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Esh's Aurunmilla(Arcade) FAQ/Walkthrough
version 1.1.0 by schultw.andrez@sbcglobal.net

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    1-1. WHERE'S H8_IS1.BIN?






Esh;'s Aurunmilla is a sort of combination between Dragon's Lair and Space 
Ace. You, Don Davis, are a combination of Dirk and Dexter(even got the same 
initials as them combined) in your space suit and sword, as you go to rescue 
Sindy from the grasp of Esh on the planet Aurunmilla. Like Space Ace, the 
game unfolds as a story. On easy level, it's pretty forgiving of when you 
need to move, though on the later stages you can't always keep doing the move 
ahead of time--you actually have to time it right. So you should probably 
rely on sounds.

In this FAQ, ACTION, SWORD and JUMP are interchangeable. Basically, when 
something isn't a cardinal direction, push the action button. I wasn't sure 
whether to say "X" or "Push ACTION to X."

The game has some times when you're best served by button bashing and some 
when you're not. It's not terribly difficult once you know what to expect, 
but the timing is tricky. Overall it's the sort of game I, as a kid 
enthralled with Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, hoped for, though too much of it 
seems to parallel the previous two. It's a fun game in its own right, though.

There's a neat pictorial walkthrough for the game at 
http://digilander.libero.it/lasergames/eshwalk.htm and it almost certainly 
helps you memorize the patterns better than this FAQ will. It's a bit more 
universal, not being in just one language. But hopefully my guide can alert 
you to verbal as well as visual clues.

    1-1. WHERE'S H8_IS1.BIN?

I had some implementation problems with the game once I got the video files. 
You should note that h8_is1.bin in the rom is not in some esh.zip. If you get 
this error, try finding alternate rom versions that have the file, and you 
will be okay. You can just google the file name and the game name to find a 
site, and the BINs in the esh*zip roms around the internet have identical 
files of the same name, so mixing and matching is okay.


You can push in any of the 4 directions, and you have an action button. 
Actions performed within a certain time frame let you move on to the next 

For many actions, you can't keep hitting that way, or Don will do it too well 
and die.

Points are:
5/second for surviving
150 for a right move
300/450 for a well timed move
1000 for completing a scene

You can see if/when you made a right move by keeping an eye on the hundreds 
digit of the score. As long as it changes and the new number is not *00 then 
you are okay. It will probably take a few tries to time each scene right, but 
fortunately you don't need Daphne's cheat function, as the game allows 
infinite continues from the start of the scene where you died.

Extra lives at:
20k 40k 80k 130k 190k


Currently I just have the easy walkthrough. I'm too lazy and scared for the 
tougher ones, and besides, I have other laser disc games to have fun playing 
through at the moment!

Stage 000

RIGHT into the dock when you see the red button up close--it should almost 
fill the screen

LEFT before you hit the door

RIGHT when you see the static break

LEFT when you see the static break

DOWN shortly after that for the final static break

Now for the curiously named EXCITING STAGE, which if you fail kicks you back 
to the beginning of 000.

UP after the door shuts the fourth time(the 

RIGHT before you hit the door--you can push early, but for maximum points, 
push just as a grey thing seems to block the tunnel.

ACTION to land when you hear the final tone and see the circle in the center. 
There'll be a cut-scene with Esh and Sindy.

Stage 001

LEFT once the view pans back

JUMP when the first missile comes at you from the right

JUMP when the second comes at you from the left

JUMP the second time you rock forward when you're on the missile

LEFT to avoid the missile

RIGHT to avoid the missile

LEFT to avoid the missile

RIGHT to avoid the missile

JUMP once the view changes to avoid the missile

JUMP when you see the missile behind you, gaining on you

SWORD when the missile comes at you after the view changes to 3/4 or so. 
You'll jump into the transporter to the next level.

Stage 002

LEFT when the black mobile panel is to the left of you. You can plan this 
move in advance. This is a bit weird, because you should jump before the 
panels are aligned, since they'll move when you're in midair. But they 
somehow freeze in-game.

RIGHT to get to the 2nd-outer of the circles.

You will not be able to get to the very edge. Instead,

SWORD to kill one enemy right when the head lashes out

SWORD to kill another. Same thing.

UP to get to the outer circle. Don jumps to the edge by himself.

After Don jumps back from the fist, "Get this take(?)..." LEFT. RIGHT almost 
immediately. Then SWORD, but actually, you move after his first futile swing. 
You only have to push it once.

Stage 003

STEP when bump #4 pops up. IT will pop up, then it moves up twice quickly

STEP when #5 pops up twice.

LEFT when the view changes.

RIGHT after don jumps and looks up.

SWORD when the fish comes at Don.

SWORD when the fish comes at Don.

Fish will come from behind Don and he will duck.

Fish will fly from behind and approach from the right. SWORD. Then quickly 
again SWORD.

3 fish come at Don. SWORD.

