Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Version 2.0

By Bryce Griffith (Youkai Kouga on gamefaqs.com)

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Update Log

Version 0.1 (2/4/04)- Basic Layout up, Table of Contents up, section 2 done,
Walkthrough 100% complete, character profiles is up.

Version 1.0 (2/5/04) - Corrected 360 evade on boss of stage one, corrected
the "free crystal at beginning of stage error," Added "Jumping downward punch" to
movelist. Added more info on Kyulene. Added the off-screen glitch. The FAQ is now
complete enough, so I'll submit it to gamefaqs. Changes in the future are likely.

Version 1.1 (2/5/04) - Fixed the atrocious margins :/

Version 2.0 (2/10/04) - Added Basic game description (for those who have not
played Final Fight before), added the General Gameplay Hints/Tips/Notes section,
and Enemies section. Fixed a few typos. Not many additions are likely to follow
this one.

Table of Contents
1.0. Introduction
2.0. Gameplay
	2.1 Controls/Attacks
	2.2 General Gameplay Hints/Tips
        2.3 Enemies/Items
        2.4 Glitches
3.0. Characters
	3.1. Sailor Moon
	3.2. Sailor Mercury
	3.3. Sailor Venus
	3.4. Sailor Mars
	3.5. Sailor Jupiter
4.0 Walkthrough
	4.1 Stage 1
		4.1.1 Boss: Kastol & Polx
	4.2 Stage 2
		4.2.1 Boss: Morga
	4.3 Stage 3
		4.3.1 Boss: Kyulene
	4.4 Stage 4
		4.4.1 Boss: Garoben
	4.5 Stage 5
		4.5.1 Boss: Zoisat
	4.6 Stage 6
		4.6.1 Boss: Dual Kyulene
	4.7 Stage 7
		4.7.1 Boss: Bakene
	4.8 Final Stage
		4.8.1 Boss: Zoisat & Knzait
		4.8.2 Final Boss: Queen Beril
5.0 Scoring
6.0 Miscellaneous
	6.1 Misc. Glitches

1.0 Introduction

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon is a Final Fight clone with the Sailor Scouts in it.
Fun game. Really.

For those of you who have not played Final Fight before, you basically walk down a
street/whatever stage, beating up all the enemies. You have a health bar, and if
you take too much damage, you die. At the end of every level is a boss, which is
always a lot harder to kill than the enemies, and can't be cheesed like the
lesser badguys. You cannot block in a Final Fight-type game, so don't even bother
trying. It'd take the skill out of it anyway.

2.0 Gameplay

Well, here's how to play the game:

2.1 Controls/Attacks

Compared to Final Fight, there are a ton of new attack commands, and now supers even! In
this section I will outline how to do each one.

Movement- Joystick in desired direction.

*Basic Combo- Attack, Attack, Attack, Attack, Attack
          This is the basic combo for everyone. It knocks down on the fifth hit.

*Grab- Hold left/right direction towards the opponent when close
          The Sailor Scout grabs the enemy, during which you can......
            *Grab Attack- During Grab, Attack
                The Sailor Scout attacks the opponent while they are unable to
                move. After three attacks it knocks down, but any time before that
                you can follow with the Throw.
            *Throw- During a Grab, Left/Right+Attack
                The Sailor Scout throws the opponent in the direction that you
                press. Like in every fighting game and every Final Fight clone,
                you are 100% invincible during the throw. Plus, you will not only
                damage the enemy you throw, but the others it hits, as well as knock
                them down. So grab an enemy on one side of you and throw him into a
                bunch on the other side to knock them down! Great crowd control there.

*360 Attack- Attack+Jump
        The Sailor Scout will do an attack that hits everything around them in a
        short radius, AND they will be invincible while doing this. This attack is put
        in so the enemies don't own you as soon as you get up and knock you down again.
        Use this to get out of those sticky situations. NOTICE: If you hit someone with
        this attack, it will cost a small portion of your life bar! That way, it can't
        be abused.

*Dash- Tap Left/Right quickly twice, then hold down
        This is a run. Pretty much self-explanatory.
        *Dashing Punch- During Dash, press Attack
                Ends your dash with a punch. This punch has better range than normal and
                knocks down. Has a bit of a recovery though.

        *Dashing Jump- During Dash, press Jump
                Further than a regular jump, plus has a different jumping attack follow-up

                *Dashing Jump Kick- During Dashing Jump, press Attack
                        This is a different jump kick than normal. Doesn't seem that much
                        more advantageous to use.

