Sodom by JParise

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              The Sodom SFA3 FAQ (v2.0)

     (That's Sodom the SF character you sick li'll monkey!!!)


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1 - Introductions and FAQ information
 a. Welcome!
 b. Why a Sodom FAQ?
 c. Revision history
 d. Where can I find this FAQ and how to contact the author
2 - About Sodom
 a. Storyline (as best put as possible...)
 b. History of the character and where he belongs in the SF universe
3 - SFA3 Attack and Move Guide
 a. Key to moves and universal moves
 b. Basic attacks
 c. Special Moves
 d. Super Combos
4 - Strategy To Bust Heads With
 a. What's different in the -isms
 b. Combos!
 c. Winning strategies (ticking, psyche outs)
5 - Other Stuff For The Devoted Player
 a. Win Poses
 b. Mid-boss and Ending Text
 c. Win Quotes
 d. Regular and Special Move Names
 e. Did You Know...
6 - The Rest
 a. What YOU can do to help ME with future revisions
 b. Those that helped (even if they don't know it!)

\\\\\\\---------1. Introduction and FAQ Information----------///////

a.   Welcome!

Hey there! Welcome to a FAQ for one of the most interesting and 
skillfull Street Fighter characters around: Sodom! He's that big 
guy with the jitte or katana, raking up the wins against those other 
pathetic fighters. 


b.   Why a Sodom FAQ?

So, why bother? Well, it takes a certain amount of skill and timing
to use Sodom, making him a choice for the dealving fighting game
afficianado. I was drawn into using Sodom back when the original SFA
game appeared in arcades. His jitte were unique as a weapon and
was excellent versus those that liked to turtle. Once you got by
his tragic name (look up Sodom in religious texts or maybe even an
encyclopedia) he was easily one of the more dominating characters, at 
least until everyone learned the power of Ken and Guy. Alpha 2 rolled
around and he was considerably weakened: his three-kick chain into
the Daikyo Burning was lost, as well as recieving a new counter
move that seemed almost worthless. Nonetheless, I stuck by my
character of choice. Now, with the arrival of Alpha 3, Sodom is
back up to his powerful status, ready to take on opposition,
especially with the arrival of mass juggling. Quite frankly, Sodom
is not the greatest character in the game, but very well near to
the top. Since he was toned down between A1 and A2, many peole have
abandoned this character. Some even go as far as to say that he is
weak. Far from it! He can hold his own in a fight and win against
so-called 'top tier' characters quite often. His moves are
debilitating, hitting fast and hard. 


c.   Revision history

9/6/98 - 9/8/98
  Version 0.1
   - First edition. Bare bones, mostly dealing with moves. LOTS
     of mistakes.

Insert 3/4 year break here. ^_^

  Version 1.0
   - Unreleased, but existed ineed.

  Version 2.0
   - Needed an update now that the home release has arrived here in 
     North America. As the skills of players change, so does the 
     effective styles of play. Almost the entire FAQ has been redone.


d.   Where can I find this FAQ and how to contact the author

This FAQ will soon be available at:

-  Any site of your own; I don't care where this FAQ ends up as
   along as it isn't sold for money or used in a publication that
   doesn't ask me. If you have a site where it's up, tell me please.

Contact me at:
on AIM at:
and around IRC at:
   EFNet:  #capcom  Pibbman

\\\\\\\------------------2. About Sodom----------------------///////

a.   Storyline

Sodom was born in America. However, ever since he was a child, he
had a profound obsession with Japanes culture. Disgusted with
himself for not being born of lineage, he began to study the ways
of Japanese life and history. Along with this, he started learning
the Japanese martial arts, becoming a master of the katana, jitte, 
and even Kabuki fighting. Sodom soon considered himself Japanese to 
the core. This didn't go over big amongst Americans, where national 
pride is supposedly high. This left him with little opportunity to 
earn a living. The only jobs he could get were as a toughguy while he
asserted himself in the ring as a street fighter. He used his skills 
in the martial arts to keep afloat financially. 

Life wasn't going so well. Sodom wanted to make a name for himself 
and prove once and for all that he was a champion of his own self
conscious... even if that meant breaking the law.

Indeed, he would join the ranks of the Mad Gear crime ring, the 
underside of Metro City, his hometown. He quickly worked his way up 
the ranks with his skill, challenging members of the organization
to a fight and taking their rank. Word on the streets was that
nobody could beat him; he was the master of the ring. This caught
the eye of Belger, leader of the Mad Gear gang, deciding to make
him one of his select few right hand men. 

Inside himself, Sodom didn't want to be a criminal, but he had very
little choice at this point in his life. He became warped with
depression and the ails of his pasts caught up to him. Nobody ever
saw him without his samurai mask on. Eventually his boss Belger
went mad and kidnapped Jessica, daughter of mayor and retired street
fighter Mike Haggar. It was this Haggar and his close friends Cody
and Guy who eventually destroyed the Mad Gear crime ring, sending
Belger to his death. Guy, a young man who believed himself to be 
of pure ninja descent, defeated Sodom in the ring. 

Sodom was shattered, and sought revenge. Gathering up the Mad Gear 
lackeys, including Rolento and Hugo, Sodom sought to build a new 
organization, one cleaner and of more substinance. He tried to
pursuade them to join under his leadership, but they refused unless
Sodom could prove himself by defeating the people who destroyed Mad

What they didn't know is that Sodom was planning this in the first
place. He was consumed with rage that a man of supposed pure
Japanese descent, Guy, defeated he who was not of true birth. He
decided it was only fitting to defeat Guy and build his reputation
as a leader. For the latter he would need to gather the help of his
'brothers,' the Japanese warriors fighting in the streets... and in
the ring. Sodom sought Edmond Honda, champion of the sport of sumo.
He could identify with him and other Japanese fighters and would
benefit from all of these skillfull fighters in his potential
organization. Lastly, the new Mad Gear gang would need a base of 
operations. Upon hearing of the Shadowlaw (Shadaloo) drug cartel's large 
inhabitance, it became clear what would have to be done...


b.   History of the character and where he belongs in the SF universe

Sodom was the level two boss of another Capcom game that arrived
around the time that the Street Fighter games exploded onto the
arcade scene. You fought him in a ring, where he wielded the katana
that you now find in Alpha 3. In fact, he even had his dash move, 
though it didn't involve grabbing the opponent and setting
them on fire. Wielding his katana, he could cut your life meter by
more than half with one swipe and was a sticking point for many
arcade goers until they learned to use the vertical plane to avoid
his attacks. 

