held down
X n : Perform n times/repeatedly       XX : Cancel into special move/super combo
J : Jumping                            CU : Cross Up
Close : Standing close                 Far : Standing far
(air) : Move can be performed in air   air : Move can only be performed in air
360 : One full joystick rotation       720 : Two full rotations of the joystick
(XAV) : Available in X, A, or V-ISM

Joystick/Button Layout

           1P                            2P
UB  U  UF                     UF  U  UB
  O O O                         O O O
   \|/    (LP)  (MP)  (HP)       \|/    (LP)  (MP)  (HP)
B O-O-O F                     F O-O-O B
   /|\    (LK)  (MK)  (HK)       /|\    (LK)  (MK)  (HK)
  O O O                         O O O
DB  D  DF                     DF  D  DB

For the purposes of this FAQ, I am assuming that you are facing right, i.e., the 
default 1P side.  If you happen to be on the 2P side, simply switch the left and 
right joystick commands to get the same effect.  I will be using both letter and 
joystick notation to describe each move.

Up/Back(UB)    Up(U)       Up/Forward(UF)    Light     Medium    Hard 
                                             Punch     Punch     Punch
      O             O             O 
       \            |            /           (LP)      (MP)      (HP)         

Back(B)        Neutral(N)  Forward(F)        Jab       Strong    Fierce
      O-            O            -O          Short     Forward   Roundhouse
Down/Back(DB)  Down(D)     Down/Forward(DF)  (LK)      (MK)      (HK)
       /            |            \           Light     Medium    Hard 
      O             O             O          Kick      Kick      Kick

Button Presses
P/K : Any Punch/Kick                PP/KK : Two Punches/Kicks 
3P/3K : All Punches/Kicks           P_K : Any Attack
LL : Light Punch + Kick (LP + LK)   MM : Medium Punch + Kick (MP + MK)
HH : Hard Punch + Kick (HP + HK)    SS : Same Strength Punch + Kick (LL_MM_HH)
START :  Arcade Start button        SELECT : PSX Select button 

Universal Moves

Most of these are self-explanatory, but it is good to mention them since the 
game engine for Street Fighter Alpha 3 had undergone some major changes.


The chart below is courtesy of Chris MacDonald's/Kao Megura's excellent FAQ on 
Street Fighter Alpha 3.  It explains the differences between the 3 ISMs much 
better than I could.

ABILITIES               X-ISM               A-ISM               V-ISM
Air Blocking            No                  Yes                 Yes
Air Recovery            Yes                 Yes                 Yes
Ground Recovery         No                  Yes                 Yes
Taunts                  Only Dan            Yes                 Yes
Guard Power Rating      High                Varies              Varies
SC/OC Gauge Speed       Slow                Normal              Fast
Levels Available        1                   3                   2 (50% / 100%)
Alpha Counter Cost      n/a                 1 SC + 1 GP         50% OC + 1 GP
Damage Rating           x1.2*               x1.0                x0.8
Defense Rating          x0.8                x1.0                x1.0
(OC = Original Combo aka Variable Combo)
(GP = Guard Meter Point)
(SC = Super Combo Level)

I further break down what these ISMs mean to M. Bison in the MOVES ANALYSIS & 
STRATEGY section.

Moving & Blocking

You have to move your character around somehow.  Second to importance to moving 
is blocking.  Without blocking, you will eventually die from a dizzy or an empty 
life bar.  However, too much blocking/defending and you will also die thanks to 
the guard meter and guard crushing.  To reduce your guard meter, you can use 
guard protection, which is blocking right when the attack strikes you.

(XAV) Move Forward: F 


(XAV) Move Backwards: B


(XAV) Crouch: DB_D_DF

 / or | or \
O     O     O
(XAV) Jump: UB_U_UF

O     O     O
 \ or | or / 

(XAV) High Block: B


(XAV) Low Block: DB 

(AV) Air Block: air B_DB

O     O     O
 \ or | or /  O- or  /

Special/Other Universal Moves

These are moves that every character unless the ISM dictates otherwise.  
Remember that (SS) means Same Strength Punch and Kick.

(XAV) Guard Protection: B_DB

O- or  /

(AV) Damage/Dizzy Reduction: B, F X n + P_K X n

O- -O X n + P_K X n
(XAV) Air Recovery: air B_N_F + PP

O- or O or -O + PP

(AV) Ground Recovery: N_F + KK

O or -O + KK

(AV) Alpha Counter: F + SS

-O + SS

(V) Variable Combo: (air) SS

(air) SS

(XAV) Throw: B_F + PP_KK 

O- or -O + PP or KK 
(XAV) Air Throw: air B_F + PP_KK  

O     O     O
 \ or | or /  O- or -O + PP or KK 

(XAV) Tech Hit: B_F + PP

O- or -O + PP

(AV) Arcade Taunt: B_N_F + START

O- or O or -O + START

(AV) Playstation Taunt: B_N_F + SELECT

O- or O or -O + SELECT

M. Bison Command Attacks

M. Bison technically has no command attacks.  He does have some close standing 
moves (MP, HP, MK, and HK).  In V-ISM, you can use these close moves anytime by 
holding back while pressing the above attacks.  This is true for all V-ISM 
characters that have close standing moves.  To perform the far standing moves in 
V-ISM, hold forward or keep the stick in neutral.