*Jump (Straight Up)- Jump

        *Jump Kick- During Straight Up Jump, Attack
                This move sucks. Don't even bother to use it except in the rare occasion
                it's a flying enemy or jumping one. It's always just a high kick with no range.
                Knocks down.

*Jump (Forward/Backward)- Jump+Left/Right

        *Forward Jump Kick- During Forward Jump, Attack
                Much better range than the other one. You can knock down groups with it.

*Jumping Downward punch- During any Jump besides Dashing Jump, Down+Attack
        This is a downward punch, for use when your opponent is too close for a jump kick
        because you know it will whiff. Not too good IMO.

*SUPER MOVE- press the Super button
        This move pauses the game for a bit for the sequence where the Sailor Scout
        usually babbles something in Japanese, then it knocks everyone on the screen
        down, doing massive damage to all of them, usually killing normal enemies,
        and putting a hurt on the bosses. In order to do this move, you must have a
        crystal (you get one when continue and you don't have one, plus you can
        collect them when enemies drop them. If you have more than one crystal, the
        damage increases (you have to use them all at once) This can be done while
        being hit like the 360 attack.

2.2 Gameplay Hints/Tips

*More than ever in Final Fight, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon REQUIRES you to be able to
      control large crowds. This game has huge swarms in comparison to Final Fight.
      Sometimes it seems like there's fifteen enemies on the screen at a time.
      try getting enemies on all one side then just jump kicking them over and over
      to knock them all down for example.

*It appears that if you are hit from behind, regardless of what you are doing at the
      time, you will go into a stagger-esque animation for a little less than half
      a second. This is longer than the normal hitstun that monsters will give you
      from hitting you, so they may be able to get more off on you if they do so.

*Pick a character whose style best complements you (ex. If you like to rush in, pick
      a fast character).

2.3 Enemies/Items

*Peppermint- Restores a miniscule amount of health
*Bracelet- Restores a little less than 1/8th of your health
*Tuna can?- Restores a little bit more than 1/8th your health
*Ice Cream- Restores a little less than 1/4th of your health
*Muffin- Restores about a 1/3 of your health
*Cake- Restores a bit less than 1/2 your health
*Donut- Restores about 1/2 of your health
*Tuxedo Kamenís Rose- Restores full health
*Crystal- Magical Crystal. Collect as many as you can to unleash your ultimate attack!

Note: I made up all the names for the enemies, until I find a site for this game (if
there still is one...), so that's why they sound so stupid.

Toga Girl
First enemy you ever encounter. Nothing special about them, just generic thugs.

Attacks: Punch

Duke Nukem Hair
These are also generic basic enemies.

Attacks: Punch

Devil Man
This is the equivalent of Final Fight's stupid bald headbutting people. Though these
don't necessarily charge as they come in. And sometimes they'll do it again after
they've already entered the screen.

Attacks: Scratch, Charge with horns

Duke Nukem Hair w/ Tennis Racket
This is maybe, like Hugo/Andore/whatever, the big guys. They can throw you, and do
so quite often. Sometimes right even as you get up! It's stupid because you can't
escape it if they do that repeatedly!

Attacks: Regular Attack, Serve an exploding Tennis Ball (at least that's what it
            looks like...), Throw (LAME)

Ice Woman
Another Generic monster. Weak.

Attacks: Punch

Ninja Woman
Like the knife guys of Final Fight. They have a variety of attacks, and can
throw things. More versatile than other enemies, but still no big deal to deal
with altogether. Note it _is_ possible to knock away their projectiles with a
well timed attack (like Cody's projectile in Street Fighter Alpha 3).

Attacks: Charge then attack w/ sword, Throw Knife, Stab w/ Knife

Cat Burglar
Another generic enemy pretty much, but only on one stage. Only has a single,
generic attack, but it's annoying because it's so fast.

Attacks: Punch

Weird one here. Just generic punches and such, but it can also throw its
head at you! lol! Easier than most generic enemies too.

Attacks: Unscrew head then throw, Generic Attack

Yep, starting Stage 3 you'll see an enemy that is a sprite clone of the first
boss! Kinda lame.

Attacks: Shock Throw (if it's the type that has sparks coming from hands),
                Generic Attack

Weird Midgets Things
Not sure why these are put in.. there's like a total of three in the entire
game, and they don't have any special attacks or anything... they just run
up and kick you.

Attacks: Run up and Kick

2.4 Glitches


Okay, not that I've given you the obligatory space, I'll tell you about a glitch so
powerful, it makes the heavens tremble under its power. So powerful, you can cheese
a boss so bad that you can kill him off of one hit with your mega-cheap infinite!