It was a surprise for many that Street Fighter Alpha signalled the 
return of Final Fight characters Guy and Sodom. They were brought
on with much praise, having rather unique fighting styles. Street
Fighter Alpha builds its storyline for Sodom on his loss to Guy in
Final Fight. Guy was his final boss in both Alpha 1 and 2, as he
sought revenge for his past defeat. In Alpha 3, he is in more of a
phase where he is searching for other Japanese street fighters to
join him in his crime empire that he seeks to build. This is hinted
in his first ending, where he decides on a name for his 
organization that is very stupid (cameos by Rolento, Hugo, Poison, and
several other Final Fight characters). His second ending also shows
his plans, as he fights the grand master sumo (looks a lot like
Honda...) in the ring. 

Sodom fills in the evil gap in the Street Fighter universe. His 
presence helps balance out a cast of good-willed people, those
seeking revenge, and the lust for power that many of them face. 
Alpha 3 has Sodom eventually foiling the plans of Shadowlaw with 
his 'ultimate attack,' and proves that he has a heroic side to him.

\\\\\\\-----------3. SFA3 Attack and Move Guide--------------///////

a.   Key to moves and universal moves

 This is the basic notation that I will use for the FAQ. This may
change graphically for the next version of the FAQ, but for now
you'll just have to endure. 
 (1P layout when facing right; reverse the joystick movements if facing
the other direction. Note my generic text joystick! ^_^)
                                      START BUTTON (Taunt)
      u                    PUNCHES
  ub  |  uf
    \ | /           jab   strong   fierce
 b--- O ---f      (light) (medium) (heavy)
    / | \                   KICKS
  db  |  df
      d            short  forward  roundhouse
                  (light) (medium) (heavy)

Those directions (u = up, uf = up+forward, b=back...) can also be
interpreted as...
      retreat jump       forward jump
                  \  |  /
                   \ | /
  retreat/block------O-------walk forward
                   / | \
                  /  |  \
  defensive crouch       offensive crouch

Phew! For any beginners, that looks more confusing than it really
is. Play the game for awhile and you'll be right at home.

Here is the rest of the notation that you will see in this FAQ...

P - Any Punch   K - Any Kick
360 - spin the joystick 360 degrees (a circle) starting and ending
 in any direction
720 - spin the joystick 720 degrees (two circles) starting and ending
 in any direction
c. - a crouching move   j. - a jumping move (usually forward or back)
JS - Jigoku Scrape   BB - Butsumetsu Buster   DB - Daikyo Burning

|Now here are the universal moves. Every character has these,
|although some of them aren't available in every -ism. As with all
|characters, the value of |each move varies, since each individual
|character has different powers. 

BLOCKING - b/db (also in air)
Hold back or down and back on the joystick. This will block incoming
attacks for no damage. Special and super moves will cause some
damage, however. In A- and V-ism modes, you can block most moves in
the air, while X-ism and Classic have no air guards. Some moves
can't be blocked, most notably throws and Zangief-ish SPD moves. It
is important to realize that in most modes you have a Guard Crush
Meter. If you continue to block hits, this will graduall wear down.
When it empties you will be stunned and unable to block for an
instant. Fortunately for you, Sodom has a rather lengthy Guard
Crush Meter. If you are playing Classic, there is no Guard Crush

AIR RECOVERY - any two P buttons
When you get knocked into the air or are hit in the air, you can
reset yourself by pressing two punch buttons. If you hold b or f
during this, you will flip in that direction. This is primarily
used to escape from juggle combos that the opponent may try to tag
you with, since you can also air block in some -isms or alternately
attack. You can also hold the punch buttons before you are hit to
instantly correct yourself in the air. You may or may not want to
do this with Sodom's many recovery moves. Also, alas, you can't do
this in Classic, althouth it's hard to be juggled in that mode

GROUND RECOVERY - any two K buttons
When you get knocked down (your feet leave the ground after being
hit), you can roll towards the opponent by pressing to kick
buttons. You can hold these down before you are hit to do it
immediately. This is great if you are in the corner, as you may be
able to roll right past your opponent or at the least avoid a hit.
You don't have this in X- or Classic modes, but it isn't too big a
loss since Sodom has several recovery manuevers of his own. Still,
nice to have when you're in a bind. 

THROWS - b/f + and two P/K buttons (can be done in the air)
When close to, press b or f and two punch buttons. You will reach
out to grab your opponent and fling them forward or behind you with
a quick spin of your arm. Although this can set up a juggle in the
corner or get you out of a bind, it isn't very useful in this game
since most players will Tech Hit out of hit to eleviate te damage.
On top of this, a missed throw will leave you in a miss animation,
ready to be pummeled. Sodom's two ground throws may look the same, 
but there is a subtle difference listed in the moves section.

TECH. HIT - f + two P when thrown
When you are being thrown, hold forward and press two punch buttons 
to Tech. Hit out of it. This will reduce the damage you take. Try
and do this against most throws that launch you in the air to save
yourself some pain. Sodom has a great killer technique you can use 
against certain characters who have low throws: the Tengu Walk.

COUNTER - interupt an opponent's attack with your own
If the opponent attacks and you override it with your own at the
same time, you will effectively Counter their move. This pauses the
action for an instant to notify you of your success. A very
important addition to the Alpha series, these moves do greater than
normal damage. Sodom's fierce and roundhouse are notorious for
countering attacks. His Jigoku Scrape is also handy for this, and
even the Daikyo Burning can counter! 

ALPHA COUNTER - block attack, f + same P and K
When you block an attack from the ground, press f + the same punch 
and kick button level used by the opponent for his attack. For
instance, if he used a fierce punch, press both fierce and
roundhouse. This will activate your Alpha Counter, a hit with his
weapon. These are almost worthless, available in only A- and V-ism,
where they cost a lot of accumulated super power. On top of that,
they lower your Guard Crush Meter, wearing it down quicker. These
to pitiful damage, though they can finish an opponent off. Don't
waste your time unless you are facing a ticking character, in which
case these can be somewhat usefull. 

CUSTOM COMBOS - in V-ism, press the same level punch and kick
This is one of the main reasons to choose V-ism. Pressing jab and
short to start it will have the first shadow do damage, strong and
forward will work for the second shadow, and fierce and roundhouse
make the third shadow hit. 

DAMAGE REDUCTION - wail on the p and k buttons
Hard to describe... when you are taking damage from multiple hits, 
you can countermash in order to take less damage. You will know 
that this worked if your character flashes red. Alternately, you 
can do this while blocking to reduce guard meter wear.