M. Bison Throws

M. Bison only has one ground and one air throw, but they are really all he 
needs.  His ground throw is still one of the highest priority and most damaging 
throws in the game.

(XAV) Deadly Throw: B_F + PP

O- or -O + PP
(XAV) Psycho Fall: air B_F + PP

O     O     O
 \ or | or /  O- or -O + PP

M. Bison Special Moves

(AV) Psycho Shot: *B, F + P

*O- -O + P

(X) Psycho Crusher: *B, F + P

*O- -O + P

(XAV) Double Knee Press: *B, F + K

*O- -O + K
(XAV) Head Press => Somersault Skull Diver: *D, U + K => P

 | | + K => P

(XAV) Somersault Skull Diver: *D, U + P => P

 | | + P => P

(AV) Bison Warp: F, D, DF_B, D, DB + 3P_3K

-O | \  or O- |  / + 3P_3K
   O  O       O O

M. Bison Super Combos

M. Bison has two Super Combos in A-ISM.  His Knee Press Nightmare is his X-ISM 
Super Combo.  A-ISM has the Psycho Crusher as a Super Combo while X-ISM has it 
as a special move.

(A) Psycho Crusher: *B, F, B, F + P

*O- -O O- -O + P

(XA) Knee Press Nightmare: *B, F, B, F + K

*O- -O O- -O + K


Here is where I break the use and ability of M. Bison's normal moves, special 
moves, and Super Combos.

Normal Moves

Since I haven't said much about M. Bison's normal moves, we will start with 

Light Punch/Jab


M. Bison throws a quick reverse punch, but it is not fast enough to chain into 
itself.  Even though it is bufferable, it will only combo into Super Combos.


M. Bison throws a short, quick punch.  It is decent for in-close poking but 
useless in combos unless you have a Super Combo charged.


This looks like an aerial version of his crouching jab Ė nothing more can be 
said about it.

Medium Punch/Strong


M. Bison throws a quick gut punch when close.  This move is bufferable and can 
be used to combo into all his special moves.  If he is not close, he throws a 
reverse punch that looks like his standing jab but has a blue flame around it.  
This doesnít hit crouching opponents like it did in SFA2 but could be useful in 
anti-air.  I will have to play with it further.


M. Bison throws out a powerful low punch with his hand surrounded by his Psycho 
Power aura.  This move is bufferable as well Ė it also seems to have the longest 
window to buffer special moves and super combos into.  It is also a good poke on 
the ground.  You will find yourself using this move a lot.


M. Bison attacks with his hands outstretched.  This looks like his Somersault 
Skull Diver from SSF2T except the hands are at an angle.  This is more useful in 
air-to-air combat.

Hard Punch/Fierce


M. Bison throws an uppercut when close.  This uppercut is slow and has poor 
range.  However, it does hit very high and could potentially be used to take out 
airborne opponents.  When further away, he throws a powerful reverse punch.  
This looks exactly like this standing strong, but it stays out longer.


M. Bison throws a crouching uppercut with an aura surrounding his hand.  Most of 
his body is hidden behind arm.  This is pretty good at anti-air if the opponent 
is close in the air above you.


M. Bison strikes with his hand like a claw.  This is a pretty good jump-in and 
it looks like it has some good air-to-air properties to it as well.  I will have 
to do more research on this one.

Light Kick/Short


M. Bison performs a quick knee strike.  He can not chain the knee strike, but he 
can combo it into Super Combos.  This is pretty difficult to do though.  It may 
be useful for ticking or as a quick move to push away, but its range is very 


M. Bison throws out a low kick.  If youíre going to use a foot sweep, use the 
medium kick.  It has better priority and combos better as well.  Iím not saying 
itís useless, but I havenít found any real use for it yet except for in-close 
low poking and ticking.


M. Bison jumps up and executes a quick knee strike.  This simply looks like his 
standing light kick in the air.  You may have to use this move to jump in on 
smaller characters like Chun Li to start combos.

Medium Kick/Forward


M. Bison kicks at thigh level when close.  The close forward is not bufferable, 
but it is a quicker kick than the standing forward if youíre in close.  The 
standing forward kick is M. Bisonís best poke.  It is a kick that goes straight 
out.  The only move that has longer reach is his slide (listed below).  However, 
the forward kick is much safer for poking.


M. Bison kicks out at his opponentís feet.  Even though the move looks exactly 
his crouching short, it stays out longer and allows for some very good 2-in-1 
combos.  IMHO, this is his best bufferable attack because you have to block low 
or else eat the oncoming special/super.  The crouching strong does reach a 
little farther, but if you jump in deep enough, it usually doesn't matter.


M. Bison jumps forward and crane kicks in the air.  This kick is weird but 
useful in air-to-air.  Even if you think you hit with kick deep enough, the 
opponent can sometimes block the next move.  I prefer Roundhouse for all my 
jump-ins.  The timing is a little harder with the forward kick, but it is still 
a good jump-in.  If you jump straight up, M. Bison does a jumping version of his 
standing forward.  This makes it a very long kick and useful in air-to-air.  