Anyway.. enough with being melodramatic. The glitch is a thing I like to call "turn
canceling." What this turn-canceling is essentially taking advantage of the gigantic
hitstun the third hit of the auto-combo causes, and how few frames it takes to punch
in this game. So essentially, what you do is you do the first three hits of your basic
combo, then quickly turn the opposite direction then back. This resets the basic combo,
and since the hitstun for the enemies is so freaking huge in this game, you can do the
first three hits again and repeat this over and over. It may take a little practice if
you just suck like me :P, but once you can, you can take advantage of this on bosses.

LMAO. I just find it funny that a Final Fight clone has an infinite.

Okay, now for the bad ones.

*Occasionally an enemies AI will screw up and it will stay off the screen far enough
        to not be hit, preventing you from going on to the next section, and causing
        you to lose a life. After you lose a life they usually reset and it fixes the
        problem, but it's still a pain in the butt. Note that this glitch happens VERY RARELY.

3.0 Characters

There are five playable character in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, each using the basic
command list. They have a few subtle differences that will be covered. Note: The
differences between the characters in this game are extremely subtle, but I'll
try my best to cover them.

3.1 Sailor Moon
Real Name:              Usagi Tsukino
Age:                    14
Birthday:               June 30th
Astrological Sign:      Cancer
Blood Type:             O
Favorite Classes:       Home Ec.
Least Favorite Classes: English and Math
Favorite Food:          Sweets
Least Favorite Food:    Carrots
Favorite Colors:        Pink and White
Likes:                  Eating and Sleeping
Misc. Information:      Is the leader of the Sailor scouts, is a crybaby

360 Attack: Spins fist around then does a wannabe Hurricane Kick
Lvl. 1 super: Those hair ornaments things appear on her
Lvl. 2 super: While crying, she yells something in Japanese
Lvl. 3 super: Runs in, Salutes, and her Jewel starts glowing
Lvl. 4 super: Spins around (I thought she was going to transform or something) Then
                shoots some beams.
Lvl. 5 super: Moon Tiara Magic!

3.2 Sailor Mercury
Real Name:              Ami Mizuno
Age:                    14
Birthday:               September 10th
Astrological Sign:      Virgo
Blood Type:             A
Favorite Classes:       Math
Least Favorite Classes: There are no classes she dislikes
Favorite Food:          Sandwiches
Least Favorite Food:    Tuna
Favorite Colors:        Light Blue
Likes:                  Reading and Playing Chess
Misc. Information:      Has a very high IQ

360 Attack: Spins around on one leg, kicking with the other (what the...)
Lvl. 1 super: Puts on those computer shades and says "Get Ready" (I think..)
Lvl. 2 super: Says something, then water rushes up
Lvl. 3 super: Says something while water swirls around her waist
Lvl. 4 super: Says something in Japanese then charges
Lvl. 5 super: Mercury's Bubble Spray Attack

3.3 Sailor Venus
Real Name:              Minako Aino
Age:                    14
Birthday:               October 22nd
Astrological Sign:      Libra
Blood Type:             B
Favorite Classes:       P.E.
Least Favorite Classes: Everything else
Favorite Food:          Ramen Noodles
Least Favorite Food:    Shiitake Mushrooms
Favorite Colors:        Red and Yellow
Likes:                  Wasting time
Misc. Information:	

Dashing Jump Kick: Diagonal Spinning Kick thingy downwards. Doesn't knock you back
                        unlike others.
360 Attack: Hurricane Kick wannabe (OMG actually cool looking?!)
Lvl. 1 super: Says something in Japanese, then winks
Lvl. 2 super: Venus Kick!
Lvl. 3 super: Says something in Japanese while holding a heart scepter
Lvl. 4 super: Spins around and releases some sort of heart thing
Lvl. 5 super: That Venus Beam attack from the show (I forgot its name -_-)

*Has the best 360 attack
*Minako seems to get recovery powerups more

3.4 Sailor Mars
Real Name:              Rei Hino
Age:                    14
Birthday:               April 17th
Astrological Sign:      Aries
Blood Type:             AB
Favorite Classes:       Literature
Least Favorite Classes: Social Studies
Favorite Food:          Thai
Least Favorite Food:    Asparagus
Favorite Colors:        Red and Black
Likes:                  Tending the Shrine
Misc. Information:

360 Attack: Spins around with her fist (lame)
Lvl. 1 super: Says something in Japanese
Lvl. 2 super: Sicks some crows on the enemies (what the...)
Lvl. 3 super: Holds some ofuda (sealing scrolls)
Lvl. 4 super: Looks like she prays, then she shoots a beam of fire
Lvl. 5 super: Mars Fire!