TAUNT - press Start
Piss your opponent off with this. Sodom will do a traditional bow
move. This can hit the opponent, although only for a pixel of
damage. You can't use this in X- or Classic modes. Sodom's taunt 
can actually knock opponents out of the air, but don't do that; 
use crouching fierce as usual.


b.   Basic Attacks

These are your basic attacks. By that I mean your regular punches 
and kicks, be they from standing still, jumping, or crouching.


  jab - Sodom gives a quick, horizontal flick of his wrist with
weapon extended. Good speed but week. Keep this generally to
stop advancing attacks such as Blanka's roll. Cancellable if quick.

  strong 1 - When far, Sodom reaches forward with his weapon at 
belly height. Nice speed and reach, this is great for poking. The 
katana ad a lot of range to this move. In V-ism this move is 

  strong 2 - When close, Sodom does a similar motion to the far 
standing strong. However, this is more of a hit with the fist and 
handle of the weapon. This is a great move to use during juggles and 
it cancels into the Scrape and super really easily. A key to juggles.

  fierce 1 - When close (pressing back in V-ism...), Sodom sticks his 
weapons out in front of him. This is a very long range move, especially 
with the katana, and does rather heavy damage. One of your main poke 
type attacks, this counters well. Pushes the opponent back also. This 
doesn't provide as much coverage as his other fierce attack.

  fierce 2 - When far (pressing forward in V-ism...), Sodom swipes 
downwards in an arc with both of his weapons. This will cover your 
front and is relatively powerfull. This also does immense guard crush 
damage, and is great with the opponent trapped in the corner. It can 
even counter up close fireballers, snuffing even Ryu's super version 
when used really early. Use this often. Thank you for the advice M4. ;)

  short - A speedy kick at shin height. There is a chance to tick 
here. Begin with the BB motion while throwing this in. If the
opponent blocks, finish the motion with a punch to execute the
unblockable move. However, if the kick connects follow with a jab
JG or the DK. This is one of the easier cancellable moves for Sodom, 
so use it to open up a Scrape combo.

  forward - A side kick. One of the primary poking moves for Sodom and 
is also cancellable, especially into a fierce Scrape. Use this one 
a lot. However, I agree with Mr. Megura that this move has been 
decimated compaired to that of previous games.

  roundhouse - Sodom lunges out with a long kick. If this connects
it hits for rather heavy damage. As a counter it might pop the
opponent in the air for more hits. Unfortunately, you can't
two-in-one this into the DB anymore. Bummer. It also doesn't have 
the sick ability as a heavy hit when the opponent is getting up to 
be almost unblockable like in SFA, but that would be unfair anyway. 
Stick with short or forward unless you know you can land this as it 
can leave you vulnerable. 


  jab - Holding his weapon out, this punch hits at gut height. This
is a major two-in-one machine, as you will be able to link into the
jab or strong JS, making it a major weapon. This especially holds
true in X-ism with your extra katana reach. Also a good tick into
the BB. Nice. Still, I use the crouching short more.

  strong - Standing with knees bent, this thrust attack hits most 
characters high up. It may not be an overhead, but this punch has 
excellent reach. Use it often to keep the opponent at bay and for 
a quick poke against standing or large characters. With some 
characters it will snuff out sweeps, though don't rely on that. This 
also has some anti-air properties against low or long jumpers like 
Zangief or Rolento (super jump). It's best range is from a step or 
two away.

  fierce - Sodom uppercuts, hitting the opponent with his fist and
the bottom of his weapon of choice. This is a serious anti-air move
that will start juggles. It has high priority and has even longer 
horrizontal range with the kitana. If it hits the opponent on the 
ground it will push them back and cause rather heavy damage. Antoher 
very important move. The motion is canceled in a two-in-one into the 
fierce JS for pretty rutheless damage, and canceling it into the DB is 
the easiest 'in' for the move you can get. You'll be using this a lot.

  short - A quick ankle kick. This cancels into the DB or jab or 
fierce JS. It comes out fast enough to stop incoming attackers much 
like a shoto short. For some reason, canceling into the strong Scrape 
now often causes the attack to go over the opponents head. Damnit. 
Scratch that one.

  forward - A low kick that has slightly more range than the short. 
This one comes out slowly, making it pretty lame unless you want to 
poke with it. While it doesn't cancel into a regular attack, it will 
cancel into a super combo. Keep that in mind when using it in A- or 

  roundhouse - BINGO! HUGE MOVE HERE! So huge I listed it as a
special move, which is where you should look for info on this.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but it'll be worth it! Trust me! ;) 


  jab - A little flick as Sodom leans back in the air. The katana
gives it long range. You could try using this as a tick so that
when you land you can BB, but that won't work very well (BB isn't
an automatic move, it has to connect). Unless you want to stuff 
air attacks, this is useless. Use the short for that job.

  strong - Sodom holds the weapon out in front of him at head level. 
I find this move to be almost completely useless, as it's angle makes 
it useless for jump-ins. Maybe if the opponent is over you in the 
air... but still, there are so many other options.

  fierce - Sodom swings both weapons down in an arc in front of him, 
leaving a speed trail behind it (ala the thing you see after a Flash 
Kick). This covers your entire front and does decent damage. The 
important part is this will knock air opponents even higher back into 
the air. This does excellent damage, but it has a tendency to pass 
through unless it hits squarely (many moves in A3 have this problem...)

  short - A quick little kick. This moves saving grace comes with the 
fact that it is one of his only cross-up moves. Paydirt for a three 
hit combo leading involving the JS or DB. Otherwise it has pretty 
excellent priority, so use it to stuff jumpers. 

  forward - Once again, a similar animation to the short but with
more range. This move can't cross up, even on big characters, but
it does have decent priority. I prefer jumping short myself.

  roundhouse - Another goldmine, Sodom extends both his legs for a 
powerful, air-dominating kick. This bounces the opponent when
they're in the air but not as much as the jumping fierce does. The
damage seems slightly greater than the fierce and is great if timed
to hit deep in the jump. It is also rather safe as it pushes the
opponent pretty far back if blocked. Use this in place of the
fierce for nice damage and security. It also hits more often than 
the fierce. Of all of the grapplers, Sodom has my favorite dropkick-ish 


c.   Special Moves

You'll obviously be using these. Sodom's specials are special in
their own right, as he is a grappler with long range but with a few
surprises to those that think they can just pound him with heavy
offense. He even has a few tricks up his sleave after he gets
knocked over... All moves are available in every -ism, so use at 
will. Throws are also listed here.