Hard Kick/Roundhouse


M. Bison performs a standing round kick that hits twice in close.  This is your 
most powerful bufferable move.  It only buffers off of the first hit, but if you 
arenít able to do that, you will still take a decent chunk of energy from a 
standing opponent.  When further away, M. Bison does a high round kick that only 
hits once.  I tend to use both for anti-air, but you can get hit on the edge of 
your boot so be careful.


M. Bison quickly slides into the opponent, swiftly knocking them down.  Be very 
careful using this move.  One wrong slide and you could be looking at an early 
grave.  I tend to use this move from just over one-half a screen away.  At that 
range, if they do block, it becomes much harder to retaliate than up-close.  You 
can combo it off of a Jab Psycho Shot for an easy 2-hit combo.


M. Bison performs a jumping side kick.  Make this kick your friend Ė I know I 
have.  IMHO this is your best jump-in attack.  Anyone who is below you in the 
air or ground should eat this kick once thrown.  Even if it doesnít hit very 
deep as a jump-in, it is powerful enough to allow the next hit in the combo to 
successfully hit.  The only problem is the hit range can be really fuzzy at 
times.  The kick will look like it went through them, so occasionally mix this 
up with the forward kick. 


Deadly Throw (XAV) [B or F + PP]

M. Bison grabs the opponent by the collar and tosses them across the screen. 
What would M. Bison be without his trademark throw?  It still is quite powerful 
in this age of dumbed down throws.  Do not be afraid to use it, but use it 
wisely as the range is not once it once was.

Psycho Fall (XAV) [air B or F + PP]

M. Bison meets the opponent in the air, grabs him/her and throws him/her down to 
the ground wrapped in a flaming aura.  CPU Shin M. Bison uses this throw very 
well.  It has pretty good range for an air throw.  You get style points if you 
get this off in a heated battle.  If you get a counterhit, Bison should be quick 
enough to land this before they hit the ground.  Watch out for your opponent's 
air recovery though.

Special Moves

M. Bison has some significant changes to his special move repertoire based on 
the ISM you select.

Psycho Shot (AV) [*B, F + P]

M. Bison lurches back and uppercuts, releasing a black ball that horizontally 
flies across the screen.  This projectile has my vote for the worst projectile 
in the game.  Even though it is a charge move, Bison has a huge lag before and 
after it and can be punished for it.  It does fly higher than most projectiles, 
but otherwise it's not really the projectile of choice.  It doesn't even combo 
very well.  I only use it occasionally, usually to counter projectiles thrown at 
me.  Do not get into a projectile war with this.  There isn't very much I can 
positively say about this move.  It's there, but use it wisely.  

Psycho Crusher (X) [*B, F + P]

M. Bison lunges forward and creates a large energy aura around him as he flies 
horizontally across the screen.  In X-ISM, M. Bison doesnít have a projectile 
since he didn't have one in SSF2T.  The non-Super Combo version of the Psycho 
Crusher has its uses.  The Fierce Psycho Crusher combos very well while the Jab 
Psycho Crusher is pretty good air defense when timed correctly.  The Jab Psycho 
Crusher also pushes your opponent back, making retaliation more difficult but 
not impossible.  The Fierce version goes all the way across the screen through 
your opponent if need be, which makes it a good escape tool if you need one 
especially since you lose the Bison Warp in X-ISM.

Double Knee Press (XAV) [*B, F + K]

M. Bison flips forward in the air and kicks his opponent twice on the way down.
Once again, Capcom took a decent move and made it worse.  The Double Knee Press 
only hits most crouching opponents once.  Hence, combos involving the Double 
Knee Press have to be done on standing opponents or else the opponent can block 
or counter.  That being said, this is still a decent move.  If you use the right 
Knee Press, the push back will prevent most retaliation.  However, if you use 
this in a corner, you may pay for it dearly.

Head Press => Somersault Skull Diver (XAV) [*D, U + K => P]

M. Bison flies through the air at the opponent and stomps on them.  He then 
somersaults towards the ground and lunges towards the opponent, leading with his 
hands.  This is part of what I call Air Bison.  If the Head Press hits as a 
counter hit in the air, you can immediately do a Somersault Skull Diver for a 
stylish two-hit combo.  The Somersault Skull Diver is optional on the Head Press 
Ė if you donít press punch, you will simply land.  However, you do have a slight 
lag if  you donít throw anything after the Head Press or you donít hit with the 
ensuing Skull Diver.  In X-ISM, the Somersault Skull Diver from a Head Press 
uses a different animation than the other versions.  He comes down with what 
looks like his jumping strong punch.  This version is much more versatile and 
quicker than the single glowing hand you get.  You can even combo off this 
version of the Diver in X-ISM.

Somersault Skull Diver (XAV) [*D, U + P => P]

M. Bison leaps in the air, somersaults towards the ground, and lunges towards 
the opponent, leading with his hands.  This move is the other aspect of Air 
Bison.  If you do not press punch twice, you will simply float in the air and 
land on the ground.  However, you do have a slight lag when you land.  Always 
try to hit as low as possible with the Skull Diver to offset the lag.  If you 
hit too high, the opponent can easily counter you.  You can use this as an 
alternative to the Head Press to keep your opponent guessing.  Unlike the Skull 
Diver from the Head Press in X-ISM, the Skull Diver always looks the same 
regardless of ISM.