*Has the best Charging attack
*Has shorter range (except for the charge attack) than everyone else, but does
     more damage
*Rei gets crystals where other people normally don't

3.5 Sailor Jupiter
Real Name:              Makoto Kino
Age:                    14
Birthday:               December 5th
Astrological Sign:      Sagittarius
Blood Type:             O
Favorite Classes:       Home Ec.
Least Favorite Classes: Physics
Favorite Food:          Cherry Pie
Least Favorite Food:    None
Favorite Colors:        Pink
Likes:                  Cooking
Misc. Information:

Dashing Jump Kick: Flying Tackle!
360 Attack: Break Dancing Sweep (WHAT THE?!)
Lvl. 1 super: Jupiter Kick!
Lvl. 2 super: Lifts a ginormus rock up and throws it
Lvl. 3 super: Spins around then smiles
Lvl. 4 super: Shouts something in Japanese
Lvl. 5 super: Jupiter Thunder!

*Has the best dashing jump kick
*She is a bit slower (Except for the Dashing jump kick), but does more
     damage to make up for it

4.0 Walkthrough

Here it is, a guide to the bosses and a walkthrough. okay it's not much
of a walkthrough, but you should be able to deal with the monsters on your
own! :P

4.1 Stage 1

It's a street stage that's extremely easy. There are very few enemies on this level,
and you will only have 1-2 enemies on screen except for in the last part.

New Enemies:
*Toga Girl
*Duke Nukem Hair
*Devil Man
*Ice Woman
*Duke Nukem Hair w/ Tennis Racket

*By the car in the garage
*Respawning monsters (can get infinite?)

4.1.1 BOSS: Kastol & Polx

Turn-Cancelable: Yes
Respawning Thugs: Yes
Tuxedo Kamen Assist: No

This is a pair of she-demon looking things that use electricity to attack. They are
nothing, except that they have an extremely annoying attack where they jump together
and use electricity. Easy to see, so use your 360 to avoid it since it comes out too
fast to dodge. You won't lose life unless you connect on one of the thugs since they
can't be hit in that move. In fact, they can even evade your super with it! Once one
is dead, you win. I recommend against Turn-Canceling since they have thugs.

Moves: Jump together then shock, Regular Punches

4.2 Stage 2

Another Street stage. Now that you've gotten past the first round, it starts to get
a bit harder. There are a few swarming screens, but it's still fairly easy to get past.

New Enemies:
*Ninja Woman

*First screen of enemies
*Enemies at dress store
*2 screens after the dress store (just screens, not enemy filled ones)
*2 screens after that

4.2.1 BOSS: Morga

Turn-Cancelable: Yes
Respawning Thugs: Yes
Tuxedo Kamen Assist: Yes

Oh no! It's some succubus-looking lady strangling a young girl! You must save her! The
thugs are more trouble than the boss since there's a lot of them (though it takes long
for them to respawn after you kill them), and the boss really doesn't do that much. However,
if she does hit, be sure to 360 out of it or it will HURT. Turn-cancel her until the thugs
 come in. And if you have a super, you can turn-cancel her again after they die.

Moves: Standard Attack


I guess this is here just to rest your hands. You can speed it up by holding the buttons


4.3 Stage 3

This is where the swarms start to get annoying. Deal with them with good crowd control.

*1st Screen
*Right before the screen starts to shift downward
*Right after screen finishes shifting downward
*Right before boss (tends to drop where you can't get it ARGH!)

4.3.1 BOSS: Kyulene

Turn-Cancelable: Yes
Respawning Thugs: No
Tuxedo Kamen Assist: No

This is an annoying boss. It _is_ possible to turn-cancel her to death, but it seems
she can hit out of being hit, so it's extremely hard to do so. On the up side, there's
no stupid thugs annoying you while you attack her. Halfway through she'll fly to a
Tower and some enemies will help her, but they do not respawn, and the AI seems to lose
a few brain cells. Note: If at any time you can get Kyulene against the edge of the stage,
knock it down and stand over and just mash punch. It can't get around that!

Moves: Standard Attack, Flying Swoop (knocks down), Flying Strike (knocks down)

4.4 Stage 4

More annoying swarms. What else can I say. Just bust through them!

