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"A lot better than I expected"

Introduction - Give a brief description of the game and its history, if any

This is a Sailor Moon Final Fight game. That's right, I said Final Fight. I have no idea what Banpresto was thinking when they decided to make a Final Fight version of Sailor Moon, since it makes no sense (how many times do you see them walking down the street fighting random monsters?), but it turns out to be a decent game overall.

Gameplay: 7/10

As stated earlier, this is a Final Fight clone. So play is pretty much identical to Final Fight, except for a few minor changes. But for those who haven't played the miracle known as Final Fight, what you do is you walk through a stage (which can be a myriad of things ranging from a school to that evil queen character's lair (never did watch Sailor Moon that much)), and beat up the thugs to continue to a boss. No you can't block :P. There's three buttons, one for attack, one for jump and one for ''supers,'' which knock down all enemies and do severe damage. But you need crystals to use them.

I have a few gripes about the game, however. First of all, it sometimes seems like you're always fighting the same enemy over and over. What I mean is, there's swarms of one type of enemy and none of any other sometimes. That's just kind of boring, but I guess it's more of a graphical issue. Anyway... Second, bosses are WAAAAAAAAAAAAY hard in this game. WAY WAY WAY hard. I thought that stupid cop in Final Fight and the final boss were pretty hard in Final Fight, but the bosses in this one take the cake. However, there's away around this, which brings me to #3. There's this stupid glitch that I found that allows you to, how shall I say it, ''turn-cancel'' and kill some of the bosses off of one hit. It's a stupid glitch and they should have fixed it in a play testing or something. These are all mostly minor things to me though.

On the upside, I like the ability to dash and the extended amount of commands that Final Fight doesn't have. It really helps gameplay.

Graphics/Sound: 7/10

You won't notice the music, and the sound is fine. The sprites are drawn wonderfully. However, I just feel that there should be more enemy designs, and that they should be better. I really don't like them.

Play Time/Replay Ability: You can play decent time off of a quarter if you're good enough. It's mainly the bosses that eat your quarters (the one's you can't cheese out, that is). There are five stages I believe.

Overall: 7/10

If you ever see this game at your arcade, I think it's definitely worth it to plunk a few credits in. It's just like Final Fight. You'll have fun I guarantee it.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10 | Originally Posted: 04/03/04

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