Bison Warp (AV) [F, D, DF_B, D, DB + 3P_3K]

M. Bison quickly disappears and reappears in another location.  This move is 
great for getting out of corners, but used incorrectly it can be outright fatal.  
If you use 3P, you tend to stay close to your opponent while 3K moves far from 
your opponent.  To go behind your opponent, you have to use the F, D, DF motion.  
To stay on the same side, use the B, D, DB motion.  Unfortunately, you do not 
have this in X-ISM.

Super Combos

Psycho Crusher (A) [*B, F, B, F + P]

M. Bison lunges across the screen completely wrapped in an aura.  Even though it 
has lost a little priority from SFA2, the Psycho Crusher is still a very 
damaging super combo even at level 1.  The only problem is getting all the hits 
to connect sometimes.  I have had Psycho Crushers hit my opponent once on the 
ground.  They do juggle pretty well though.  A level 1 can be used for air 
defense against most jump-ins.  

Knee Press Nightmare (XA) [*B, F, B, F + K]

M. Bison flips forward through the air and performs back to back Double Knee 
Presses, followed by a slide (Level 3 A_ISM/X-ISM).  This super goes through 
fireballs at all levels and does incredible damage at higher levels.  If you do 
perform a Level 3 A-ISM/X-ISM Knee Press Nightmare, please make sure it will 
hit.  The slide at the end of the super combo can be hazardous to your health if 
blocked.  Otherwise, this is the underrated of the two super combos.  It is 
still a powerful Super Combo.


Now that we have analyzed the moves, let's see how M. Bison can use these moves 
in combos.

Basic (3+ Hits)

M. Bison does not have many basic (as in non 2-in-1) multi-hitting combos over 
two hits.  His only 2-hit normal on the ground is his close roundhouse.

(XA) Jumping Roundhouse \/ Close Roundhouse: J HK \/ Close HK

/  HK \/ Close HK

(V) Jumping Roundhouse \/ Close Roundhouse: J HK \/ B + HK

/  HK \/ O- + HK

This combo will hit 3 times on standing opponents.


M. Bison has several bufferable moves:

Standing/Crouching Jab/Light Punch
Close/Crouching Strong/Medium Punch
Standing/Crouching Short/Light Kick 
Crouching Forward/Medium Kick 
Close Roundhouse/Hard Kick

Only the medium and hard attacks are useful in 2-in-1 combos.  The light attacks 
can only buffer into super combos at very close range - special moves can be 
blocked when buffered off of light attacks.  However, the other 4 more usable 
bufferable attacks are used in the majority of his combos.  The one I use the 
most is crouching forward because it must be blocked low.  However, anywhere you 
can use a crouching forward you can use a crouching strong.  I'm just too lazy 
to write up all the permutations of combos.  For the majority of the jump-in 
combos, you can use Roundhouse.  You can also use Short or Forward for smaller 
characters like Chun Li, but they have to hit deep.

(XAV) Jumping Attack \/ Crouching Forward XX Double Knee Press: J P_K \/ *DB + 

/  P_K \/   / + MK XX -O + K

This is your standard jump in combo on standing opponents.  It is a relatively 
easy 4-hit combo especially if you use MK for the jump-in and the Double Knee 

(XAV) Jumping Attack \/ Close Roundhouse XX Double Knee Press: J P_K \/ *B + HK 
XX F + K

/  P_K \/ *O- + HK XX -O + K

Care needs to be taken with this combo.  Sometimes the far standing roundhouse 
comes out instead of the close roundhouse if the spacing is off, which can be 
disastrous.  However, if the combo is done quickly this should not be a problem.  
On crouching larger characters, you can buffer a short Double Knee Press off of 
the close roundhouse so that it will remain a true combo.  This may only work in 
the corner though.

(XA) Jumping Attack \/ Crouching Forward XX Knee Press Nightmare: J P_K \/ *DB + 

/  P_K \/   / + MK XX \   / -O + K
          *O           O O

Fortunately, the Knee Press Nightmare will hit crouching opponents.  The main 
problem is squeezing the timing in for the Super Combo.  It is difficult but not 
impossible and definitely worth learning.

Even though it is not obvious, there is a slight difference in how I do the 
joystick motions for the super combos in the last two combos than listed in the 
MOVES section.  Rather than use the standard *B, F, B, F motion, I am using the 
diagonals (*DB, DF, DB, F) to perform the super.  The reason for this especially 
in the third combo is to prevent from performing a Double Knee Press instead of 
the Knee Press Nightmare. In case I just confused you, here is a better 
explanation.  Since the Double Knee Press and the Knee Press Nightmare share a 
common B, F motion, I can accidentally initiate the Double Knee Press if I press 
the kick button too early while doing the combo.  In order to prevent this, I 
move from DB to DF.  This does count as a forward motion for the super.  As a 
matter of fact, all super combos requiring a back change can be done from DB, 
DF, DB instead of B, F, B before the final forward.  In fact, it is much better 
to perform your super combos this way because you don't do that super 
wiggle/shimmy to give yourself away if you do a super out of the blue.  You just 
suddenly stand up during the super animation and do the super.  Remember that I 
can not do a Double Knee Press if I go from DB to DF.  I simply lose my back 
charge but keep my down charge.