Jigoku Scrape

  d, df, f + P - Sodom will slide forward, swinging one of his weapons.
The katana have more range.
  jab - slide forward swinging weapon at head height
  strong - uppercut with weapon under the chin
  fierce - strong overhead swing

In the previous version I liked the strong version because of its 
juggling potential, but the jab version is now my favorite. Use it 
to apply pressure to the opponent, but don't whiff or you might be 
screwed. The jab version used to hit crouching opponents, but now it 
doesn't, which hurts its effectiveness. Up close it will hit twice. 
The strong version of this move is very effective at juggling the 
opponent and has some anti-air priority, though you should probably 
stick with the crouching fierce for that job. It will whiff entirely 
if some characters duck, so be warned. The final version, with fierce, 
has the longest reach and will knock the opponent to the ground. It is 
the most powerful and the easiest to cancel into. It is also effective 
at hitting opponents who thought they could escape with their air 


  d + roundhouse - Slide on the ground to sweep the opponent

BINGO! I've seen many people list this is a special move, which is
why I followed suite. Technically this is a regular attack, but let
me get to the basics of it: this is a slide that comes out quick
and goes pretty far. It should be your major counter move for the
entire game, especially when the opponent whiffs a move. It is also
a fireball character killer, going beneath that attack and knocking
the opponent to the ground. Geez, it even goes below a low Tiger Shot, 
something that not every other slides in the game can do. The only bad 
thing about this is the extreme lag time if it is blocked that leaves 
you open to an opponent's sweep, although this can be alleviated by 
using the move from just within hit range. If blocked then, you will 
usually have time to avoid a counter attack. Hell, on top of that it 
can knock long-range jumpers out of the air. This move really makes 
Sodom a nuisance. 

Butsumetsu Buster

  360 + P - Sodom lunges forward, crossing his weapons to grab the
opponent, jumping up, then slamming them to the ground.

Here's your grappling move. It is Sodom's most damaging attack and
is also (of course) unblockable. It can be ticked into, and the
crouching fierce will cancel out if you two-in-one with it. It also
has a great range, either equal or greater than Zangief's SPD, 
thanks to the short lunge preceding the actual hit. The punch button 
used determines the height you will lift the opponent up, the range 
(fierce has the best), speeed (fierce has the longest lag), and also 
power (fierce doing the most damage). At fierce, after the hit lands, 
it will bounce the opponent high enough to follow through with a 
strong or fierce JS or jab/strong normal in the corner. The little 
leap forward that you take before hitting with this move also gives 
it greater distance than most grappling moves, allowing for a 
surprise for turtlers, especially after they block a jab JS. The only 
downside is the slow speed at wich the move comes out. You can be 
swept out of it, so use it if you are pretty sure it will land. Just 
look at the CPU Sodom to see how this move SHOULDN'T be used. A missed 
BB will leave you shaking your crossed-up fists in front of you, the 
signal that you are about to be pounded. Also, unlike Zangief, this 
isn't a good recovery move after falling over because you need startup 

Daikyou Burning

  360 + K - Sodom runs forward, both weapons held in front of him.
If he makes contact he will pin the opponent with the weapons,
dragging them on the ground. After awhile they will catch fire, at
which point Sodom releases them. 
  short - small run distance and hits four times
  forward - average run distance and hits five times
  roundhouse - long run distance and hits six times

If in X-ism mode with the katana, you'll recognize it as the charge
move from Final Fight, though it doesn't do fifty percent damage
anymore ;) A great move with excellent range, especially with the
more lengthy katana version. There are even a few surprises built
into it. First off, it can be canceled into from many attacks, 
preferably the forward or crouching fierce. Secondly, it will go 
right into an opponent's move, sometimes pulling them right out of 
it and scoring the damage. Finally, it has a surprising hit radius, 
capable of knocking incoming jumpers out of the air, and if you hit 
after the actual running ends, will knock the opponent over. The 
downside is that a miss will leave you wide open, so use it only if 
you are sure it will hit, namely in a combo, or for that extra juggle 
hit. The short one is a great pysche out, where it will finish early; 
the opponent might sweep and whiff, leaving you to knock them over with 
a fierce JS.

Shogun Throw

  f/b + 2P or 2K - Sodom will grap the opponent with his hand and toss 
them across the screen.

Despite sharing an animation, these throws are different. The punch 
throw can be flipped out of afterwards. However, this is actually a bad 
idea, as a strong Scrape will then be unavoidable. This sets up some 
really cool juggles, especially in A-ism. Because many people try to 
tech hit out of throws, a missed tech hit will cause a flip, leading 
to chaos. On top of this, the throw itself is very fast, so the chances 
of teching are lower than with other characters. The kick throw, however, 
is more of a 'safe' move, as it can not be flipped out of. With this 
there is no follow through afterwards, just a way to toss the opponenet 
across the screen.

Shirraha Catch

  f, d, df + K - When the opponent jump attacks you or tries an overhead,
this will catch them and throw them in the air for damage.

Ah, I love this move because it brings back good memories of Jubei
Yagyu in his third and fourth incarnations of my other favorite
series, Samurai Shodown (Spirits)! On the other hand, I also hate 
this move because of its low success rate. This was a rather pathetic 
move in A2, but now it is slightly more effective. The added ability of 
now catching people out of the air is where you should primarily use 
it (if you ever are going to...). The damage is the same as a punch 
throw and it can be flipped out of. This, once again, can set up some 
mean juggles. The timing of this move is critical; if the opponent 
doesn't arrive just as your weapons strike each other, it will whiff 
and you'll be hit. The short kick version doesn't last long, while the 
roundhouse one has a long-lasting effect. Unfortunately, you are 
much better off with a crouching fierce to stop air opponents.

Daimyo Throw

  f/b + 2P in the air - Sodom grabs the opponent and slams them to the 

This animation is similar to the Butsumetsu Buster and does a little 
less damage than that move. A typical air throw. This is a good end to 
VCs that leave the opponent up in the air.

Tengu Walking

1  When knocked over or after an air block, b, db, d + K - Sodom
runs forward on the ground doing a handstand with his weapons,
striking three times. 

2  d, df, f + K - This is done as you are getting up. It hits more 
times, is faster, and does more damage than the other version.