Now there is a big long scene. The fish flee and a big one comes. Don has to 
do a lot, but you don't. "Which way?" RIGHT. (No rational choice for this, 
but left dies.)

UP as the land slides.

SWORD to hit at the big baddie. This is after the first swing, just as in 
scene 2. It will get trapped in his mouth, and Don will kick him. If you just 
swing the first time, 

Stage 004

RIGHT once the first monster appears.

JUMP once the second appears. You'll run towards a Frankenstein.


A monster appears behind Don. SWORD.

SWORD-SWORD to get rid of another monster by the door, then the statue. 
Basically, you can go sword-bashing and win this.

LEFT to avoid the boulder.

DOWN as the platform above you splits.

UP as the platform you are on falls back.

Stage 005

LEFT to avoid the sweeping ray.

With the enemy chasing you, when you hear the weapon and see the enemy's arm 
raised, JUMP.

SWORD when you are in the air.

Hit LEFT when you hear "Now what the"

RIGHT when the explosion comes from behind

LEFT when Don comes up the stairs.

RIGHT to get out of the way again.

LEFT when you hear "hot in here"

Now Don is on a sinking piece of rubble. JUMP.

JUMP when you see Don's shoes when there is the electric barrier.

RIGHT when Don asks "Now which one?"

Stage 006

"Would you like a drink?" ACTION. Don throws it to the ground.

SWORD when she laughs.

RIGHT when the mud appears.

SWORD when in the air, quickly. You'll jump to the next mud spume. Then SWORD 
two more times. Just hit it quickly again and again and you'll be okay.

Stage 007

"Free in the sky." SWORD 4 times. Just keep hitting it.

When the handle on the glider breaks apart, push the button with ACTION.

Don't push ACTION til Don is at the top of his pull back. Or he will get hung 
up on a branch. You can synchronize this to the music tune:

B, A, *B* (hit the button a few times)

Stage 008

Push JUMP 4 times when you see Don almost at level with the next stair in the 

Wait the next two when Don says "This one?!"

The last bit, FWD but only once or you will jump too far.

Stage 009

UP immediately.

SWORD to cut down the fireball.

SWORD to cut the next one down.

There'll be 4 more "one for you" til the sword gets stuck in the wall.

"Can't get it out" ACTION to get on the rolling cylinder.

RIGHT when you see the glowing exit.
"Gotta get out of here!" ... the long "Woooooah" is when to go right.

Stage 010

Push RIGHT when the view shifts so Don can move right. Then JUMP immediately 
when the bridge splits to catch the bridge.

JUMP again when you see the crocodile to kick him.

SWORD when your view changes.

RIGHT when you jump to the ledge of the castle.

"Kyi---" PUNCH once, or you will break up.

Stage 011

"take THAT!" move UP but only then. Too many times and you lose.

Hit SWORD a bunch of times til Don's sword goes flying. Usually just after 
Don grunts, but when she is on her knees, swing the sword.

RIGHT when she raises her sword after you lose yours, then JUMP a bunch more 
times. Eventually you will stick her in the shoulder and she'll be revealed 
as a robot. Be sure to JUMP over the closing wall.

Stage 012

"I'll save" Jump RIGHT from after Don climbs the stairs.

When Don is back on the floor and you have the frontal view of him crouching, 

When Don comes out from behind the beam, DOWN.

SWORD a bunch of times to kill the eyeball, then release the finger, then 
jump away as it falls to the floor. Once Don catches Sindy, the rest is just 
a cut scene.

"See you later!"

Stage 013

FIRE at the first enemy

RIGHT when the next bunch appears

FIRE again

RIGHT to avoid hitting the door

LEFT at the branch

SWORD when the guy is next to you

Push UP when you see the looming ship. Don't anticipate it moving beforehand 
or you'll crash.

You'll be going into a vortex of squares. They can be ignored.

DOWN through the first Pac-Man.

UP through the second.

RIGHT through the third.

SHOOT the first roller ball.

SHOOT the second roller ball. The water will overtake you.

Stage 014

"We'll make it--wooow" GRAB when the view starts swirling.

THROW when the nodule turns into a bottle.

They'll tumble throuh the water, and there'll be a break in the action.

Push DOWN when you can see them wading towards the ship--the exact time is 1 
second after their heads are above water.

Push DOWN again a few splashes later.

When you hear "ignition" push ACTION and then when you hear "blast off" go 
DOWN immediately.

LEFT to get out of Esh's clutches

SHOOT the door down.

Enjoy the ending! Though the game goes back to the start afterwards pretty 

End of FAQ proper



1.0.0: sent to GameFAQs 2008/10/09, easy walkthrough done
1.1.0: sent to GameFAQs 2008/10/29, polished up timings

the Daphne project contributors http://www.daphne-emu.com
dragons-lair-project.com for the video clips
the guys who sold me the dvd with the big video files
bloomer for pointing me to this game
Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang, current and emeritus. They know who they 
are, and you should, too, because they get/got some SERIOUS writing done. 
Good people too--bloomer, falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, Snow 
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