(X) Jumping Attack \/ Crouching Forward XX Psycho Crusher: J P_K \/ *DB + MK XX 
F + HP

/  P_K \/   / + MK XX -O + P

In X-ISM, this is your bread-and-butter jump-in combo due to the nature of the 
Double Knee Press.  Just be careful that you donít accidentally go into a Double 
Knee Press instead of the Psycho Crusher.  You can use MP or HP on the Psycho 
Crusher, but the HP Psycho Crusher combos better.  You may also have to use 
Short or Forward on the jump-in to insure that it's not blocked.

(A) Jumping Attack \/ Crouching Strong XX Psycho Crusher: J P_K \/ *DB + MK XX 
DF, DB, F + P

/  P_K \/   / + MK XX \   / -O + P
          *O           O O

This is bar none M. Bisonís most damaging combo.  At Level 3, your opponent will 
have his/her mouth ajar if you hit them with this.  The timing is very similar 
the Knee Press Nightmare combos.  If you have your opponent in the corner, you 
can add a Jab Psycho Shot at the beginning of this combo:

(A) Jab Psycho Shot /\ Jumping Attack \/ Low Forward XX Psycho Crusher: *B, F + 
LP /\ UF P_K \/ *DB + MK XX DF, DB, F + P

*O- -O + LP /\ /  P_K \/   / + MK XX \   / -O + P 
                         *O           O O


Variable combos in general can do incredible amounts of damage especially if you 
have your opponent in a corner.  The damage can rival and surpass even the best 
super combos under ideal conditions. To start a variable combo, simply press any 
two same strength buttons: LP + LK (LL) or MP + MK (MM) or HP + HK (HH).  In my 
shorthand, these are known as LL, MM, and HH respectively (Light, Medium, and 
Hard Strength).  At the beginning of a Variable Combo, you are somewhat 
invincible to most normal and special moves.  In other words, you can blow 
through someone's attack and launch a counterattack that can lead to a large 
combo.  The only thing you need to watch out for is that you till have to charge 
during Variable Combos, which was not the case for Custom Combos in SFA2.  If 
you do not charge quickly in a VC, you will mess up the VC if a charge move is 
involved. .  For some reason, I can not start a VC with a charge move with M. 
Bison even if I had a charge before I started a VC.  Maybe I'm a scrub or 
something.  I have to throw at least one move (usually two) and buffer into the 
Double Knee Press for my VCs.

Since there are two V-ISM FAQs out as I write this, I will defer to those 
FAQs by Chocobo (JVP) and Michael Torres (MT) for the first sets of V-ISM 
combos.  Note that most of M. Bison's Variable Combos involve juggling with the 
Double Knee Press.

(JVP) Opponent In Corner - Start VC w/ MM => Four Jabs /\ Jumping Fierce \/ 
Repeat from Jab: MM => LP X 4 /\ UF HP \/ ... LP

MM => LP X 4 /\ /  HP \/ ... LP

This is very basic and can be used for guard crush damage.  The jabs will keep 
the opponent pinned down while Bison jumps in again to get closer.  

(JVP) Opponent In Corner - Start VC w/ LL => Repeated Fierce Psycho Shots: LL => 
*B, F + HP X n

LL => *O- -O + HP X n

Even if the opponents blocks, you can potentially guard crush them, which will 
lead to real damage.

(DJA) Anywhere - Start VC w/ MM /\ Jumping Roundhouse \/ Crouching Forward XX 
Roundhouse Double Knee Press => Repeated Roundhouse Double Knee Presses Until 
Corner => Forward Double Knee Presses: MM /\ UF HK \/ *DB + MK XX F + HK => *B, 
F + HK X n => *B, F + MK * n]

MM => /  HK \/   / + MK XX -O + HK => *O- -O + HK X n => *O- -O + MK X n

This is the best jump-in VC I could create.  I may have the strengths of the 
Double Knee Presses mixed up - you may have to use Forward until you get to the 
corner and then switch to Roundhouse on the Knee Presses.  I will research this 
one.  The best way to start this VC is to jump and then start the VC in case you 
need to blow through an anti-air counterattack.


To crush your enemies and rule the world forever, you need good strategy for all 
your opponents/victims.  


There are strategies that are useful for any battle against any opponent.  I 
list them first before I go into specific character strategies.


His best poke is standing forward plain and simple.  However, I only use it at 
the tip of its range.  When closer, M. Bison has better Ė and more importantly 
bufferable Ė moves he can poke with at his disposal like crouching strong and 
forward.  Crouching strong is also good for counter hits.  If youíre really up 
close, a short or a crouching jab is advisable.


M. Bison no longer has the standing middle kick for his animation for the 
jumping B_F middle kick.  It is a new kick that is useful in both air and ground 
jump attacks.  I prefer roundhouse for deep jump-ins.  If you jump straight up, 
you do the standing middle kick animation for a jumping middle kick.  For 
smaller characters like Chun Li, it may be necessary to hit with a deep jumping 
short to start and finish combos.