This is a shocker move, meaning that it should be used sparingly to
shock the crap out of your opponent! When you are knocked over pull
this out, especially if you land right next to the opponent, for a
few quick hits. This is a great alternative to all of the other
aerial recovery moves, but many people don't realize this part: it 
can be used whenever you block a move. This includes air blocking, 
which allows you to perform the move as you land. You can even counter 
hits with this if the opponent's combo doesn't continue.  People tend to
shrink back after you air block them, so this can be a surprise.
Another smart move against certain characters (mainly Chun Li and
Adon) is to use it right after the throws that tend to knock you to
the ground right away, as you will attack while they are still in
their throw animation frame. When you're fighting Chun Li, you need 
all the help you can get. ;) Any way you put it, this move really
kicks ass. Don't overuse it, but be ready to counter heavy offenders 
with it.

Yagura Reverse

  b, d, db + K - Sodom flips up into a handstand on his weapons.

If the move description sounds familiar, it should. This is
basically a fake Tengu Walk, and should primarily be used as a
psyche out in place of the Walk. The psyche out game is an
important part of Sodom's effectiveness, as it clouds the judgement
of your enemy, letting you dicipate their patterns. A note should
be taken: you CAN do this when just sitting there on the ground,
but that is pretty much useless. It can hit sweepers if you're up
close, perhaps making it a good push back move, but the range there
is pathetic, so don't waste your time with it in those instances. A
smart move nonetheless, even if it serves little to an offensive 
strategy. As Mr. Megura points out, it pisses people off too. ^_^ 

Kouten Okiagari

  When knocked over, f, df, d + P - Sodom rolls up into a ball, rolling
away from his attacker.

Not too great, but when you can't air recover in certain -isms,
this can be rather handy. It is yet another alternative to recovery
techniques. The stronger the punch used, the further you roll away.
If you use jab, you will roll in place! Sound useless? I'm sure
there is a use for rolling in place. In fact, I have managed to
have Ryu throw a fireball over me using this. ;) 


d.   Super Moves

Here's the cream of the crop! Sodom only has two types of supers,
but both are rather powerful. As usual, both of these are available
in A-ism; however, only the Meido no Miyage is available in X-ism. 

Meido no Miyage

  d, df, f, d, df, f + P - Sodom lashes forward with his weapon of choice
in a superized version of his Jigoku Scrape manuever.
  A-ism Level 1 (jab) - Three quick uppward slashes, similar to the
jab and strong Jigoku Scrapes, hitting three times with juggling
  A-ism Level 2 (strong) - A series of four quick forward-moving
slashes that go a long distance, each hitting multiple times, the
last an overhead slash similar to the fierce Jigoku Scrape for
varying hit amounts. 
  A-ism Level 3 (fierce) - All of the hits of a Level 2, followed
by a leap in the air with a very strong arcing swipe similar in
style to a jumping fierce. 
  X-ism - Simply a Level 3 version of the move.

This is probably Sodom's best super, but that is debatable as far
as damage goes. Maybe not as damaging as the Ten Chuu Satsu, but it
does what is needed. The primary focus here is on the Level 1
version in A-ism. This is easily the most useful version. This is not 
just because it has enormous priority (goes through most sweeps and 
even snuffs fireballers if timed right), but more importantly because 
it juggles. The best use for this is on jumping opponents. The three 
swipes are similar in style to the strong JS, so you will juggle the 
opponent for three powerful hits. Excellent when you're in a bind. 
The Level 2 version is almost useless; sure, it has priority and goes 
through fireballs with relative ease, but the second set of hits 
sometimes knock the opponent in the air, causing the third overhand 
move to whiff. It just doesn't have the anti-air and juggling abilities 
of the Level 1. Level 3 is very powerful, especially if you connect
with all of the hits. Unlike Level 2, this one will usually bounce
the opponent up after the third set of hits, following through with
the big jumping attack to slam them to the ground. Extremely
powerful. X-ism is basically the same with similar damage (around
45%), but the tragedy of X-ism is the loss of the Level 1. All
versions can be comboed into by throwing a crouching jab or short
right before you start the move. The most damage is incurred after 
a crouching fierce cancel. This will make the opponent eat the entire 
move, especially usefull for Level 3 and X-ism. 

Ten Chuu Satsu

  720 + P - Sodom grabs the opponent with both of his weapons and
proceeds to devastate them with several slam moves.
  A-ism Level 1 (jab) - After the grab, you do a small BB followed
by a fierce-looking BB.
  A-ism Level 2 (strong) - After the grab, you do a small BB, then
leap up into the air where you pause for a few moments, finally
coming down with full force to the ground for massive damage. 
  A-ism Level 3 (fierce) - This begins looking like Level 2; you do
a small BB, jump up, stall, and slam the opponent hard to the
ground, but then you proceed to drag them in a DB move, resulting
in extremely devastating damage. 

Ouch. OUCH! Even the Level 1 version of this is somewhat powerful. The
Level 2 looks seriously painfull (very heavy damage). Level 3 will
draw the 'ooohs' and 'awwws' from the crowd as well as dealing out
a seriuos can of whup ass!  We're talking at least 45-50% damage,
usually more. The great thing about this move compared to the regular
BB is that it has more priority. It also has a range that extends 
slightly farther than the animation would have you realize. A quick 
character might be able to knock you out of this up close with a 
short, but the key is the distance. If you are just within the 
reach of a BB, the short should not have the range required to stop 
you and the stronger moves won't hit in time or will be stopped by 
it. This is great when the opponent is in the corner and you are 
just getting closer to them. Use it sparingly: you may want to stick 
with Level 2 so that you can keep a spare level of super meter 
available for your anti-air Level 1 Meido no Miyage. Of course, if 
it's the final round, the opponent has about half his life bar, and 
you know you can land the move, you might as well piss them off or 
leave them in awe of your mighty Level 3 deathbringer. :) 

\\\\\\\----------4. Strategy to Bust Heads With--------------///////

a.   What's different in the -isms

The biggest change from A2 to A3 would have to be the ability to
alter your character's abilities. You do this by selecting a mode,
or as they put it in the game, -ism. Each one has some catch to it,
and be it losing moves but gaining power to different meters, each
has its advantages and disadvantages. There are six -isms that are
known: X-sim, A-ism (Z-ism if you're playing the Zero games),
V-ism, Classic, Saikyou, and Mazi. Because the last two are essentially 
variations of whatever other -ism you pick, they will not be described 
here throughly. 