*3rd swarm of enemies
*3rd swarm of enemies
*2nd section, 2nd swarm of enemies
*2nd to last swarm

4.4.1 BOSS: Garoben

Turn-Cancelable: YES AND USE IT
Respawning Thugs: No
Tuxedo Kamen Assist: Yes

Another boss you see strangling a poor kid! This boss is the ultimate cheese. Thank
goodness you can turn-cancel him and he's got no stupid thugs. But if you LIKE getting
owned hardcore, this guys moves all take off at least a quarter of your health. No
joke. On top of that, the Jumping Slash is unavoidable except by a 360, and all his
other moves have huge range and even beat air!. Just turn-cancel his sorry butt. It's
not worth it. Remember. Just infinite him. Cheese him, or he'll cheese you even worse.

Moves: Jumping Slash (25% of your health), Regular attack (25%), Throw (50%)

4.5 Stage 5

Roffle my Waffle. It's the cat burglars of doom. Semi-annoying, but altogether pretty
easy to deal with. Except for the fact that they swarm in record numbers.

New Enemies:
*Cat Burglar

*Enemies at that first orange thing
*Right before entering the warehouse (50%)
*Enemy swarm by the 13 panel

4.5.1 BOSS: Zoisat

Turn-Cancelable: No
Respawning Thugs: No
Tuxedo Kamen Assist: No

Not much health, but not turn cancelable, and annoyingly teleports around. I had
like 4 crystals and it killed her outright.

Moves: Teleport, Shoot beams, Attack

4.6 Stage 6

It's the Forest of the hidden mist! Cool!

New Enemies:
*Weird Midget Things

*First enemy swarm
*2nd to last swarm before gate
*Same screen as previous
Crystal- One of the Kyulenes

4.6.1 BOSS: Dual Kyulene

Turn-Cancelable: Yes
Respawning Thugs: No
Tuxedo Kamen Assist: No

Wow how original is this.. seems like they couldn't come up with any more ideas for
bosses. Well, it's exactly the same as the previous, except there's no thugs, and
there's two of them, and they don't fly to the tower. Note that they can hurt each
other apparently.

4.7 Stage 7

OMG teh kitty is evil! In this stage you fight the boss in parts. Turn-cancel it!

*Shortly after arcade
*Same place

4.7.1 BOSS: Bakene

Turn-Cancelable: Yes
Respawning Thugs: No
Tuxedo Kamen Assist: No

Ugh, remember Garoben? This boss is like him too. Maybe not as bad but still
pretty annoying. The thugs make it especially annoying, so if you've got
crystals, nuke them since they don't respawn.

Moves: Regular Attack (33%), Jumping Tackle

4.8 Final Stage

A lot of the same easy enemy at first... This stage is stupid at first. Since
it's all swarms of the same enemies, it's easy to deal with.


4.8.1 BOSS: The Big Four: Zoisait & Knzait

Turn Cancelable: Zoisait (the girl)- No, Knzait- Yes
Respawning Thugs: No
Tuxedo Kamen Assist: No

Yes, Knzait is Turn-cancelable. The problem is you must HIT him. He blocks a lot of
your attacks with that cloak thing. As for Zoisait, as you know from the previous
encounter, you can only hit her one time and the rest go through her. I can't
really give advice to beating this battle, other than concentrate on one. Once one
goes down it's somewhat easier. Good luck!

Zoisait: Regular Attack, Beam, Evade, Shock
Knzait: Regular Attack, Beam, Block, Ice fountain


Whee, more one type of enemies swarms that are easy to beat!

4.8.2 Final Boss: Queen Beril

Turn Cancelable: Yes
Respawning Thugs: No
Tuxedo Kamen Assist: No

Other than her throw doing THREE FOURTHS OF YOUR HEALTH and her other moves like
half, she's actually quite easy, provided you don't get hit. Same as Garoben. Can
you say turn-cancel? Use it, and use it well. She'll get owned in no time. Make sure
you 360 out of everything, since you die in two hits anyway it doesn't matter how
much health you use.

Moves: Teleport, Throw (66%!!!!!), Charge, Regular Attack

Congrats if you beat her you win!

5.0 Scoring

Throws- 500
Regular hit- 300
Continue- 1

I think that's it. There may be more but I don't know them then. You can email me
if you know more about scoring.

*You keep your score if you continue
*If the game is unplugged you lose your score :-(

6.0 Miscellaneous


And now, my thank yous.

Thanks to Banpresto for making the game.
Thanks to you for reading my FAQ!

This FAQ is copyright Bryce Griffith, 2004. Any unauthorized reproduction is