M. Bison has a great throw Ė do NOT use be afraid to use it or tick with it.  


Most jump-in attacks can be stopped by a standing roundhouse or crouching 
fierce.  However, some opponents can actually punch your hand/boot with good 
timing.  A Level 1 Psycho Crusher or Knee Press Nightmare is also good to 
counter certain jump-ins.  In fact, the Psycho Crusher usually juggles very well 
to get all the hits.  As for the Nightmare, only the first Double Knee Press 
will juggle unless they were very close to the ground.

To counter missed moves on the ground, the roundhouse slide is very good for 
this, but you have to make sure that you donít mess up when youíre countering.  
Since you donít need to charge the move, you can counter moves like Dragon 
Punches from a longer range without a charge.  Of course, you can also use 
Double Knee Presses and the usual, but sometimes they are too slow for the 
situation.  If youíre countering up close, then any bufferable move into a 
special move or super (or the special or super combo on its own) will do or if 
youíre lazy, throw. ;)


Know when to recover and when NOT to recover.  If you think you need a wake-
up/reversal attack when you land on the ground, recover using B_DB_D_DF.  Back 
and down-back are more useful since you can charge super combos, but any of 
those charge positions can be useful depending on how you want to air recover.  

If an opponent recovers close enough to you, you may be able to pull off an air 
throw or a jumping attack.  You can even do a special move or super.  However, 
I'd reserve the super for grounded opponents.


As always, I can use various tips to help M. Bison conquer the world.  If you 
have any, feel free to email me.  These strategies are for the opponents you 
will always face in a standard SFA3 arcade game.

Vs CPU Akuma (Stage 5)

I personally hate fighting CPU Akuma.  The CPU will actually tick you and if you 
attempt to countertick, you'll eat a Dragon Punch or a foot sweep or worse.  If 
you just sit there, he will throw you.  I usually have to perform a Super Combo 
to get out of his ticks.  He also loves to use the dive kick so watch out for 
that - he will usually perform a low forward XX Hadoken combo from the dive 
kick.  However, his weakness comes in his fireballs.  If you can predict a red 
Hadoken, Akuma will eat a 4-hit combo or worse.  If you get caught in a corner, 
teleport or Use a Knee Press Nightmare to escape if he throws a fireball.  If 
you see him go for the Instant Hell Murder, jump forward or back - do not stay 
on the ground under any circumstance.  Don't stand too close to him - he tends 
to Dragon Punch anything you throw at him at that range.  Only use Psycho Shots 
at further than 3/4 screen since he can do that aerial roll.  On higher levels, 
prepare to be trounced if you are not careful.  

Vs CPU Sagat (Stage 9)

Sagat has the annoying tendency to keep me pinned down in the corner until I 
remember to Head Press him for any low fireballs he throws.  You can peck him 
with the Standing Forward, but like Akuma, he tends to Tiger Blow anything up 
close.  If you knock him down, you can sometimes Head Press him as he gets up.  
If he tries to Tiger Blow you, you actually pass by him.  Feel free to slide 
into him since you recover before he does.  This only becomes a hard match on 
higher levels because he does so much more damage than you per hit.  Try not to 
Double Knee Press too often as he does have a tendency to Tiger Blow it.  If 
he's open, then go ahead, but otherwise, I'd advise against it.

Vs CPU Ryu (Stage 10)

Even at easier levels, this is a tough match.  Watch out for his Shinkuu 
Hadokens.  If you get greedy while poking, this will be your reward along with 
an MIA lifebar.  If he gets predictable with Hadokens, feel free to jump in and 
combo.  If you are too far away, then attempt a Head Press to counter the 
Hadoken.  The Somersault Skull Diver is also good for confusion.  Only use the 
Psycho Shot to counter his Hadokens.  He can do an air hurricane kick over your 
Psycho Shots to get inside if you throw one.  If you are pinned in the corner, 
teleport or Knee Press Nightmare through a fireball.  This battle is similar to 
CPU Akuma without the tick throws and Instant Hell Murder. He will also use 
Dragon Punches at close range as well if you're not careful. You defeat him and 
the world is yours.

Vs Human

I need much help with this section.  If you have any tips, feel free to email 


This section covers the story, ending, win quotes, colors and animations of M. 


M. Bison has one last chance to rule the world.  The storyline, courtesy of 
Svenyip and Shred-Man, explains why this is the case.

Opening Storyline

This is the stuff you see when you start a regular SFA3 arcade game.

Personal Data

Height: 6.1 FT
Blood Type:

Special Moves

(under construction)

Opening Introduction

Bison is the leader of the secret organization "Shadaloo."
His inner power is about to exceed what his body can hold.
Psycho Power needs a host that can trap its demonic strength.
A new body that only the strongest of warriors possess...

Stage 5 Mid-Boss Storyline: Akuma

Bison: So, you're the master of fists...
Akuma: ...What do you want?
Bison: To see if your "evil intent" can hurt me!
Akuma: Do not mock me... I will destroy you!!
Bison: So this is your "evil intent..." ...It is less than nothing!
Bison: There is no one who can stop me...!
Bison: Ryu... Just you wait! Your body will soon be mine!