This is the regular playing mode. It plays a lot like previous
Alpha games in that you power up a super meter. Sodom has all of
his special moves in every mode, so that isn't an issue, but in
this mode he has all of his supers as well. The super meter powers
up to three levels. Alpha Counters take one level to use each time
(and don't forget a little guard meter as well...) and come in the 
form of a strong JS. Your guard meter starts at its normal level 
(which is pretty high for Sodom anyway). Basically, everything 
normal is there and averaged out. This is probably the mode you want 
to choose for the indecisive, although that depends on how you play. 
You may want to start out in this one to get used to the character 
and have everything readily available. Then, if you like some of the 
changes in the other modes, by all means, go right ahead! 


This mode reminds me a lot of the final Street Fighter game before 
the series progressed into the Alpha series, and is in fact named 
after the Japanese title of that game. In this mode you have one 
level for your super meter that charges slowly. There are no Alpha 
Counters available. Your guard crush meter is larger than in A-ism, 
so it takes longer to be guard crushed. There is no ground recovery, 
though Sodom can compansate this with some of his own recovery moves. 
You lose the ability to taunt in this mode. You do more damage in 
this mode but also take more damage from enemy hits. However, let's
look at what is obvious right off the bat: YOUR JITTE ARE REPLACED
BY KATANA!!! For all of you that remember Final Fight, these are
the weapons that Sodom wielded as a boss! Sweet! Your range is
greatly improved in this mode, and the katana make the increased
damage of this mode more believable. This is my personal favorite
mode of play, even with some things no longer available and the ever 
evolving obsession with variable combos.


This is possibly the strongest version of Sodom. The 'V' stands for
Variable Combo, the Japanese name for the Custom Combos in A2.
Alpha Counters take up half of your meter. Your guard meter is
smaller than the average set by A-ism. You do less damage in this
mode, which is dissapointing, but also take less damage. Of course, 
you can select the distance of your moves here by holding back or 
forward on the joystick, mainly applicable for your standing 
fierce. The obvious change is that your super meter has been 
replaced by a graduated meter. This meter fills up the same way as 
a super meter, but much faster. After filling up half way or more, 
you can now use Variable Combos. Your attacks here are generally 
doubled as your shadow attacks after you, timing depending on how 
you initiated it. This leads to some really gruesome comboing and 
juggling if you can get it to connect, leading to pretty heavy 
damage after many hits. Made popular by Earth Sodom, this version 
has some killer combos and guard crush tactics.


Oh man, this is my favorite. This is true old-school fighting, more
so than X-ism. To use it in the arcade, the time release must have 
reached a certain point, where the startup screen (after you put 
coins in) is a strange green color, or further along a somewhat 
bluish color. On this screen, hold fierce and roundhouse and press 
start. Now when you select your fighter (which should be Sodom), you 
won't get to select any -ism at all! On the home version, the mode is 
easily selectable after defeating the arcade mode at difficulty seven. 
When you first use it you'll notice some odd things. First off, there 
is no super meter of any kind. Bummer. Secondly, there is no guard 
meter. This means you can't incur a guard break! Yes! Upon closer 
examination, you will see other changes. You have practically none of 
the additions other modes contain, such as recovery in the air or 
ground, Alpha Counters, taunts, and of course no air blocking. There 
are is a major plus to this mode: you can not be juggled easily. There 
may be a few exceptions to this, but generally after a being knocked 
into the air you will fall back down to the ground. You have your 
kitana here just like in X-ism.

Saikyou ('strongest')

The strongest fighting style!  Saikyou is Dan Hibiki's martial arts 
style. As we all know, he is the strongest fighter in the world, so 
only the strongest use this super weapon. It's advantages include giving 
less damage and taking more damage, getting dizzy very fast, having a 
small guard crush meter, and not having the ability to cancel any of 
your attacks! You can feel the power! Oh yes! (psst... in case you 
haven't figured it out by now, this mode actually makes you weaker. 
Dan's style... weak? It can't be!)

Mazi (serious)

Another strange mode that appears to be aimed at providing a
handicap to increase challenge. This is for the true serious players. 
You will dish out a lot of damage, but also take double the damage 
when hit. Also, while you must win two rounds to be vitorious, the 
opponent need only knock you out once to win.


b.   Combos!

Basic combo construction consists of hitting your opponent with a
series of moves that can't be blocked after the first hit. Some 
blockable or escapable combos exist, but most still consider these 
combos nonetheless. Two-in-ones are regular moves placed in the 
middle of special move motions. For instance, putting a jab in the 
middle of the motion for the JS. The jab will hit, with the hits of 
the JS following up right away. Combos require timing. Below are most 
of the basics to building combos. 


Here are your basic two-in-ones. Put these in your combos or simply
use them alone to get a free in for your specials. Build combos 
out of these.

  c. jab -> JS (a great in for any of the moves)
  c. fierce -> fierce JS (three hits of blocked, two if not?)
  jab -> BB (only if the jab is blocked with the BB hit)
  c. fierce -> fierce BB (the first fierce may not
hit, but if the opponent blocks, then it usually will hit for a
block, making the BB unavoidable) 
  forward -> BB (slightly more damage than using
short, better range too)
  c. fierce -> DB (the best in for the move)
  c. short -> Yagura Reverse (hehe, this won't hit at all, but it 
happens. Any use for it?)
  c. jab/short/fierce -> Meido no Miyage (using short here
is easier to do, then pick the level of the super with the punch
button if you're in A-ism. A major in for your X-ism super) 
  c. short -> Meido no Miyage

or: jab, short, far strong (in V-ism), close strong, forward, c. jab, 
c. short, c. fierce
(Those are the moves that can be cancelled into a special)

As a note on using forward, the Scrapes seem to come out easier if 
you use a half circle to do the move. That is, you hit forward while 
holding back, then pull off a half circle motion and press punch. This 
is because of the timing required after the forward, which is longer 
than that of the weaker attacks. In V-ism this also applies to the 
standing strong.