Stage 9 Mid-Boss Storyline: Sagat

Sagat: You!!! What are you planning to do with Ryu?
Bison: Just know that your rival will be used to further my purposes.
Sagat: So, you can't fight without someone's help...? Pathetic...!
Bison: Fool! The body I have now is more than enough to crush you!
Bison: If you interfere, you will be the first to perish!

Stage 10 Final Boss Storyline: Ryu

Bison: Ryu, your existence has been critical to my ambitions...
Bison: My ambition to rule this world forever...
Bison: And to be honored as the mightiest of all time!
Ryu: All I care about... Is to battle and crush worthy opponents...
Ryu: Now... It begins!


This ending is courtesy of Kailu Lantis and his Endings FAQ.

(Happy Bison.)
Bison: At last! You are finally in my hands, Ryu....

(In the Psycho Drive room, Bison looks over Ryu, who is floating in the tube.)
Bison: You.... Your power.... I will use it well! For my ambition! Ha ha ha ha 

(The Psycho Drive statue begins to move.)
Bison: Perish! All you fools shall perish now!

(The Psycho Drive statue fires a beam to outer space, which reflects itself on a 
satellite, sent back to the Earth, and blows up a city. After the explosion, 
there is a portrait of an eerie Bison, like in the intro.)
Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha! Magnificent! The ultimate destructive power!

(Happy Bison.)
Bison: Nothing can stop my ambition! As long as Ryu's power and body are in my 
hands, I am supreme!

(Shadaloo symbol appears.)
Bison: Let the name of "Shadaloo" echo for all eternity!

Win Quotes

I believe these come courtesy of Robert Iu's FAQ.

Fear and respect... the supreme energy that is Psycho Power!
I torment you, hoping you will return to better entertain me!
I will CRUSH YOU!!!
I'm happy you are alive. You are still capable of feeling pain.
If you wish to live, make your vow of servitude to me... Now!
My every victory signifies the crumbling of justice!
The feelings of terror only prove your inferiority.
What strikes horror into your heart, is simply humor to me.


This section covers opening animation, win poses, and taunts.

For some reason, M. Bison only uses one win pose when facing anyone but himself.  
I think it has to do with RAM limitations of the PSX because he is not the only 
character who does this on the PSX(R. Mika and Zangief do this AFAIK).  Anyway, 
he will always perform the LP pose that is listed below if you play the PSX CPU.  
In the arcade, this doesnít happen.  With that in mind, I will list all the 
poses he performs based on button press.  The win poses are from Kao Meguraís 

- LP/LK : M. Bison looks towards the screen and drags a thumb across his throat.
- MP/MK : M. Bison crosses his arms and says "Hmph, nurui wa!" (You suck!)
- HP/HK : M. Bison teleports into the air and floats there while laughing. 

A side note: Is it just me, or does he sound like he's saying, "Know who you 
are" rather than "Nurui wa", kind of like the way WWF's The Rock says "Know your 
role"? =)

The taunt animation is courtesy of ShinJN's Miscellaneous FAQ:

[neutral] - Puts legs together, crosses arms, and says "Nurui wa!"

The taunt is essentially the same animation as his MP/MK win pose listed above.

M. Bisonís opening animation is that he floats down to the ground while laughing 
before he enters his fighting stance.  The CPU M. Bison will have light blue 
flames around him as he floats down.


M. Bison has 6 different color outfits - 2 (P or K) per major ISM.  However, on 
the Playstation, it is possible to choose any color from any ISM.  According to 
ShinJN's FAQ, this is how the Playstation buttons map to the arcade version of 
SFA3 for the color schemes:

Square: Į\_ These buttons correspond to
X:      _/  the X-ism colors 

Triangle: Į\_ These buttons correspond to 
O:        _/  the A-ism colors

R1: Į\_ These buttons correspond to
R2: _/  the V-ism colors

On the PSX, Square, Triangle, and R1 are the Punch versions of each ISM while X, 
O, and R2 are the kick versions IIRC.  You can not select characters with L1 or 
L2 even if you have them mapped as attack buttons (like I do on my PSX 
joystick).  That being said, here are the colors for M. Bison from the same FAQ:

- Square : Dark-blue uniform, Gold shoulder plates/arm cuffs/leg plates, Dark-
blue cap, Dark-brown cape
- X : Dark-green uniform, Gold shoulder plates/arm cuffs/leg plates, Dark-green 
cap, Dark-brown cape
- Triangle : Red uniform, Dirty-silver shoulder plates/arm cuffs/leg plates, Red 
cap, Dark-grey cape
- O : Dark-purple uniform, Dirty-silver shoulder plates/arm cuffs/leg plates, 
Dark-purple cap, Dark-grey cape
- R1 : Dark-grey uniform, Dark sky-blue shoulder plates/arm cuffs/leg plates, 
Dark-grey cap, Dark blue-grey cape
- R2 : Light blue-white uniform, Dark sky-blue shoulder plates/arm cuffs/leg 
plates, Light blue-white cap, Dark blue-grey cape

Shin Bison

Shin Bison (or Shin M. Bison) refers to the non-playable version (unless you 
have a Game Shark) of M. Bison that most players have to fight against at the 
end.  He doesn't have a standard ISM.  Rather he has all the moves of A-ISM M. 
Bison but an X-ISM Super Combo Meter.  Instead of an X, he has the Shadaloo 
symbol on his Super Combo meter.  His Super Combo is a wicked, full screen 
don't-even-think-about-trying-to-escape version of his PsychoCrusher SC, dubbed 
by some as the Psycho Drive Crusher or the Shin Psycho Crusher.  However, he can 
also use the Knee Press Nightmare in this mode - he tends to use it especially 
in PSX SFA3 Dramatic Mode.  He also has an uncanny ability to air throw 
opponents and his ground throw is still as deadly as ever.  Some of his moves 
also have added extra oomph to them, including his crouching and standing fierce 
and the aforementioned throws.  