Here are a few combos to try out. Admittedly (outside of V-ism) 
Sodom isn't a combo machine, but he can do some really sweet juggles. 
If your opponent gets countered, that is the time to use a strong 
Scrape combo. These often work even if they flip; it all depends on 
when the move is used.

  late j. fierce, c. roundhouse (opponent not in air)
  j. fierce, juggle with j. fierce (almost all characters have
  late j. roundhouse, strong JS (this is a quick juggle; it is done 
when both you and the opponent are in the air)
  j. roundhouse, DB (again, opponent in air;DB will only bounch opponent) 
  j. forward, c. jab -> jab or fierce JS (I do this one a lot) 
  cross-up with j. short, short -> DB (your cross-up
move. Second short can be a c. fierce) 


The following can be done anywhere after a counter or when the opponent 
jumps. As with all of Sodom's juggles, the timing is different for each 
one, and most can be flipped out of, so they don't serve so much of a 
purpose unless the opponent is naive. Still, they are fun to use, and a 
forward or neutral flip usually allows completion of the combo anyway.

  strong JS, strong JS (this can work anywhere if performed
correctly. Be quick or wait for the opponent to fall) 
  Lvl 1 Meido no Miyage, Lvl 1 Meido no Miyage (only if they don't flip 
backwards. You can't follow with a third one)
  Lvl 1 Meido no Miyage, close strong -> any JS (this isn't too difficult)
  Lvl 1 Meido no Miyage, close strong -> Lvl 1 Meido no Miyage (yes, it 
can be done! However, the second one must be started real fast, before the 
opponent begins to fall. You can replace the strong with a jab, but I 
find that to be harder)


Your opponent needs to be in the air for any of these to work or 
you can get them there with your punch throw.These are sooooo much 
fun to watch, and because they are in the corner you can often get 
a few extra jabs in. The DB only serves to bounce your opponent for 
a little damage, but it's an in and has huge range to it, so don't 
count it out. Of course, anything with a super in it requires A-ism. 
For the Lvl 1 Meido, you may want to try being slightly outside of 
the corner on very small characters to get all three hits. Don't 
worry about getting too close during them, the hits will all make it. 
Many of these are flippable, so they are more for show than actual 
gameplay use. That's okay; Sodom isn't made for combos anyhow. If the 
opponent flips forward or neutral, they will take the full brunt anyway.

  strong JS, strong -> Lvl 1 Meido no Miyage (not too tough)
  Lvl 1 Meido no Miyage, strong JS, close strong -> jab JS
  Lvl 1 Meido no Miyage, close strong -> strong JS, jab
  Lvl 1 Meido no Miyage, c. fierce, Lvl 1 Meido no Miyage, strong, jab
(or jab, strong...)
  jab JS, close strong -> Lvl 3 Meido no Miyage (not as many hits as you 
would normally get)


Here are Sodom's Variable Combo options. There are many more, but these 
are the most effective.

This is Sodom's most damaging VC, made famous by the best Sodom player 
in the world
 (opponent in corner) activate jab+short VC (possibly strng+fwd also...)
 fierce JS, forward (whiffs), fierce JS, forward (whiffs), repeat
The fierce JS doesn't knock them down but instead launches the opponent 
high into the air and is un-flippable. The whiffed forward is used as a 
pacekeeper and allows the juggle to continue. This seems more difficult 
to do on the Playstations version of the game; it looks as though the 
opponent isn't knocked into the air as high with each Scrape. Strange.

This one can be used from anywhere
 jab+short VC
 4 jab JSs, 3 strong JSs, DB
The actual number of scrapes used is variable, and the DB at the end 
usually juggles for a final hit. If you get near the corner, makes sure 
that you aren't pushed back too far, as the opponent may be able to 

This will crush the opponents guard really fast
 jab+short VC (might be useable with strong+forward also)
 c. fierce -> fierce JS, c. forward -> fierce JS, c. forward
    -> fierce JS, repeat from c. forward
If their guard gets crushed, either go into Earth Sodom or get in a BB.

This is escapable after the first BB.
 Daikyou Burning into corner, jab+short VC, jab BB, strong (whiffs), 
 jab BB, strong (whiffs), repeat from jab BB
The first jab BB will pick them up off of the ground. Neat, ey?

 Any VC that knocks them in the air can be ended with a taunt to hit
My brother yelled at me after this. :)


c.   Winning strategies

Here are a few important strategies to winning with Sodom.


Yes, you can, but not as well as Zangief. A few things you need to
remember about Sodom's BB (if you didn't know that was the move to
tick into, ouch...) is that it is somewhat slow to get through the
initial frames and has a longer range than most 360 moves. The slow
speed of both Sodom's regular attacks and the BB make simple jab
ticks impossible. 

 - j. short or jab, BB works some of the time if your opponent is
comatose, but...
 - j. roundhouse, BB works more often! If the opponent blocks, you
should be just far enough away to avoid most sweeps, except maybe
Dhalsim's slide and a few others. Works most of the time. 
 - long-distance strong JS, fierce BB is surprisingly effective.
Because you aren't close, the opponent might just walk forward
after the JS, right into your BB. This is unexpected and deadly. 

The oddest tick of all is to do a standing fierce, then the BB. You 
wouldn't expect this to work, but the BB will land if spaced right. 

In short, it is dangerous to tick with Sodom, but if done right can 
still be very effective.


I use a lot of psyche outs because I am evil. >:)

Sodom has one of the best psyche out games there is. First and
foremost is the Yagura Reverse. This fake Tengu Walk is great for
making the opponent hold back or sweep aimlessly. Then, when they 
start moving forward, a roundhouse sweep will knock them on their ass! 
The Tengu itself will make many people hesitant to charge at you, 
giving you more breathing room. This should be the ONLY time you use 
a fake Tengu. That is, whenever you can reverse.

Another key psyche is the mere fact that you have two 360 degree
moves at your disposal. It really pisses people off, but spin the
joystick around from time to time. This will keep the opponent
guessing as to whether you will try and tag them with a DB from a
distance or to counter their move. Then, while they are thinking of
their next move, go on the offensive. This is a great time to tick
and actual land a BB, when the opponent starts going defensvie on


Here are Sodom's anti-air and tradeoff moves:

 - Crouching fierce. This is ol' reliable, and should be the one that 
you use most often.

 - Shirraha Catch is an anti-air move. That's what it's
made for! Unfortunately, since the beta it has been made pretty 
much useless. Still, it is there if you have some kind of sick luck.

 - Strong JS is another knock out of the air move. This will set up 
some nice combos, also.

 - Level 1 Meido no Miyage works much like the strong JS, except
for three hits and with higher priority. MUCH higher priority, that 
is. You will knock the opponent out of almost anything.


 - Sodom's only real link is jab -> short, and that doesn't work 
very well anyway. Seemed easier before...

 - Despite all of the options open for anti-air, Sodom seems weak 
defensively. This is especially true in the corner. If you find 
yourself trapped in the corner, try to get out with a slide.

 - Beware of V-ism opponents. Because of the pass through initial 
frames of a VC, your scrapes can go right through the opponent and 
leave you open for big damage.

 - While X-ism is great, the super for it isn't all that hot. The 
damage varies against different opponents, but you may want to 
consider using Classic. Many of the lost escape options are made up 
for with Sodom's many reversal moves. Having no guard meter is 
always an advantage, as is the limited amount of juggling that can 
be done to you in this mode.