I didn't know what to call this section, but this seemed like the most 
appropriate term.  It lists the sources of information for this FAQ and the 
changes between each revision.


It is necessary to acknowledge the work of past FAQ writers without whose 
tireless work, knowledge, and information I would not able to write this FAQ.  I 
have listed the author and his/her FAQ and what information I pulled from 
his/her FAQ into mine.  The FAQ is a compilation of information found, read, 
researched or even discovered by me.  However, many people have found 
information in this FAQ out and written about it long before I put together this 
FAQ.  In fact, many of these FAQ's are good reading if you want to know more 
about SFA3.  That being said, here are my main sources and references for this 
FAQ outside of my own SFA3 experience:

Mark Kim/Vesther Fauransy

Web Page: http://www.verasnaship.net/ 
Email: verasnaship@verasnaship.net
FAQ: LA Machine Guns: Rage of the Machines For the Sega AM3 Arcade Game Anti-
Terrorist Manual Version 0.0.2 (Build 0114)
Copyright (c) 1999 Mark Kim.  All Rights Reserved.

Chris MacDonald/Kao Megura

Web Page: http://members.xoom.com/megura/ or http://i.am/kao
Email: kmegura@hotmail.com
Unpublished works Copyright (c) 1998-1999 Kao Megura.  All Rights Reserved.

Joe VanPelt/Chocobo

Email: chocobo@mindspring.com
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Email: michaeltorres@prodigy.com
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Colin Caldwell/Nedfar

Web Page: http://members.spree.com/sip/nefdar   
Email: nefdar@hotmail.com
FAQ: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Combo System and General FAQ
FAQ: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Comprehensive Adon Guide / FAQ
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Michael "Svenyip" Troupe & Shawn "Shred-Man" Dumas

Emails: Svenyip@Javanet.Com & Shredder@Bcn.Net respectively
FAQ: Street Fighter Alpha 3 "PLOT FAQ" Version 1.0
Copyright (c) 1999 Michael Troupe & Shawn Dumas. All Rights Reserved.

Kailu Lantis

Emails: jcarlo@hotmail.com, lantis@mailexcite.com, kailu_lantis_SNK@yahoo.com, 
or al760412@campus.ira.itesm.mx
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Robert Iu

Email: robertsmac@aol.com
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Finny Merrill

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Guy "Type R"

Email: hsakuragi@xoommail.com
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Email: shinjn@yahoo.com
Copyright (c) 1999 ShinJN.  All Rights Reserved


Web Page: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/contribute/howtowrite.html
FAQ: "How To Write a FAQ for GameFAQs"

What's New In This Version

Version 0.008

-Revised Table of Contents
-Revised legend
-Shortened FAQ in some areas
-Revised heading structure

Version 0.007

-Added win poses derived from PSX SFA3 Versus Mode
-Started General VS Strategy
-Revised heading structure
-Revised legend structure

Version 0.006

-Revised legend structure
-Added another FAQ writer to copyright
-Added colors and taunts section

Version 0.005

-Edited copyright slightly
-Fixed some minor errors
-Added parents and family to "Special Thanks" list

Version 0.004

-Added for "FOR ARCADE & PLAYSTATION" to FAQ title
-Removed "FOR BEGINNERS" from FAQ title
-Added win poses
-Edited errors
-Made FAQ headings more readable

Version 0.003

-Moved acknowledgement section to bottom
-Shortened FAQ and removed very basic stuff
-Referenced Colin Caldwell's SFA3 General FAQ
-Added VS STRATEGY section

Version 0.002

-Copyright added
-Actually started to write this FAQ

Version 0.001

-First version
-Skeleton architecture from my E. Honda FAQ


-Counter hit combos
-More combos as I can find them
-More moves analysis & strategy
-Other improvements based on feedback


This is not the last word on SFA3 M. Bison by far.  However, I do hope that FAQ 
may one day be the most complete word on M. Bison.  I would appreciate any tips 
on the FAQ itself or any M. Bison tips you may have.  Email me at the address 
below any comments/questions/critiques/flames.  Thank you for taking your time 
to read this.

This Electronically Published Document is copyrighted (c) and trademarked (tm) 
by David Antoine.  All Rights Reserved.  This document is protected by 
applicable copyright laws and international treaties.  Unauthorized 
reproduction, retransmission, and/or a breach of copyright, partial or full, may 
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prosecution to the highest extent possible by law.  Please properly credit David 
Antoine where credit is due.  This document is the sole property of David 

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