 - If your opponent is Chun-Li... don't pick Sodom. It's a headache 
waiting to happen.

\\\\\\\--------5. Other Stuff for the Devoted Player---------///////

Here are the little quirks that don't fit anywhere else.

a.   Win Poses

When you win a round, press this button to activate the specified win 
pose. Note that because he wields katana, X-ism (or Classic) Sodom has 
his 'spinning the weapon' poses replaced by his fountain poses.

 jab     -  Sodom does his taunt (he bows to the opponent).
 strong  -  Sodom takes out his fan that emits a small fountain of water. 
 fierce  -  Sodom takes out and waves his fan and waves it. As he does 
            so, butterflies hover above it. Bureiko!
 short   -  Sodom hunches over and spins his jitte.
 forward -  Sodom hunches over and spins his jitte, but they fall out of 
            his hands. Sodom looks around surprised and embarrased. He 
            really needs to practice that some more. ^_^
 rndhse  -  Same as with jab (he bows).

b.   Win Quotes

c.   Midboss and Ending Text


MIDBOSS 1: Rolento
Rolento - I'm trying to accomplish a vital mission.
Rolento - Join me right now, and you will be rewarded handsomely!
Rolento - Otherwise...  I'll assume you are just an obstacle to my plan...
Rolento - and I will eliminate you!
-after victory-
Rolento - I never imagined my plan would end in such failure!
Sodom - Your plan?
Rolento - Shadaloo is said to have constructed an underground base.
Rolento - We planned to take it over and make it into our own.
Sodom - Oh, that is a nice plan!  I'll take that base for myself!
Sodom - I'll make it the headquarters of the new "Mad Gear!"

MIDBOSS 2: Chun Li
Chun Li - You there! I'm in the middle of a very important mission!
Chun Li -  Please do not interfere!
Sodom - The Shadaloo base... It's going to be perfect for Mad Gear!
Sodom - Then, everything will be mine!
Chun Li - There seems to be no point in talking to you. Get ready!
<note: no post-battle text>

FINAL BOSS: (Shin) M. Bison
M. Bison - On well... Another day, another piece of trash.
M. Bison - Garbage such as you has no place here!
Sodom - I'm not trash! I really have class I tell you!
Sodom - And now I'll show you my super special move, too!
M. Bison - I see. Worthless trash came here to spew more garbage. Show me.

ENDING (synopsis)
Though defeated, Bison restores his vitality using the Psycho Drive.
Chun Li and Charlie (in his harrier) watch on as Sodom uses his ultimate 
technique... the Kamikaze Attack! He drives the big rig from his SFA2 
background right into the Shadowlaw base, causing the over-used mega 
explosion. Chun Li witnesses this and comments on how Sodom was a hero after 
all. Rolento, also looking on, believes that surely Sodom could not have died in 
the blast.

d.   Normal and Special Move Names and Translations

All of this information was provided by the ever-generous Kao Megura. 
It is pretty much lifted from an e-mail he sent to me, so... enjoy. ^_^

Standing Far Punches
jab - Jitte Barai (Jitte Sweep)
strong - Samurai Punch (a samurai is a warrior who serves a master)

Standing Close Punches
fierce - Ganmen Jitte Kudaki (Face Smashing Jitte)

Crouching Punches
jab - Jitte Barai
strong - Upper Jitte Barai
fierce - Samurai Upper

Jumping Punches
jab - Gedan Jitte Barai (Low Level Jitte Sweep)
strong - Gedan Jitte Barai
fierce - Futa Jitte Seppou Otoshi (Double Jitte Snow-Destroying Drop)

Standing Kicks
short - Low Kick
forward - Middle Kick
roundhouse - Bushido Kick (bushido means "way of the warrior")

Crouching Kicks
short - Soku Barai?
forward - Soku Barai (Foot Sweep)
roundhouse - Sliding (the official name of his slide kick)

Jumping Kicks
short - Sodom Kick
forward - Sodom Kick
roundhouse - Kamikaze Kick (kamikaze means "divine wind", but can also 
mean 'sucicidal' or 'last-ditch attempt' (like "do or die")).

I assume you'd replace 'jitte' with 'katana' if you were listing his
X-ism moves.

Special Moves:
 Shogun Throw                   (emperor's follower) Throw
 Daimyo Throw                   (feudal lord) Throw
 Jigoku Scrape                  Hell Scrape
 Butsumetsu Buster              Unlucky Day Buster
 Daikyou Burning                Worst Luck Burning
 Shiraha Catch                  White Blade Catch
 Yagura Reverse                 Oar Reverse
 Kouten Okiagari                Roll Backwards and Get Up
 Tengu Walking                  (type of demon) Walking
 Meido no Miyage                Present from Hades
 Ten Chuu Satsu                 Death in the Midst of Heaven?

It's hard to see, but the symbol on his chest is "shi" (death, die).

e.   Did You Know...

... that the jitte were often used by Japanese law enformcement?   

... that because of his American lineage he is ashamed to show his
face, hiding it behind a mask that he never takes off in public? This 
is hinted at in the Street Fighter manga. It can also be seen in his 
SFA2 ending where he fights a sumo out of outfit yet still wears his 

... that many of Sodom's Japanese win quotes are very informal and 
show his incomplete knowledge of the language?

... that Final Fight Sodom was renamed Katana for the sensitive SNES 

... that the truck in Sodom's ending is the same as in his SFA2 stage?

... that there was a rumor of a special entrance animation in Honda vs 
Sodom fights? (if anyone can actually show me this I will be very 

\\\\\\\---------------------6. The Rest----------------------///////

a.   Comments Appreciated

Want to say thank you? Pissed off? Hate me? Drop me a line. I enjoy 
all feedback, good or bad. Contributions are very welcome as well.


b.   Those that helped (even if they don't know it!)

 - Kao Megura ( Without the SFA3 FAQ, where the
hell would many people be? Many contributions and move names. One 
of the greatest FAQ writers in the world, easily. For shame to those 
magazines that rip his FAQs!

 - Joe VanPelt aka: Chocobo ( great VC list where I 
first heard the BB VC Combo from. And he's got a sweet name, damnit! >_<

 - M4 (sorry, don't have your address...): showing me that criticism
is important, even when it is highly negative. Standing fierce

 - Matt Hall ( because he kicks ass. Check out his 
Karin guide

 - Julien Beasley: various information and his great info from Japan

 - although I have personally witnessed its decline 
over time, there are still many fine people there with valuable 

This unpublished work is copyright 1999 Joseph Parise